A Reveal of Lebo Gunguluza’s Age and Times He Spent With His Wife Lebo Mokoena

Though still very young, Gunguluza’s exact age is unknown. However, some unverified sources claim that he was born on 20th July 1989 and is currently 34 years old. However, the Port Elizabeth businessman is yet to confirm his date of birth and open up about his background and family.

Lebo Gunguluza is a successful businessman, reality TV star, and motivational business speaker. He is best known for his role in the popular reality series Dragon’s Den South Africa and for being the ex-husband of the South African actress, businesswoman, and social media personality, Lebo Jojo Gunguluza.

Lebo Gunguluza Is Reportedly 34 Years Old

While Lebo is yet to confirm his real age personally, information available indicates that he was born on the 20th day of July 1989. While we are yet to substantiate his age, one thing that is very clear about Mr. Gunguluza is that he is still very young and vibrant. He is a household name in the business community, especially in the South African competitive market, where he has made transactions with many people and did numerous business jobs.

Lebo rose to prominence through his involvement in several business transactions globally, including lucrative deals with high-profile business partners. He has an excellent track record as a businessman as he has never been in the news for involving himself in any scandal or fraud.

Gunguluza has worked in various capacities, starting from his time at SABC. Since 2002, he has been the chairman of Gunguluza Enterprises and Media group (GEM). Through the company and his other ventures, he has been able to make a name for himself and build enviable integrity that has he has consciously protected over the years.

The Businessman Is Currently Divorced

Lebo Gunguluza is a divorcee. His marriage with Lebo Jojo Mokoena abruptly crashed just a few years after their lavish wedding. The couple had their traditional marriage in 2017, and barely a year later, they held a grand white wedding in Mauritius, where they flew over 30 guests to witness the wedding.

Before confirming their divorce, there had been speculations that the couple was getting a divorce after certain Instagram posts from the couples’ individual social media handles suggested that the two are no longer on good terms.

Mokoena was seen in pictures without her wedding band, while her followers also noticed that she did not post good wishes on her page on her husband’s birthday as she always does. Gunguluza, in a bid to set the records straight on the growing divorce speculations, posted on his Instagram page that he and Jojo are getting a divorce.

He also revealed that they had been separated for a year (i.e., in 2020) and that their divorce process is almost finalized. The couple did not share why they ended their marriage, if they tried to sort things out, and how they managed to keep their separation low-key for a year. It is not clear if their divorce has anything to do with The Real Wives of Johannesburg show they starred in.

There is no information on their divorce process, including the exact time it will be finalized. They made it clear that they parted on a friendly ground for the sake of co-parenting their son. It is unclear if Mr. Lebo is dating anyone at the moment as he hasn’t been seen with any woman in a manner that suggests they are an item.

The Couple Spent A Few Years Together Before Their Marriage Crashed

Lebo and his wife wedded in 2018 and divorced in 2021, spending almost three years together as husband and wife. Their divorce came as a big shock to the public, especially their fans, considering how they were over each other before and during their marriage.

Lebo and Mokoena’s wedding remains one of the most-talked-about weddings in the country. The grand occasion took place at a beach resort in Mauritius. Both the bride and groom wore two different outfits for the ceremony. During the main occasion, the bride gorgeously dressed in a sparkling white dress while the groom dazzled in a cream-colored Tuxedo designed by Master Suit SA. Lebo Gunguluza later wore a Gold on a Black tuxedo for the evening ceremony.

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Mokoena’s wedding dress was made up of a lacy bodice and adorned with lots of diamonds. It also had a 3meter train while her evening gown was prettified with a flowing cape to match.

The entire wedding guests were asked to be the bridal party as the couple did not opt for a conventional bridal party. The female guests appeared in white while the male guests appeared in black. Some prominent South Africans who attended the wedding include Thembi Seete, Eric Nullens, Stephens Nkwana, Natasia Dibotelo, Zamile Mngadi, and a host of other notable people.

Interesting Facts About Gunguluza’s Ex-Wife Lebo Jojo Mokoena

Not much is known about Lebo’s wife because she is a private individual. However, one amazing thing people like about her relationship with the South African businessman is that they bear the same name, ‘Lebo.’

Lebo Jojo Mokoena is a reality TV star publisher and businesswoman born on June 4, 1992. There is no information about her family history, background, life before fame, and education. She gained much popularity after she hooked up with her ex-husband. It is not known exactly when, where, and how they met.

How Many Children Does Lebo Gunguluza Have?

Lebo and his wife had one child. The name of their son is yet to be publicized. In addition, his birth details and where the exact location he stays are yet to be made public.

It appears that the younger Gunguluza stays with his mother, going by some of Lebo’s Instagram pictures. She sometimes shares her son’s picture on Instagram, and we could tell that the child is happy and in safe hands.

A Look At Their Time on The RHOJ TV Show

Lebo Jojo Mokoena and her husband were part of the second season of the reality show, The Real Wives Of Johannesburg (RHOJ). Lebo, in particular, was one of the show’s most liked personalities due to her self-worth, love for class, and dislike for unnecessary drama. She was the youngest among the housewives and had a great time on the show while it lasted.

The Gunguluzas gained the public’s admiration for several reasons, and viewers considered them a “power couple.” During the show, Mr. Lebo was always showering his wife with gifts, and he was able to pass across meaningful messages to couples through his actions, including how to handle difficult situations in marriage.

It is believed that the couple’s decision to expose their intimate affairs to public judgment did not affect them in any way, neither were they criticized about their life and how they portrayed their relationship openly.

Did RHOJ Make Any Impact On Lebo Gunguluza’s Divorce?

It is difficult to tell if RHOJ played a role in Lebo’s divorce. But like every other reality show, RHOJ paved the way for their marriage to be open to public scrutiny. Records have it that many couples who feature in the show end up filing for divorce afterward.

It is generally believed that there is just something about making relationships public. The lack of privacy that comes with it tends to expose couples’ vulnerabilities and shortcomings. The Gunguluzas were amazing at the show. Sadly, things turned out sour between them, leading to the abrupt end of their marriage.


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