Xolani Maphanga Biography: Meet Moja Love TV Show, X-Repo Presenter

Xolani Maphanga is a South African TV presenter from Tembisa in the East of Johannesburg, known for hosting the X-Repo TV show on Moja Love. He is popularly known as X.

Xolani Maphanga attained enormous recognition through pure effort and consistency. He spent many years working as a bouncer before making the transition to the screen. Due to the nature of his show, it is currently among the most-loved TV programs in the country.

Summary of Xolani Maphanga’s Biography

  • Full name: Xolani Maphanga
  • Nickname: X
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Xolani Maphanga’s Children: 3
  • Siblings: 9
  • Xolani Maphanga’s Net worth
  • Famous for: The show X-Repo on Moja Love
  • Xolani Maphanga’s Instagram: xolani_maphanga

Xolani Maphanga Was Born in Tembisa

South African television presenter Xolani Maphanga was born in Emangweni, Tembisa, in Ekurhuleni, into a polygamous family. Nobody is aware of his actual age and birth details as he hasn’t disclosed them publicly.

He has nine younger siblings who are the offspring of his father’s polygamous marriage; he is the oldest of ten children in his family. Maphanga has three stepmothers, and each was an important part of his early life.

Every member of Xolani’s family enjoys a fantastic bond with him. He attributes the invaluable lessons and passion for equity that his parents instilled in him as having contributed to his success in operating his show on Moja Love.

He Attended the Stanford Business College in Johannesburg

Mr. Maphanga received his basic education at various schools in Tembisa. He completed his elementary studies at Mangweni Primary School and later enrolled at the renowned Masiqakaze Secondary School for further studies.

He excelled at public speaking and debate in high school, which made him popular besides his physique. He graduated from high school and was admitted to Stanford Business College for higher education.

Maphanga holds a degree in Information Technology. His initial dream was to become a soldier, but things did not work out for him as planned, and he ended up pursuing another career path.

Xolani Maphanga Worked as a Bouncer Before Fame

Although Xolani Maphanga has become one of Mzansi’s most adored TV hosts, he didn’t arrive at this enviable level of fame on a silver platter. He labored diligently, resolutely, and consistently for many years to achieve it.

He spent almost ten years working as a bouncer until he eventually seized and made the most of the opportunity that led him into the media industry and made him a star he never imagined he would be.

Xolani managed his father’s fleet of cabs before beginning his career as a bouncer, thus, he had prior experience in the taxi business. Due to the violence involved, his family eventually sold the company.

After his family’s business was shut down, he began working as a bouncer, and because of his skill, he quickly made connections with many well-known individuals while performing his job. He gave up his job as a bouncer after being hired by Moja Love, a local digital entertainment channel.

He Found Fame as the Host of the TV Show, X-Repo

The popular reality television program X-Repo, which Xolani presently hosts, was created expressly to help people recover what is properly theirs from persons who have been unjust to them and dishonest with them.

The show, which is the first of its kind in South Africa, was inspired by its American version called Operation Repo. Maphanga’s popularity skyrocketed in early 2022 through X-Repo. It was also on the show that he earned the nickname X.

A group of 18 skilled guards, under the direction of the Tembisa-born TV presenter, oversee the smooth operation of the show while it is being filmed. Before finally pitching the show to the media owners, it took Xlani two months of diligent research and an internship at a company that repossesses cars.

Through the show, he’s been able to assist a good number of people in the country, especially those who couldn’t get justice after contracting lawyers or the police.

He has always had the passion to help get justice as he believes the country has failed a lot of people in getting the justice they deserve or yearn for. Two episodes of the show air on Moja Love every week, including on Sundays. Maphanga is currently not involved in any other TV work besides X-Repo.

Xolani Maphanga is Happily Married with Kids

Xolani Maphanga is a married man; he’s been married for years and shares three kids with his wife. Sadly, the names of his kids, their age details, and their current whereabouts are off the media radar.

Similarly, the identity of Xolani’s wife and other details about her are under wraps. The TV presenter has successfully kept information about his family affair away from the spotlight since he found fame, and it seems to be paying off.

Though happily married, Maphanga intends to get married to another in the near future. Born and raised in a polygamous home, he admitted that polygamy is not as bad as some people paint it because his father and stepmother showed him so much love as a child. In fact, he described them as his pillars of support.

He maintained that polygamy works and that he’s working on it. The sensational TV presenter, however, promised not to allow becoming a polygamist to come between him and his job on Moja Love.

Other Notable Facts About Xolani Maphanga

  • Xolani Maphanga is considered a national hero. There have been calls for the president to honor him with one of the National Orders.
  • He has a strong point of view and is courageous. He earned the respect and admiration of thousands of people for his bravery and boldness after seeing him and his team fight with a police officer who was refusing to pay for a car they had purchased from a complaint in an episode of their show. When the team began to tow the car out of the garage, the situation turned tense. The trigger-happy policeman started firing in the air to try to scare the team away, but they stood their ground.
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