Benjamin Dube Biography: What to Know About The Gospel Singer

Benjamin Dube is a famous South African gospel singer, songwriter, and music producer who started performing at a young age and has produced numerous tracks and albums with gold and platinum status. He is also pastoring a church called High Praise Centre in Voslorus, east of Johannesburg.

Benjamin Dube’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Bonani Benjamin Dube
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: January 23, 1962
  • Benjamin Dube’s Age: 62 years old
  • Birthplace: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Ethnicity: African
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Benjamin Dube’s sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Benjamin Dube’s Wife: Thabile Dube & Phindile Valencia Dube
  • Benjamin Dube’s Parents: Evangelist Benjamin Dube & Grace Dube
  • Benjamin Dube’s Children: Mtho Dube, Sihle Dube, Buhle Dube & Mangi Dube
  • Benjamin Dube’s Education: Daliwonga Secondary School
  • Occupation: Musician, Songwriter, and music producer
  • Benjamin Dube’s Net Worth: $1.5 Million
  • Famous as: Gospel Musician
  • Benjamin Dube’s Instagram: @revbenjamindube
  • Twitter: @benjamindube

What is Benjamin Dube’s Age?

Benjamin Dube is currently 62 years old. He is a South African born on January 23, 1962, in Johannesburg, South Africa. His parents are the late Reverend Benjamin Dube and Mrs. Grace Dube. He has four other siblings who are all older than he is.

Dube was raised in South Africa under the guidance of his parents. His family is music-inclined, with his father being a guitarist while his mother sang in Bishop Nicholas Benghu’s Assemblies of God Church. His family constantly performed in church under the stage name ‘Dube Family Singers.” This early exposure to music influenced Benjamin’s passion and love for music, and by the age of 11, he had already mastered the art of playing bass guitar and drums.

His Father’s Death Did Not Stall His Pursuit of a Music Career

Benjamin’s father, Rev. Benjamin Dube Snr., Presided over a church where he regularly held tent meetings. Benjamin would thrill members during those meetings with his soulful rendition of Edwin Hawkin’s “Oh Happy Day.”

These performances, alongside others he did with his family members, shaped Benjamin’s musical career. When he turned 14, Benjamin’s father was murdered. Interestingly, this sad event did not negatively impact the Dubes’ passion for music.

They continued the legacy, touring the Netherlands and performing in numerous churches with their mother, Mrs. Grace Dube. In addition to singing, Benjamin served as the instrumentalist for the family’s music group, with his mastery of the guitar and drums.

Benjamin Dube Has Built a Huge Career as a Gospel Musician

After the death of his father, Benjamin Dube and his family released a song titled “Vader Vergeef- Father Forgives,” which tells the story of his father’s death. In 1986, Dube made his solo debut in the music world with the release of his song “Holy Spirit.”

That same year, he was ordained as a pastor after studying for the ministry. Since then, he has continued making great strides as a songwriter, musician, and music producer. Dube has had a successful music career for his age. He founded the music label “Dube Connection,” through which he helps young musicians reach the peak of their careers.

The label is licensed to Spirit Music and Sony BMG and has successfully produced platinum and double-platinum sold albums. He has collaborated with major gospel artists, including Rebecca Malope, Eleana Makmbe, Faith Mussa, and Dr. Tumisang Makweya.

Benjamin Dube’s Best Gospel Songs

  • Holy Spirit 1986
  • Ebenezer 1988
  • Do It Lord 2000
  • I feel like going on 2001
  • Every Knee Shall Bow 2002
  • Somlandela 2003
  • Release Your Power 2004
  • Jerusalem 2005
  • It is Good to Say Thank You 2006
  • You Blessed Me Still 2007
  • Through it All 2010
  • El Shaddai Adonai 2012
  • This is My Time 2015
  • Calvary 2017
  • Yahweh We Worship 2019
  • I’m Never Alone 2020
  • There’s None Like You 2021

His Discography

  • I Feel Like Going on 2004
  • Psalmist 2005
  • Love Africa 2007
  • Celebration 2007
  • Healing in His Presence 2012
  • In His Presence 2013
  • Renewal in His Presence 2013
  • Spirit of Praise 2014
  • Sanctified in His Presence 2015
  • Victorious in His Presence 2017
  • Spiritual Celebration 2015
  • Spiritual Celebration Vol.2 2015
  • Glory in His Presence 2019

