10 Most Beautiful Wedding Venues in Durban

Searching for affordable and classical wedding venues in Durban for couples can be fun if you know where to look. Durban is known to be the largest city in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa’s third-largest province. It prides itself on its seasoned subtropical weather, scenery, and environment, adorned with beautiful Indian heritage. Its traditional Indian awry, multicultural wedding features, and beautifully decorated streets, make it the perfect city to get married in. The lushness is just breathtaking.

For lovers of the winter season, having an elegant wedding in Durban may just be perfect for you. However, locating a beautiful wedding venue in Durban can be daunting due to the city’s large landscape, let’s make it easy for you.

These Wedding Venues in Durban Are the Best For a Memorable Wedding Ceremony

Below is a compiled list of the 10 best wedding venues in Durban with the unique features of each, their different locations, the maximum capacity each of the venues can accommodate, bonuses you stand to gain as a potential client, and lots more.

1. The Oyster Box

  •  Address: 2 Lighthouse Road, Umhlanga, Kwazulu-Natal, Natal South Africa
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Price Range: Unknown
  • Type: Hall and garden
  • Capacity: Pearl Room (130 guests); The Victorian Gazebo and amphitheater (100 guests)
  • Highlights: Pearl Room; Victorian Gazebo & Amphitheatre
  • Bonus: Unknown
  • Contact information: +27 31 514 5000
  • Email: [email protected]

The Oyster Box says they are ready to make your dream a reality. Its collection of venues host both intimate weddings and bigger ceremonies. Whether you’ve always dreamt of having a cool and quiet wedding with a few friends, or you’ve ever desired a wedding surrounded by lots of friends and well-wishers, its venues are specially built to accommodate your desires.

The Oyster Box is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Durban and is cherished for being just a 15-minute drive from the airport. Situated on a hill overlooking the Indian Ocean and the iconic lighthouse, the Oyster Box is known to have been in existence since 1954.

The Pearl Room is extravagantly designed to give you a wedding filled with pleasant memories to fall back on. Its expansive terrace and delicate chandeliers of Venetian crystal, coupled with mirrors covering its walls, make it unique. In the Pearl Room, your guests are ushered into leathered cushioned seats with high-quality linen tablecloths and napkins, all decorated in white colors. The experienced team and bar attendants are ready to give your guests executive treatments, offering silver base plates, cutlery, glassware, and crockery, leaving them asking for more.

In addition, the Victorian Gazebo and amphitheater which is a sub-tropical garden are made available to host your guests as you walk down the aisle with your heartthrob. It has a maximum capacity of 100 guests. So, if your guests are less than a hundred, this might just be perfect for you. Your guests are equally provided with a white umbrella at Victorian Gazebo. If you’re seeking an ‘intimate’ ceremony, then you should check out the ‘Shell Room’, as it offers an indoor venue with a perfect reflection of the sea.

Interestingly, the Oyster Box is one of the few wedding venues that put into consideration your wedding night. Here’s is the additional gifts that Oyster Box has for you;

  • A one-night stay in a Luxury Sea-Facing Room as you enjoy your wedding night with your spouse, with an intimate terrace, breathing in the fragrance of the Umhlanga lighthouse and surrounding coastline.
  • A bottle of Bouchard Finlayson wine, decorated with romantic rose-petal.
  • Bathrobes with your initials embroidered on them, especially for you.
  • A complimentary first-anniversary dinner, hosted in the Grill Home.

You’re sure to have a magical experience hosting your guests in the Oyster Box. In case you are considering giving it a try, the details above will help you in locating the venue and an insight into what you are to expect at the hotel.

2. The Durban Country Club

  • Address: 101 Isaiah Ntshangase Rd, Stamford Hill, Durban, 4001, South Africa
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Price Range: Unknown
  • Type: Garden
  • Capacity: 250 (maximum seating capacity)
  • Highlights: Tennis Open Day; Picturesque surroundings with the magnificent Indian Ocean; Trimmed grasses with shrubbery and palm trees strategically placed.
  • Bonus: Belvedere Room and Waterman Room at affordable prices and taste.
  • Contact information: +27 31 313 1777

The Durban Country Club garden wedding venue is easily accessible with proximity to the famous Moses Mabhida Stadium. It’s strategically located on major roads in Durban such as M4, and as a result, your guests wouldn’t find it difficult to locate the wedding venue.

