ANC Missing Votes Saga: Delegates Calls For A Total Vote Recount


While celebrations are still going on over the birth of a new ANC top officials with “the new Mandela” in the person of Cyril ramaphosa being the president, a part of the country is still at war over the 68 delegates missing votes.

The election of the new ANC top six leadership structure stands the risk of being challenged as a larger number of the delegates calls for a total recount of the votes counted

This, according to them, would provide good answers to the whereabouts of the missing 68 unaccounted votes and irregularities in the tallying of votes.

Talks between the ANC steering committee appear still to be underway behind closed doors to resolve the votes that were not included in the final tally for the top six leadership elections.

The total number of approved voting delegates attending the elective conference at Nasrec in Johannesburg is 4 776 but the EleXions Agency, which conducted actually conducted the voting process comfirmed that only 4 708 delegates voted – a difference of 68 votes.

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Reacting to this, the Ramaphosa camp took it as a best opportunity to question the election of secretary-general Ace Magashule at ANC’s 54th national conference on Monday. Magashule defeated KwaZulu-Natal chairman Senzo Mchunu, who is on Ramaphosa’s slate, by a thin margin of 24 votes.

The battle over credentials ended with an agreement at the weekend that 68 Kwazulu-Natal branches, the validity of whose branch general meetings were being challenged, could vote. But that these votes would be sealed and set aside.

Delegates are, however, questioning what happened to the missing votes. Many have also called for the EleXions Agency to account. The Agency could recount all votes including that of ANC president, deputy president, secretary general, deputy secretary general, national chairperson and treasurer-general or call for a new voting process.

The ANC North West chairperson Supra Mahumapelo has also threatened a rerun of the election of the entire ANC top six if Senzo Mchunu’s supporters insist on a recount of the election results for the secretary-general position.

“Certain things you have to accept to live within the ANC, even if you are not happy or uncomfortable with certain positions,” said Mahumapelo, adding that the North West province is surprised that delegates are raising complaints about the voting outcome.

“They [delegates] are allowed to complain but they must follow the process. They must know the risk they are getting the ANC into.  You can’t call for recounting of one position as you don’t know who voted how, as it was by secret ballot. It means that the recounting must be for entire officials [in the top six],” said Mahumapelo.

“The other risk is that they are pushing is that there must be a rerun for the entire officials of the ANC and I’m not sure if we want to do that.”

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Mahumapelo described the negotiations with the steering committee as “the right thing to do to resolve the matter politically and it must end there.” “If the matter [about the missing votes] goes to plenary, I can assure that we have a mandate from our delegates to call for a run of all the top six officials,” he said.