Amanda Manku Bio: Everything to Know About Lizzy from Skeem Saam

Amanda Manku is a prominent South African actress, sportscaster, and film editor who got famous for playing Lizzy from Skeem Saam. She is also one woman whose success story inspires many people not to give up no matter how rough the path to success seems. Lately, Manku has been through a lot, but she has never allowed any of these challenges to define or break her down. Instead, she has been focusing on her goals, boosting her already-growing brand, and making the most of her life.

Summary of Amanda Manku’s Biography 

  • Full name: Amanda Manku
  • Nickname: Lizzy
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: August 9, 1991
  • Amanda Manku’s Age: 32 years old
  • Nationality: South African
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Amanda Manku’s Husband: Mr. Tau
  • Famous for: Portraying Dr. Elizabeth in Skeem Saam
  • Amanda Manku’s Instagram: amanda_manku
  • Twitter: @AmandaManku
  • Facebook: Amanda Manku

Amanda Manku Was Born in Limpopo 32 Years Ago

Amanda Manku is a well-known actress born on August 9, 1991, in Limpopo. She was, however, raised n Newlands, Johannesburg, where she still resides. She has four younger siblings who are also doing great in their respective endeavors. Three of them were born in the same month and date – July 17 and the name of her youngest sibling is Princess Manku. The actress also has a younger brother.

Not much is known about the actress’s family background and childhood. However, considering how much she loves her family, we are convinced she was blessed with an amazing family. Manku spent most of her childhood in Johannesburg, and recent reports show that she still lives in the city. The actress attended Hoeeskool Die Burger, Johannesburg. She began appearing in Skeem Saam during her high school days.

Amanda also studied at the renowned AFDA, The School for the Creative Economy. She earned a degree in Motion Pictures from the South African-based private higher institution of learning. Many prominent South African entertainers passed through AFDA, and Manku is lucky to be one of them. The institution offers courses in film, business innovation, performance, radio, technology, television, and podcasting.

Her mother, Gladys Manku, Passed Away in May 2021

Amanda is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Manku of South African origin. Her mother had her at the age of 15, which made her grandmother name her Dimakatso (Surprise) because no one knew that the then 15-year-old Gladys was pregnant. Her mother’s name was Gladys Manku, but her father’s first name is not known publicly. Information about their respective backgrounds and family histories is not available for public consumption.

As mentioned earlier, Mr. and Mrs. Manku gave birth to Amanda in Limpopo and raised her in Newlands, Johannesburg. The actress’s parents made sure she and her siblings had a pleasant childhood while growing up. The duo supported her dreams and also gave her everything she needed to excel as a young girl. Unfortunately, Amanda lost one of her parents – her beloved mother on May 4, 2021.

Her death was so devastating because it happened in the same month her grandmother died. Until her death, Mrs. Manku was her daughter’s strong support system. The two of them meant so much to each other, but unfortunately, the beautiful mother-and-daughter relationship between them was abruptly cut short by death.

No one knows Mrs. Manku’s occupation before her death – Amanda has never mentioned it publicly. With their mother gone, Amanda and her siblings now have their father. She often speaks highly of him and is also proud to have come from his loins. Information about her father as well is under the radar currently.

Amanda Manku Has Other Jobs Apart From Acting

Amanda is best known for her role as Dr. Elizabeth in the South African soap opera Skeem Saam. When not on the filming set, she keeps herself busy with other engagements or spends time with her family. Manku is a sportscaster, a film editor, and a businesswoman. She works with the Johannesburg-headquartered sports broadcaster, SuperSport. The particular year she joined the Multi-choice-owned company is not known publicly.

She also acquired film editing skills for many years, and she worked on several projects behind the curtain. Business-wise, she is doing great following the recent launch of her fragrance line “Ama Scent.” Manku has always loved and wanted to be in front of the camera from childhood. She made her first television appearance at the age of 16 as a talk show host for Soweto TV, after which she worked as a presenter on YoTV and Matrics Uploaded.

Playing Lizzy on Skeem Saam remains her only known TV project. She joined other casts on the show in July 2013 and portrays the character of Elizabeth Thobakgale. The actress’s acting talent is more than incredible; she is the reason most people still watch the soap opera and the fact that she’s been on the show for close to a decade shows she is an asset indeed.

Amanda Manku has an overwhelming fan base who love her acting skills and on-screen performance. She inspires a lot of young people with a passion for acting. She has been hailed severally for her outstanding TV career and is considered one of the best brains on the show.

The Skeem Saam Star is Married Roger Tau

Amanda Manku is officially off the market. She broke the hearts of many South African men when she announced on her Instagram story on January 4, 2022, that she has traditionally tied the knot with the man of her dream. The traditional ceremony took place in her home in the presence of her family and friends on December 22, 2021. The actress later posted a picture of herself and her husband in beautiful matching outfits.

The sportscaster also used the opportunity to praise her husband, adding that her fans should start addressing her as Mrs. Tau. Manku, who is known for always being tight-lipped on matters that pertain to her personal life, did not, however, mention Mr. Roger tau’s origin, occupation, and when they met.

She is yet to share a detailed narrative of their love story. However, she did mention on Instagram that it took her time before she finally agreed to marry her husband. She also revealed that her late mother and grandmother gave them their blessings before their passing. It’s unclear if they plan to have a white wedding or not.

Amanda Manku Had A Child in 2017

The businesswoman gave birth to her first child in 2017. She publicly affirmed her pregnancy on social media, where she shared snapshots of herself flaunting a baby bump as part of her pregnancy photoshoot. She did not reveal the name of the man who put her in a family way.

However, reports suggested that the baby’s father was South African footballer Hendrick Ekstein, who she was dating at that time. Neither Ekstein nor the actress has come out to set the records straight about the paternity of her baby. Unfortunately, the identity and birth details of Manku’s child are not available. She sometimes posts photos of herself and her son on her social media pages.

What to Know About Amanda Manku’s Baby Father

Hendrick Ekstein, the alleged baby daddy of Amanda Manku’s child, is a Bekkersdal, Gauteng-born footballer who plays for South African Premier Division side AmaZulu as a midfielder. Born on January 1, 1991, he began his youth career at Kaizer Chiefs. He left the club in 2019 to join Sabah in Masazir, after which he played for Sabail between 2020 and 2021.

The 1.74 meter-tall footballer joined AmaZulu in 2021 and has made only two appearances so far. The footballer began dating Manku before 2017, and the two were publicly known to be an item at that time. However, news broke out in 2018 that the actress was also seeing another premier league star, Bloemfontein Celtic’s Kabelo Mahlasela.

She denied the report, insisting that she was still with Hendrick, also known as Pule. Currently, the two are no longer together as Amanda has tied the knot with another man. Pule has also moved on and has never associated himself with Amanda or her child.

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