The Durban Country Club has amazing features that would definitely leave you and your guests with an unforgettable experience. With its popular Tennis Open Day, picturesque surroundings based on its buildings, and the magnificent Indian Ocean, you’ll have pleasant memories of your wedding photos. Its wedding venue is beautified with trimmed grasses, shrubbery, and strategically placed palm trees to make it appealing. The venue has a maximum seating capacity of 250 persons.

Interestingly, Durban Country Club gives access to lodging facilities to couples based on their budget and taste. So, you can walk in there and have a blissful honeymoon experience after your big day’s event. The facility includes the glamorous Belvedere Room and the Waterman Room, at affordable prices. And if you choose to engage your spouse in ballroom dance, both packages are exclusively built to accommodate that.

In addition, the club provides you with a secured and spacious parking place, so you don’t have to worry about where your numerous guests will park their cars without any worries.

3. Kloof Country Club

  • Address: 26 Victoria Road, Kloof, 3610, Durban, South Africa
  • Owner: unknown
  • Price Range: unknown
  • Type: Garden, Golf course
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Highlights: Kiddies play arena, cricket oval, swimming pool, floral art, golf course, etc.
  • Bonus: Unknown
  • Contact information: +27 31 764 0555 Fax: +27 31 764 0564
  • Email: [email protected]. Website: www.kloofcountryclub.co.za

Located in the verdant hills of the mist belt of Kloof, which is a 25km drive from Durban. Kloof Country Club is out to give you the best treatment, which would keep you calling for more. The in-house Veranda restaurant is open to the public for weddings, functions, and conferences.

Are you looking to have a stress-free wedding? Here’s a venue you pay and go to sleep, only to awake to an excellently organized wedding ceremony. The onsite wedding coordinators of Kloof Country Club are well trained to give you the best services. Just name it, your style, budget, and preference, the coordinators work closely with the food and beverage managers to give you satisfactory service, leaving your guests salivating for more. At Kloof Country Club, the choice is yours to either arrange for a limited bar, cash bar, or full bar. Its catering service is one you’ll want to give a trial.

If you need assistance with your dietary choice, floral art, professional décor, and accommodation recommendations, its staff members are trained with a high level of professionalism to offer you the best. The golf course is also an inviting arena, making it a place to relax for your honeymoon.

The friendliness and pleasantness of the staff and management of Kloof Country Club linger in your memory, making you plan a revisit to the club. Their motto has always been “where you’re always welcome,” this assurance alone, puts your nerves to rest.

The Kloof Country Club also welcomes sporting activities. Its surroundings are nested with excellent facilities like a kiddies’ play arena, a cricket oval, and a swimming pool. Tennis and squash players are equally not left, there are facilities to make their activities a worthwhile venture. Business meetings hosting, companies, and golf day hosting events are all catered for at Kloof Country Club, just in case you choose to consider the club for other functions aside from your wedding. To make your experience at Kloof Country Club a long-lasting one, it has other side attractions situated near it, for your pleasure, they include;

  • Ushaka Marine World in Durban
  • Moses Mabhida Stadium
  • Phezulu Safari Park
  • Giba Mountain Bike Gorge

Something of serious consideration at Kloof Country Club is that the staff charge an hourly rate per waitron and barman. But not to worry, the rates are pre-quoted and charged as part of the venue hire fee. For every dime you spend in this luxury place which is one of the best wedding venues in Durban, you will get real value for your money.

4. Durban Conference Centre

  • Address: Spa Hotel, 57 OR Tambo Parade, South Beach, Durban, 4056, South Africa
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Price Range: Unknown
  • Type: Wedding hall and Conference center
  • Capacity: Between 20 to 2000 persons
  • Highlights: wedding ceremonies, banquets, dinners, mini-exhibitions, gala dinners, conferences, etc.
  • Bonus: Unknown
  • Contact information: 031 332 1686; 072 927 6767; 079 978 5374

The staff and management of Durban Conference Centre are exceptional and provide excellent service to its clients. They go the extra mile to give you the professionalism and comfortability you desire to make your big day a memorable one. Their services are tailored to meet your specific needs with warm hospitality that leaves you booming with joy. Little wonder the Durban Conference Centre is seen on every list of the best wedding venues in Durban.

Driving along the picturesque beachfront in Durban elaborates the magnificent, stunning structure of the Durban Conference Centre. It is significantly located on the Golden Mile, viewing the oceans and city. Its serene environment offers room for private (intimate) and bigger event functions with a fragrance that gives you a cooling effect.

In addition to the scintillating surroundings, the management and staff offer classical dishes with varieties of menus, to cap it up, giving your wedding guests an awesome experience. Just in case you’re in town and may want to walk in to satisfy your curiosity, the Durban Conference Centre’s business hours are between 7 am and 10 am, Monday through Sunday.