List of Awards Benjamin Dube has Won

  • MTN-SAMA Best Praise and Worship Artist 2007
  • Crown Gospel Music Best Praise and Worship Artist 2008
  • Crown Gospel Music Best Male Artist Award 2009
  • Crown Gospel Music Lifetime Achievement Award 2009
  • South African Music Award for Lifetime Achievement 2020
  • South African Award for Best Contemporary Faith Music Award 2020
  • South African Music Award for Best Audio Visual 2020

Benjamin Dube’s Net Worth

Benjamin Dube’s net worth is estimated at over $1.5 million. This he accrued from his income as a popular musician, songwriter, and music producer. Seeing that he is still active as a music minister, it is believed that he will probably add more digits to his already swollen net worth as the year goes by.

The Threesome Controversy That Trailed His Much Celebrated Music Career

As is common with many musicians of his class, Benjamin Dube’s stellar music career has not been without controversies. One of the most recent was the aftermath of what happened after he posted a picture on Twitter (showing himself, a man, and a woman in a car) with the caption “Threesome, ” a sexually suggestive term.

His followers were quick to react to the post as various people shared their opinions on what they understood the caption to be. However, most people criticized him, asking what he wanted to achieve by using such a caption.

Be that as it may, in the wake of all these happenings, Dube soon posted a picture promoting his newest album, and it was taken to be that his threesome post was merely a publicity stunt to draw attention to himself and his soon-to-be-released album.

His Involvement in a Fraudulent Trucking Business

In another development, Bishop Benjamin Dube got involved in a failed business with the self-proclaimed youngest multimillionaire in South Africa, Yamkela Kiviet. The business deal between the two men was reportedly worth R8 million.

Stroy has it that Yamkela used Dube’s revered public image to lure his victims into investing in a fraudulent trucking business scam sometime in 2019. It was reported that no less than 38 persons invested R125, 000 each into the failed business.

In his defense, Yamkela claimed he ran a legitimate trucking business with the investor’s money but began to suffer losses as the COVID19 pandemic intensified. This is one failed business venture that has greatly marred Rev. Benjamin Dube’s public image.

Benjamin Dube Has Been Married Twice

Dube has not been fortunate in his marriages. He has been married twice and is divorced from both wives. His first wife is Phindile Valencia Dube, while his second wife is Mapila Thabila Dube.

We could not verify the exact date of his marriage to his first wife, when they divorced, or the circumstances surrounding the divorce. They have, however, maintained a good relationship and were equally involved in the upbringing of the kids they have together.

Dube married Thabila after his divorce from Phindile. Their marriage was a private ceremony with no details available to the media. They, however, divorced later following reports of physical abuse from Thabila against Benjamin.

The Gospel Musician Has Four Sons From His Two Failed Marriages

Dube’s marriages produced four sons; three from his marriage with Phindile and the last one with Thabila. Find out details about the kids below.

1. Mthokosizi Dube

  • Date of birth: August 20

Mtho is the first child Benjamin Dube had with his ex-wife Phindile. He was born on August 20 but has never disclosed the exact year of his birth. He attended Vega College, Johannesburg, and Sound Engineering Academy, Johannesburg, where he obtained a degree in Sound Engineering. He is currently a musician and jointly runs the “Dube Brothers” music label with his siblings.

2. Shile Dube

  • Date of birth: April 10, 1991
  • Age: 33 Years Old

Shile was born on April 10, 1991. He has a degree in Branding and Communications but is focused on building a career in music like his brother. He is currently a singer, voice-over artist, presenter, and vocalist, amongst other things.

3. Bhule Dube

Bhule is the youngest son of Benjamin Dube and Phindile. His date of birth and age is unknown. He attended the National School of Arts, South Africa, and is also into music like his brothers.

4. Mangi Dube

  • Date of birth: December 13, 2007
  • Age: 16 Years Old
Benjamin Dube Biography: What to Know About The Gospel Singer
Mangi Dube and his parents

Mangi is the last son of Benjamin Dube and the first child he had with his ex-wife Thabila. He was born on December 13, 2007, and is currently 14 years old. He is yet to join the “Dube Brothers,” and other details about him have been kept away from the media.

Benjamin’s Social Media Pages

Benjamin Dube is enjoying a happy life. He currently lives in South Africa, where he pastors his church, “High Praise Center.” He is quite active on social media and regularly shares pictures of his projects and family on his Instagram and Twitter pages.

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