15 Hilarious And Remarkable Julius Malema Quotes

The political happenings in South Africa are usually like a dramatic piece that fascinates the world at large.

This can partly be attributed to the apartheid factor that has undoubtedly brought South Africa to limelight while the world now acts as watch-dogs to bark off ugly crimes that are likely to stir their heads like the recent Xenophobia.

To some degree, politics in South Africa fascinates the world as it’s believed that the country is one of the leading countries in Africa.

Those are strong reasons, albeit hypothetical.

But then, a stronger reason could be found in Julius Malema. With Julius Malema frequently featured in the politicking scenes of South Africa, the world has come to see a man with political statements and quotes that are remarkably amusing and out-rightly malicious sometimes.

Below are some surprising quotes from Julius suggesting that he might just be the major factor that stirs the world’s interest in South Africa’s political system.

Julius Malema Quotes That You’ll Never Forget

15. Fake Helen Zille

helen-zilleJulius reportedly believed Helen Zille “has no ambition of the people of the Eastern Cape”. So he expressed the said belief as quoted below:

“She is fake – even she had to go and do plastic surgery, she is not original. If you can fake your own face, what about the policies? it means you are fake. If you look at the original picture, Helen Zille is very ugly. She really looks like a real apartheid agent.”

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14. Joe Seremane’s Role In DA

joe 3Julius was challenged with the necessity to interpret the role of the most senior black leader in the main opposition party the Democratic Alliance (DA). And he effortlessly described Seremane’s duty in DA as shown below:

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“His role is to smile at the madam every time”

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13. The BBC News Correspondent with Rubbish Covered in His Trouser

Jonah FisherIt’s on record that Jonah Fisher, a BBC News correspondent, described Julius’ provoking response to his question as “that’s rubbish”. Julius obviously in dire need to paint a vivid picture of what rubbish is, directed the statement below to Jonah Fisher.

“You can go out…rubbish is what you have covered in that trouser – that is rubbish. That which you have covered in [your] clothes is rubbish, ok? You are a small boy you can’t do anything. Go out…bastard! Go out! You bloody agent!”

12. Helen Zille’s Garden Boys

DA gardnersAs the African National Congress (ANC) Youth League leader, Julius Malema shied away from a political debate with the DA’s youth leader, uniquely scolding his counterpart as stated below:

“I only debate with serious political youth formations. Not a group of the racist Helen Zille’s garden boys…”

11. Julius’ Un-arrestable Ideas

arrest ideasJulius Maleam made it clear that he is not scared of jail. News24 reported him saying “they can lock me up. I don’t care. I will go and come back. You cannot silence political debate through scaring tactics.” He ultimately stated that his ideas are not arrest-able. That’s quite a reasonable quote from a man with unusual comments. But then, the worrisome question is; the ideas that can’t be arrested, do they include ideas that inspire his statements?

“You can arrest me, but you can’t arrest my ideas”

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