If you’re also looking to treat your guests to other notable events aside from the wedding ceremony in Durban Conference Centre, you’re in the right venue as they offer varying services and specialties. Other services rendered at this venue include; seminars, banquets, meetings, parties, conferencing, gala dinners, mini-exhibitions, live shows, and a host of others. For more inquiries, get more details of the exclusive center above.

5. Coedmore Castle

  • Address: 90 Coedmore Ave, Yellow Wood Park, Durban, 4004, South Africa
  • Owner: Dering Stainbank
  • Price Range: Unknown
  • Type: Hall and garden
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Highlights: Wooden paneling, an iron staircase made in a circular shape, and pretty-looking steel-pressed ceilings, leading into the tower. Walking trails of about 13km in the nature reserve and a 10km MTB, which could serve as a picnic area for your guests
  • Bonus: Annual Carols at the Castle during Christmas
  • Contact information: +27 83 419 6428

Located at the center of the Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve, Coedmore castle is a pleasant reminder of ancient times. The Coedmore castle is an elegant historical homestead, constructed as far back as 1875. Though old, it still has the right touch to make your wedding a successful and memorable day. Its buildings are made of Scottish stones gotten from the Umhlauzana River, with a history traceable to the founder, Dering Stainbank. The idea behind its existence was to create a little piece of Europe whose surrounding grounds are littered with monkeys and antelopes.

Coedmore Castle is a beautiful edifice surrounded by giant yellowwood trees within 253 hectares in Yellowwood Park. Its beautiful tower and battlement are reserved for weddings and special occasions because of the romance it oozes out. The silverware décor of the furniture, antique, and family portrait is still in good condition, giving it a minty look. The home is opened to all and best accessible during the day because you get the best feel with the daylight.

6. Highfield House Garden & Hall Wedding Venue

  • Address: 11 Kinmount Avenue, Hillary, Durban, 4094 Durban, South Africa
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Price Range: Unknown
  • Type: Hall and garden
  • Capacity: Conference venue contains 40-seater guests.
  • Highlights: Fully fenced and secured automated gate to its property
  • Bonus: Quaint chapel and Bridal suite
  • Contact information: 083 787 5388; 082 577 0244; 031 464 5388
  • Email: [email protected]; [email protected].

The Highfield house garden & hall wedding venue is historically known as Highfield House, with about 160 years of existence. It is strategically placed on a large garden, situated in a suburb steeped in old Durban. If you need a secured venue to host your wedding, then try this out. There’s automatic access to its premises with parking spaces secured enough to put your guests’ minds at rest, while they groove. The outside ushers you to the entertaining view of the splendid Durban, The Prop, with a feel of awesomeness. Interestingly, it is a graded AA recommendation.

Here is a friendly and personalized service, centered around decisions taken by you. Services at Highfield house garden are tailored to meet your taste and that of your guests in a friendly and welcoming manner. The wedding garden has more than 400m Led lights, offering you the feel of an enchanting evening setting. Its neatness and loveliness are the envy of all, coupled with ample parking space.

Depending on the package you want, the venue caters to 3 different packages. Also included in the property is a bridal suite and quaint chapel. Its conference venue is equally available to accommodate not more than 40 delegates, you might want to consider this if you’re working with just a few guests.

The most dominant mode of communication with the staff and management of the Highfield house garden & hall wedding venue is English and Afrikaans. Below are major features of the venue, so you could have a better grab of what it looks like and what to expect;

  • Airport Shuttle
  • Wi-Fi present
  • Garden arena for your wedding with ample parking space
  • Credit Card facilities not available
  • Conference venues
  • Romantic atmosphere
  • Pet Friendly
  • Swimming Pool available
  • Laundry Facilities available
  • Wheelchair Enabled
  • Room service
  • Braai/Barbecue service

For further inquiries and more information of Highfield house garden & hall wedding venue, check their contact information provided above.

7. The Bond Shed

  • Address: 12 Brown road, Bond square, Point Waterfront, Durban
  • Owner: unknown
  • Price Range: From R1000 to R35,000 depending on the different packages; gold, silver, etc.
  • Type: Hall and Tent
  • Capacity: 100 to 150 guest space for banquet-style and cocktail-style
  • Bonus: additional bar area and available break-away space for hire
  • Contact information: +27 63 887 9865. Email address: [email protected]; www.thebondshed.com.

