Who Is Tebogo Khalo Who Played Puleng on Rhythm City?

Tebogo Khalo is an award-winning South African actress and radio broadcaster who became famous for playing Puleng on Rhythm City for over ten years now.

She has earned popularity in the entertainment industry through many years of dedication and hard work. The actress is best known for maintaining relevance for many years in a popular South African Soap opera titled Rhythm City, which has come to define her acting career and everything already known about her. But here, we will give you more details about Tebogo and the woman she is when the cameras are off.

Tebogo Khalo’s Bio and Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Tebogo Khalo
  • Date of Birth: 31st May 1985
  • Age: 38 years old
  • Place of Birth: Alexandra, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Nationality: South African
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Education: NA
  • Occupation: Actress, Radio broadcaster
  • Parents: NA
  • Siblings: NA
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Children: NA

Tebogo Khalo was born in Alexandra, Gauteng, SA

On 31st May 1985, the very talented actress was born in Alexandra, Gauteng, South Africa, into a large family. Tebogo Khalo was raised by her parents in Kempton Park, Gauteng’s East Rand district. She was given proper home and educational training in good schools. However, there are no details about the other family members or about the schools she attended. She has also not talked about the kind of life she had growing up as a kid.

How Tebogo Khalo Found Fame on Rhythm City

The popular African celebrity is particularly known for her role in Rhythm City, a renowned South African TV series. The series started in 2007, and she has been on the show since then. She is the longest-serving actress on the show. Also, through this show, she has been able to gain popularity as she started her acting career and established a sound reputation for herself through it.

Tebogo Khalo is Puleng Mofokeng on the Rhythm City show. Puleng is an interesting young lady on the show. Even though she has existed for about fourteen years on the show, she always has a new side and drama for her viewers, and you can trust Tebogo to deliver the role with great professionality.

With her experience in acting over the years, Tebogo always delivers the role of Puleng with more interesting dynamics every time. According to her, she does not feel like she has played the role for long because the script is both exciting and challenging. Also, she tries to deliver the character to suit societal and everyday life changes per time. In this light, she introduces trends and current jargon that help the character stay relevant and keep her viewers glued to their TV.

Her Career Successes in and outside the Film Industry

The diligent movie star started her career in the industry in an educational theater where she trained younger people. Eventually, she got into the actual game of acting. Although popular and talented, Tebogo Khalo has not been featured in many movies. In fact, she has Rhythm City as the only movie she has featured in, based on her IMDB profile. Nonetheless, due to her outstanding performance on the TV show over the years, she was able to take an award home in 2011. She won the Golden Horn Award for Best Supporting Actress in television Soap Opera at the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) in 2011. The TV show was nominated for the SAFTAs again in 2018.

Aside from acting, the hardworking celebrity is also a radio personality and a photographer. She works as a co-host on a current affairs events show that is focused on teenagers. Also, her Instagram account reveals that she has a thing for photography. She appears to have her brand called ‘Naked Eye Photography.’ She mainly takes pictures of farms, farm tools, animals, and other agriculture-related materials. Perhaps, she loves to promote agriculture through her photography. Also, she is a volunteer for the South African cancer charity called “Just FootPrints.” She does this as a way of giving back to society.

As you may have suspected, the South African thespian is not very active on social media, and when she makes posts, it is mostly work-related. Her Instagram page has few posts, while her Twitter account is almost the same, but both accounts have thousands of followers. She is also present on Facebook, but she is as inactive there as she is on her other social media accounts.

Tebogo Khalo is Happily Married

In 2011, the radio personality got married to her boyfriend of five years. The couple has been together for more than a decade now, including their years of courtship, and they have continued to grow stronger. Although they are happy together, Tebogo has chosen not to reveal her husband’s name or any personal details about him. She also doesn’t post his pictures on her page.

However, she once posted their wedding picture, and fans confirmed that the man was good-looking. Apparently, she has taken down the post. Although some people claim that the actress is a year older than her husband, it is mere speculation as she is very private about her personal life and has not released information about the man.

They Decided Not to Have Any Biological Child Yet

Tebogo and her husband do not have any children, and that is deliberate. According to her, she is too busy and fears bringing souls into the world to raise them. The actress believes that she would not give her children proper training if she had them due to her busy schedules. She and her husband decided not to have kids, but they preferred to raise their relatives as their kids.

Coming from a large family, she sees family and friends as everything, and she always has enough fun whenever she is with them. Although she is a family-oriented person, she has stood her ground regarding not having children, and there are no signs that she will change her mind. She and her husband are raising their nephews and nieces as their children.

It is almost impossible for an African woman to make such a decision without pressure from the outside. As she has admitted, Khalo has felt her share of external pressure regarding her decision, especially because she is getting older. Whenever such situations arise, she revealed that she likes to remind herself that it is her life and decision; hence, she should not give in to pressure.

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