Who Is Themba Sibanyoni the Real-life Danger from Diep City?

Themba Sibanyoni (born 1978) is a South African actor, dancer, musician, songwriter, and performer who broke into mainstream success through his role as Danger in Diep City, the South African telenovela airs every Monday – Friday at 20:30 on channel 161 on @DStv.

The actor started as a dancer after he was discovered in the 90s by the South African kwaito musician and producer Arthur Mafokate. As a songwriter, he has written a couple of songs. He has also featured as a dancer in Mafokate’s songs and as an actor in some other local projects that have helped to boost his career and visibility.

 Themba Sibanyoni’s” Bio

  • Full name: Themba Sibanyoni
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 1978
  • Nationality: South African
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Famous for: Portraying the character Danger in the telenovela Diep City
  • Themba Sibanyoni’s Instagram: thembakop

How Old is Themba Sibanyoni from DiepCity?

Themba Sibanyoni is a South African actor born in the year 1978. The exact month and date he was born are yet to be publicized. However, Themba is a native of Kwa-Themba, Ekurheleni, in Gauteng province. He was born and raised in the town.

There is no information about the actor’s family background or detailed account of his family members. However, it is said that he recently lost his parents. He hasn’t spoken much about his family members and the kind of family he was born into.

It is not known if he has siblings or not. The exact causes of his parents’ deaths are not known. Also, their occupations before they passed away and other details about the family he was born into are not public knowledge.

Sibanyoni hasn’t publicly opened up about his childhood and life before fame. He had his elementary education in KwaThemba, after which he enrolled at Jabulani Technical High for further studies. He graduated with his peers after completing grade 12.

It appears he did not go to college. The actor started dancing at a young age. In the 1990s, while dancing at a soccer tournament in Soweto, he impressed South African kwaito singer Arthur Mafokate with his skills, and the latter picked interest in him.

From Dancing, The Actor Branched Out Into Song Writing And Acting

After Themba was discovered by Mafokate, he appeared in his songs, including Sika Lekeke, wherein he brought in so much energy, vibe, and electrifying dance steps. The song was released in the year 2006. He also featured as a dancer in music videos like TKZee songs and the video for the song Dlala Mapantsula.

From dancing and choreography, Sibanyoni was hired to write for notable people in the industry, including Mafokate. Other artists include Jamela and Panstula, who impressed the dancer’s writing skills. Some of his songwriting credits are Hlokoloza and Pelepele.

Diep City wasn’t Theba’s first TV project. Before fame, he had appeared in a handful of South African television series, such as Samsokolo. Other notable works he has been part of include City Ses’la” and Ses Top la. The Kwa-Theba-born actor has reportedly shared screen time in a world-class film with Morgan Freeman called Stink.

He almost fell into depression during the lockdown because he was not getting jobs. However, the light eventually shone at the end of his tunnel after he was contacted for the role of Danger in Diep City. Through the telenovela, he was able to taste a major career success.

His appearance in the project allowed him to work closely with some of the big names in the industry, including people like Duduzile Mabaso. Themba’s character, Danger, is a gangster and very blunt person. The actor shared that he dedicated time hanging out with local gangs to sharpen his acting skill for this particular role.

Again, his experience in prison is said to have helped him pull off his gangster role. It is said that Themba Sibanyoni spent six years in prison after he was arrested years ago for hanging out with some thugs.

Indeed, the actor has successfully managed to grow his career to an impressive height even though he is not a superstar yet. He, however, has the potential to become more successful in the South African entertainment industry as a performer as time moves on.

Here’s the list of Themba Sibanyoni’s Movies and TV Shows

  • Sink.
  • Diep City season 1 – Danger
  • City Ses’la”
  • Samsoko – season 1
  • Lockdown – season 3
  • Gadifele – season 2
  • Ses Top la

Presently, the Diep City actor has only won one award since he launched his career. He won his first industry award in 2012 when he received a background soapie award at the Royal Soapie Awards for his role as a gangster in Diep City.

Who Is Themba Sibanyoni Wife, Is He Married?

Themba Sibanyoni is still very much available in the market. He is not married yet, nor is he in a relationship that is publicly known. It is difficult to tell if he is dating any girl secretly because he shares only pictures of himself on set with his colleagues and photos of himself and his friends across his social media pages.

The actor hasn’t been linked to any woman in the past. He has not given birth to his kids; rather, he is very much focused on growing his career and making more money from his skills.

Actor Themba Sibanyoni Is Yet To Give Birth To His Own Kids

South African dancer, songwriter, actor, and performer Themba Sibanyoni does not have kids of his own yet. He is not married, nor has he put any lady in the family way. He seems to be waiting for the right time to become a father and an amazing husband to the lucky woman who would end up being his wife.

Sibonyoni, who is being followed by over 17,000 Instagram users, has an athletic body. He is of an average height and a comfortable weight. His physical look is ideal for the role he plays in Diep City. However, there is no available record of his height, weight, and other body measurements. His physical look generally enhances his appeal to fans.

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