Have you ever dreamt of hosting your wedding guests in one of the biggest and most beautiful wedding venues in Durban? Then look no further than Bond Shed. It’s located at the heartbeat of Durban, accessible to all and easy to find. The venue is known to serve multiple purposes like private functions, exhibitions, conference setups, product launches, corporate events, and above all, it is a perfect venue for your wedding.

Bond Shed historically explains the earlier days of Durban, looking at its physical structures, providing rich and serene environs full of warmth and charming beauty. It is uniquely special, connecting your guests to the beautiful work of nature!

The bar staff members of Bond Shed are top-notch and trained mixologists, providing you with cocktails that suit your taste. If you also seek to have a full bar service, Bond Shed got you covered. In addition, its management will be glad to help you deal with your supplies or get you connected to one of their trusted contacts if it pleases you, it’s an additional benefit. This is one of the best places to build your work team and organize an extravagant award ceremony for your team members.

It is also important to note the venue details, it’ll help you decide best and have a pictorial image of what Bond Shed offers.

  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Ambient filament lighting
  • 144sqm of indoor space
  • 150sqm of outdoor space with a covering of the tent
  • CCTV buildings and cameras along its streets
  • Functional electricity generator as a backup to the power supply
  • Bar structure and display unit
  • Standard and well-equipped kitchen for caterers
  • Well secured environment, 24/7
  • DJ and entertainment (external supplies)
  • Decoration and furniture (external supplies)
  • Audiovisuals (external supplies)
  • Catering services, for food only (external supplies)

If you have examined the details and have decided to go with Bond Shed for your event, then you’re to pay a non-refundable booking fee of R3000, with 50% of venue hire to secure the date of the event. You’re to pay up the balance 30 days before the event itself. But, be assured that as one of the best wedding venues in Durban, you are sure to get your money’s worth.

8. The Venue Shongweni

  • Address: 1 Bushbuck road, Ntshongweni, Outer West Durban, 3701
  • Owner: unknown
  • Price Range: unknown
  • Type: Hall and garden
  • Capacity: unknown
  • Highlights: Spacious in-door venue, lovely and magnificent garden venue
  • Contact information: 064 908 9556; email address: [email protected]

A majestic and gigantic wedding arena for you, with beautiful edifices perfect for wedding pictures. The Venue Shongweni is located in Durban just on your way to Pietermaritzburg. It is better suited for weddings, conferences, team building ceremonies, training, and corporate events with a unique space offer.

At The Venue, your expectations are met in line with your principles. The management offers personal service to make your day a memory-filled one. Its competent team is hands-on, ready to lend a helping hand. You’re also opportune to use the service of your preferred caterers and at a cost.

The Venue Shongweni invites you to come and experience its hospitality and warmth. Its spacious indoor venue or the lovely and magnificent garden venue are there for you to make your choice.

9. Sky Venue

10 Most Beautiful Wedding Venues in Durban

  • Address: 63 Snell Parade, Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa,
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Price Range: Unknown
  • Type – (Hall, tent, garden, etc)
  • Capacity: 150 persons
  • Highlights: Sophisticated building, well-built; Mangwanani Boutique Spa, Beauty and Hair Salon, Aqua Escape Healing Salon.
  • Bonus: Enjoying the scope of Southern Sun Brand
  • Contact information: +27 31 362 1300; +27 31 492 4111. Fax: +27 31 332 5527.
  • Email address: [email protected]

By all standards, it is hard to compile a list of the most beautiful wedding venues in Durban without Sky Venue. As Durban’s most amazing and breath-taking beachfront destination Sky Venue is here to help you take your events to the next level. An extraordinary event depends on an extraordinary event venue and Sky Venue is sophisticatedly built to offer you the best to make your ceremony stand out.

The venue is located on the 31st floor of the Maharani Tower, catering for 150 guests. Its main floor occupies an area of 293m2 and a sizable stage area. The event lighting gives it a beautiful awry and awesome serenity, you’ll love it! Its event organizers are dedicated to make your wedding a successful one, with sound production equipment, giving the environs a vibrating effect.

Beyond the physique of the venue, aside from the dining halls and comfortable room welcoming you, Sky Venue is out to make your stay one be remembered. This Durban’s most adorable beachfront destination offers you a range of amenities and services, creating an entertaining and recreational atmosphere.

The management and staff are not only interested in beautifying the venue to look attractive to you, but they also take delight in giving you a stunning look on your wedding day. Your beauty and wellness are all part of the core responsibilities of the event center, as such, the in-house Mangwanani Boutique Spa, Aqua Escape Healing & Beauty Salon, and Hair Salon are there for you. Also, the all-service business center takes care of your business needs, making sure your business is on, while still in the mood of enjoyment.

