What Is Kwenzo Ngcobo Biography and Does He Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

Kwenzo Ngcobo (Born February 1991; Age: 33) is a South African actor, director, and martial artist. He is currently not married or involved in a romantic relationship.

The outstanding actor, whose real name is Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo, gained enormous fame for his part in the Showmax drama series, The Wives. Kwenzo’s personal life is just as fascinating as his professional life as both aspects of his life have garnered attention from the media over the years.

Summary of Kwenzo Ngcobo’s Biography

  • Full Name: Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo
  • Nickname: Kwenzo
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 1990
  • Ethnicity: IsiZulu
  • Nationality: South African
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Kwenzo Ngcobo’s Height in Inches: 70 Inches (5 Feet 10 Inches)
  • Kwenzo Ngcobo’s Net Worth: $700,000
  • Famous for: Being his role in The Wives
  • Kwenzo Ngcobo’s Instagram: @kwenzo_pholoba
  • Twitter: @kwenzokuhlengco
  • Facebook: Kwenzo Ngcobo

What is Kwenzo Ngcobo’s Age?

Though the actor has been in the spotlight for a few years, the actual date of his birth is unknown. However, going by a 2022 newspaper report, he was born in 1991. Also, going by some TikTok posts by his dedicated fans, the actor celebrates his birthday in the middle of the month of February each year.

It, therefore, means that Kwenzo Ngcobo is 33 years old. He is still a relatively young chap and this makes even more impressive all the achievements that he has recorded in his life.

Does Kwenzo Ngcobo Have a Twin Brother?

Kwenzo Ngcobo doesn’t have a twin brother. Rumors about the actor having a twin brother have been making the rounds for years but the truth is that Kwenzo’ came alone into the world. It, however, appears that the rumor emanated from his onscreen role as Qhawe wherein he starred as one of the eight formidable Zulu brothers alongside Abdul Khoza.

Though the actor keeps a shroud of secrecy around his birth family, nothing suggests he was born a twin. He however has some siblings. He confessed in an interview that he had a sister who was a big source of encouragement to him. She however passed away and he regrets the fact that she isn’t alive to witness his success.

Kwenzo Ngcobo was Born and Raised in Port Shepstone

Actor Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo was born and raised in a town called Port Shepstone, in Kwa-Zulu Natal province. He is of the Zulu tribe and a fluent speaker of the isiZulu language. There is no information about his parents, however, it is said that they played influential roles in his career, especially his father.

The actor once shared during an interview how his father encouraged and nurtured a passion for the arts in him. He also recalled that, as a little boy, he loved watching action movies and would spend hours trying to imitate what he’d watched on the home videos that were popular at that time.

Ngcobo spent his childhood at Port Shepstone. He was part of his school’s drama group as a teenager. His most notable child performance was as Jesus in a Bible play hosted at a Sunday School class. Ngcobo underwent both primary and secondary schooling, although the identities of those institutions are private.

Thereafter, he attended the Durban University of Technology to study drama. He earned a bachelor’s degree in drama studies in 2011 and graduated. There is currently no information available on any more educational paths Kwenzo might have pursued.

He Began his Career on Stage before Switching to Television

Kwenzo began taking up minor drama roles in theaters in the country after college. He soon realized he could only achieve his dream of attaining greatness as an actor through television.

The actor admitted that it wasn’t really a piece of cake, since the acting techniques for drama and television were worlds apart. However, his innate skill for acting made the transition smooth.

Kwenzo made his debut television appearance in Mzansi’s favorite show called ‘Imbewu’, wherein he portrayed the fictional Themba. He would later reveal that his character in the series helped him discover other sides to himself that he didn’t know existed before.

He is Most Popular for his Role as Qhawe on The Wives

Kwenzo’s successful outing in Imbewu also sharpened him significantly for his next television role as Qhawe in The Wives, which is his most recognized television role to date.

The TV series, ‘The Wives’ was based on three novels by Dudu Busani-Dube titled Hlomu the Wife, Zandile the Resolute, and Naledi His Love. It ran for three years from 2019 to 2022 and was one of the highest-watched shows in South Africa last year.

Of all the projects that Kwenzo has been part of, ‘The Wives’ was the one that established him as a bonafide star and one of the young stars to watch out for in the entertainment industry.

Kwenzo Ngcobo’s TV Shows

  • Imbewu, as Themba
  • Freedom Street (2018), as John
  • Room 33 (2018), as Student 3
  • uMalusi (2019), as Bab’Bhengu
  • Saloon (2019), as Nkanyamba
  • Catch-Up (2020), as Sandile
  • The Wife (2022–2023), as Qhawe

Kwenzo Ngcobo Has Earned a Lot From His Very Successful Career

Kwenzokuhle Ngcobo, who has a net worth of more than $500,000 USD, undeniably possesses all the necessary assets, including good looks, wealth, popularity, and fan adulation. The public can tell that Kwenzo’s greatest vice is his enthusiasm for automobiles.

The actor has been seen seated behind the wheels of many exotic vehicles, including an electric blue Maserati, for photos. Moreover, a silver exotic car is supposedly another vehicle driven by Kwenzo.

Kwenzo lives a lifestyle that undoubtedly reflects his enormous wealth. Although he hasn’t yet disclosed his residence, we wouldn’t be shocked if he had already acquired a multi-million rand home for himself.

His stylish yet conservative attire also conveys the image of a man who is aware of his value. He is one of those who are well-respected in the local entertainment community.

Is Kwenzo Ngcobo Married?

Kwenzo is a well-liked actor in South Africa because of his endearing good looks and amazing physique. Despite being an eligible bachelor, the “Room 33” star isn’t dating right now. Since the beginning of his profession, he has also not been in any relationships that are known to the public.

Kwenzo is one of the busiest performers right now, and many people think it may be why he isn’t ready to commit to a relationship just yet. Even at that, his fans believe he’ll not be single for long and that he has a sizable pool of potential partners to pick from.

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