Who Is Gift Mokhampanyane, the Actor that Played Fanie On Skeem Saam?

Gift Mokhampanyane (born April 16, 1988) is a 36-year-old South African actor, philanthropist, and TV presenter who is best known for playing the role of Daniel in Skeem Saam, the popular South African series. He grew up with a single parent – his mother – as his father was not always available.

Gift has been in the entertainment industry for more than 15 years and has been featured in more than four TV series. As his name implies, he is indeed a ‘gift’ to society as he is always seeking ways to give back. Meet the real Fanie on Skeem Skaam; Gift Mokhampanyane.

Summary of Gift Mokhampanyane’s Biography

  • Full Name: Gift Mokhampanyane
  • Nickname: Ghettoluv
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: April 16, 1988
  • Gift Mokhampanyane’s Age: 36 years old
  • Ethnicity: Sotho
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: In a relationship
  • Gift Mokhampanyane’s Girlfriend: Palesa Shole
  • Gift Mokhampanyane’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 10 inches
  • Gift Mokhampanyane’s Net Worth: $155k (est.)
  • Famous for: Acting and TV hosting
  • Gift Mokhampanyane’s Instagram: @thee_gifted
  • Twitter: @thee_Gifted_1
  • Facebook: Gift Ghettoluv Mokhampanyane

Gift Mokhampanyane was Raised By a Single Mother

Gift Mokhampanyane was born in Johannesburg on the 16th of April, 1988. He grew up in a broken home, raised and nurtured in humble surroundings by only his mom in his birth town, Gauteng Province in South Africa.

Whilst he was still of a young age, his father wanted nothing to do with them and never thought it necessary to come back for his family.

As a result of the absence of his father, Gift learned to appreciate his mother even more. However, he was displeased at the fact that his father never wanted him. But he did not let that stop him from aspiring for greatness.

Mokhampanyane’s interest in filming started as a kid, just like most actors these days. As a young and bright kid, he was always attracted to the entertainment industry. He got serious about it and committed to his dream and passion for acting when he enrolled at the National School of the Arts, where he familiarized himself with the world of theatre, acting, and musicals.

He Started His Career in 2005

Gift Mokhampanyane’s LinkedIn and Instagram profiles list him as a TV presenter, MC, actor, and even a motivational speaker, which means the South African thespian is multitalented.

Upon conclusion of his education and obtaining his certification from the National School of the Arts, Mokhampanyane didn’t waste time launching his career in the movie industry. However, his career never kicked off until 2005, when he landed his acting role on television, taking the character Sipho on SABC1’s Soul Buddyz drama series.

Gift Mokhampanyane’s Career in the Entertainment Industry Spans Across Almost Two Decades

Gift Mokhampanyane’s been in the industry for over fifteen years and has accomplished a lot, winning awards and recognitions. The experienced 36-year-old has been involved in a few movies.

He followed up his Soul Buddyz debut with his appearance on Sokhulu and Partners season 2 as Tshepo Moloi. The television star also got a big opportunity on Muvhango, another popular SABC show, playing the role of Spitjo.

Gift became a household name amongst others when he landed the role of Fanie Maserumule on Skeem Saam, a popular SABC1 youth and educational soapie. He also doubles as a television presenter. Endowed with multiple skills and as a television presenter, he anchored a children’s television show on Yo TV back in 2011.

List Of Gift Mokhampanyane’s Filmography

  • Soul Buddyz – as Sipho
  • Sokhulu and Partners – as Tshepo Moloi
  • Muvhango – as Spitjo
  • Skeem Saam – as Fanie Maserumule

The multitalented personality is also a fan of other superstars like J.Cole; the American rapper and basketballer is one of his favorite artists of all time. He also loves sports too, particularly football, and has called himself a die-hard fan of the London-based soccer club, Chelsea FC.

Gift Mokhampanyane Finds Every Opportunity to Give Back To Society 

Gift Mokhampanyane is not just working for himself but sees other people as part of his responsibility. At every point in time, he has consistently given back to his community. He is a philanthropist, and as that, has set out ample time from his tight schedule to visit schools, orphanage homes, medical centers, and charity events in order to offer help to those who need it.

Is Gift Mokhampanyane Married?

Gift Mokhampanyane is not married yet, but he is in a beautiful relationship with a lady known as Palesa Zeze Shole. He found love a long time ago with Ms. Palesa and has kept that same fire of love burning in the long-term relationship. Hopefully, their relationship will take them to the altar.

He is so proud of her, using every opportunity he gets to show her off on his social media platforms. The longevity of their relationship really shows how well they fit each other. Palesa herself prefers a low-key life. She appreciates the spotlight but has made it clear she doesn’t want to be a celebrity.

Gift Mokhampanyane’s Relationship With His Father is Still Sour

Gift Mokhampanyane is obviously not in any communication with his father because he abandoned him while he was still young, and he has made peace with the fact. He issued a statement saying he and his dad had a very choppy relationship. He grew up with his father being in and out of his life, and at some point, his father decided to stop showing up at all, and he had to grow up without a father figure.

The absence of his father in his life had so much impact on young Gift Mokhampanyane while he was growing up, as he kept thinking about how his life would turn out, seeing that he does not have a father to guide him through life. He also stated that the last time he saw his father was post-surgery – just after he had undergone a serious medical procedure when he was in Grade 10.

He is Active on Social Media

Gift Mokhampanyane Instagram boasts almost 13k followership, and he’s fairly active, posting around a hundred times as at August 2022 since its inception in late 2014. His Twitter handle @thee_Gifted_1 has surprisingly accumulated more followers than his Instagram; his many followers on the bird app are numbered at more than 15k.

He has a Facebook account named Gift Ghettoluv Mokhampanyane, where he shares old memories and pictures of himself and his mother.

On the other hand, his girlfriend @Palesahole lives a very different life even though they are together. She is a little less outgoing and doesn’t fancy the fame and spotlight. She runs a private Instagram account with less than a thousand followers.

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