However, it’s important to note that some services come with a cost. You need to make inquiries on any of the services that may interest you and get a proper understanding of what is obtainable. The information above could help.

10. Shepstone Gardens


  • Address: 12 Hope Road, Mountain View, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2192
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Price Range: Unknown
  • Type: Halls and garden
  • Capacity: The chapel can fit 90 guests
  • Highlights: Décor & Floral services; Catering services
  • Bonus: Gifts Voucher
  • Contact information: 011 728 6738 or 011 483 1375
  • Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Weddings at Shepstone Gardens are handled by talented wedding team members. Talk of elegance and splendor, then you’re at the right venue for one of the most beautiful weddings in Durban.

Walking down the aisle with your lover in the Glass Marquee venue is always memorable. The marbled floor, chandelier’s and stone pillars give you a sense of bounty and create a special backdrop for your photos, making your dream come through.

At this venue, you have favorable options to choose from. You may choose to use the Glass Marquee venue to exchange vows with your spouse while your friends and families witness the event, or at the reception space where you sit to a luxurious dinner served by well-trained waitrons. Whichever option you choose, the venue gives you a magical feeling with flowers and fairy lights gorgeously draping from the ceiling. You can equally add side and roof draping for an amazing and more romantic atmosphere.

The Grand Hall is also open for your wedding event, with glittering fairy lights to captivate your guests. Its walls are made of wood, the pillars and mirrors give you a mirror image of what it means to dance in grand halls. Be it an intimate or densely populated wedding ceremony, the hall is equipped to meet your needs. You could choose to dance behind the walls or dance all through the night with the people that matter most to you. Available next door to the Grand Hall is a library, a perfect cozy lounge, or a place to enjoy your mouth-watering dessert dish. There are just endless options for you to explore at this amazing venue.

The Shepstone Gardens also has a venue to pledge your vows to your heartthrob. The on-site Chapel has intricate stone walls, large windows made of glass, with a magnifying glass roof. The Chapel is massively surrounded by leafy gardens which is truly a romantic space to say “I Do”, sitting 90 guests conveniently as they watch you exchange your vows. With the sunlight rays streaming into the windows, you can be sure your ceremony and pictures will be breathtaking.

The heart of Shepstone Gardens is the Natural Arch. It is located at the foot of the Shepstone Gardens and next door to the ‘old-worldly’ bell tower. It’s also an ideal place to say ‘I Do’. The backdrop which is a Jo’burg skyline provides a perfect comparison between a garden and a city wedding. After your vow, the arch can be turned into a gin or tonic bar, where your guests will love to relax, sipping cocktails as they gaze at the sun setting over the skyline.

One other amazing thing about Shepstone Gardens which also qualifies it to be on this list of the most beautiful wedding venues in Durban is that in addition to all that has been said thus far; your guests can be involved in planning your wedding. Shepstone Gardens offers you a gift voucher that allows your guests to pay for your flower arrangements, bar options, and any other expenses incurred for the wedding. This is awesome! Take a journey with Shepstone Gardens, words will not be enough to explain your experience afterward.

Some final details that could be helpful for you as you make your choice include;

  • Décor and Floral services: Shepstone Gardens have a décor and floral team that seek to understand your preference and taste, blending it with the splendid surrounding of the venue, to give you a perfect wedding ceremony.
  • Caterers: Shepstone Gardens has partnerships with the best external caterers in the industry. You can get in touch to try out fantastic meals and recipes for your guests.
  • Lorax Initiative: Do you know your guests can sponsor trees for your sake as a wedding gift? Find out more at Shepstone Gardens, as they are committed to giving back to the Earth.
  • Real Weddings: Real weddings take place at Shepstone Garden. There are testimonies to back this up, coming from those who have held theirs at Shepstone Gardens.

Summary of the Best Wedding Venues in Durban

Having painstakingly given you details of the most beautiful wedding venues in Durban, the choice is now yours to make. You can also contact the various venues to get more details and a perfect image to help you make your choice. One thing is certain, whatever choice you make, you’re sure to experience the best treatment with live testimonies from your guests. You are sure to have the best experience when you chose any of these beautiful wedding venues in Durban.

1. The Oyster Box
2. The Durban Country Club
3. Kloof Country Club
4. Durban Conference Centre
5. Coedmore Castle
6. Highfield House Garden & Hall Wedding Venue
7. The Bond Shed
8. The Venue Shongweni
9. Sky Venue
10. Shepstone Gardens

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