Blacks Are illiterates, Unemployed, And Dying Because of Whites

According to the Fighters’ lord, blacks are illiterates, unemployed, plagued by drug abuse and, are dying because of the evils of White South Africans.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader was speaking at his party’s memorial service in honour of the late famous Cuba leader, Fidel Castro when he made the assertion.

He declared whites the devil troubling black South Africans saying they have destroyed the lives of black people in the country.

Malema charged whites to return what they stole from blacks and save the country an unnecessary unrest.

The EFF leader was quoted to have said:

“One day we’re going to have an outburst. We’re unemployed because of them. We’re dying of diseases because of them. We’re illiterate because of them. We’ve surrendered to drugs because of you. You owe us a lot.”

The EFF commander-in-chief thereafter praised late Fidel Castro for the role he played in liberating Mzansi saying:

“If it was not because of Fidel Castro, most African countries were not going to be liberated. It was the people of Cuba who deliberately came to help African people to liberate themselves.”

Also, the party rejected the Commonwealth saying it will not form part of Parliament’s delegation to the 62nd Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference for 2016 in London. To the EFF, the Commonwealth is an association convened by the British Monarchy.

The party argued that the British Monarchy, instead of taking full responsibility for its crimes of genocide, colonization and anti-black racism, has continued to express influence over its former colonies through the Commonwealth.

“The British monarchy must not enjoy the world’s recognition taken the pain it has caused across the world through the brutal crime of colonization. (It) should be ashamed of itself…

“The wealth and benefits of colonialism are still found in Britain and many free nations attend the commonwealth programs to continue to salute and normalize the evil monarchy and its queen who even has the audacity to give keynote addresses,” stated the EFF.

With that, the Fighters called on the African continent and all other former British colonies to reject the British monarchy by refusing to be convened by it in the Commonwealth.

In a recent development, Malema has called for the arrest of former president Jacob Zuma’s son, Duduzane, adding he must be denied bail because he’s a flight risk. According to the EFF leader, Zuma junior has been implicated in the state capture and he must be brought to book.

He accused the former President’s son of stealing the country’s resources with impunity and emphasized that Zuma’s son is not a citizen of South Africa. In his statement, Malema said:

“Zuma’s son, born in Mozambique, is running away from South Africa authorities. There is nothing xenophobic about that. He was born in Mozambique, he has been in Zimbabwe and Swaziland and has now applied for citizenship in Dubai.”

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The highly controversial Economic Freedom Fight leader is popular for his fearless and blunt speeches. While some, including ex-president Jacob Zuma, describes him as the future leader of South Africa, others who find him less favourable portray him as a “reckless populist” with the potential to destabilise the country and to spark racial conflict.

Not minding who ox is gored, Malema has remained the main backbone of his party as he continues to boast of the party’s active role in the formation of the state capture commission inquiry.

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