What Happened To Israel Matseke Zulu and Does He Have a Wife?

Actor Israel Matseke Zulu is currently on a break from acting and making music due to ill health. The talented entertainer announced in November 2021 that he would be taking a break to fully focus on his health as he was diagnosed with gangrene, a condition that left him semi-crippled.

Zulu has no wife but has given birth to two kids. Unfortunately, one of his kids was shot and killed in the year 2011. The actor may have put his acting career on hold, but he is in a high spirit for a comeback. He hopes to return to our screens once he fully recovers and is able to deliver his on-screen roles.

Israel Matseke’s Illness Began as a Leg Pain

The actor’s ordeal actually began as a minor pain in his leg, which he felt was a phasing pain. He kept taking some drugs until he was advised by his friends to seek medical attention. The doctors eventually did some tests, and it was discovered that he had gangrene.

Gangrene is when the tissues of the body start dying because there isn’t enough blood supply to the particular part of the body that is being affected. It mostly affects the leg, toes, fingers, and feet.

Due to the condition, the actor was on multiple occasions brought to Gomora filming set in a wheelchair. He eventually announced through his agency in the month of November 2021 that he had exited the show as he couldn’t continue due to being semi-cripple.

According to him, he had not been putting in his best due to his ill-health and came to the conclusion that it’s best he quit the show in order to fully focus on ways to get his health back. He then asked to be written off the show, which the producers did.

The actor’s exit from Gomora left his fans in deep shock and pity. However, they wished him a fast recovery and are now hoping he returns to the set for more action-packed roles. The actor admitted that he had always had leg pains but didn’t know it was gangrene. The condition only worsened in 2021 while filming Gomora.

Truth About Israel Matseke Zulu’s Leg Amputation

After the diagnosis, Israel consented to have his leg amputated since the pain was too much for him to bear. However, the actor kept canceling the amputation appointment with his doctors. According to him, he canceled the procedure four times and was eventually convinced by his friend to carry on with the procedure.

He disclosed that he could have not been cut as it been the condition was diagnosed on time. Though his gangrene was fully blown in August 2021, the actor shared that he had been in pain for about six to seven years.

The main reason he changed his mind about the amputation was that the doctors wanted to cut him above the knee while the illness was by his toes. This made him change his mind about the procedure severally.

He was later admitted to the Rob Ferreira Hospital in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, where he spent four weeks and eventually underwent the procedure. The amputation was successful, and the actor is recovering fast.

In an interview in February 2022, the actor revealed that he had two more appointments with his doctors before he begins the process of putting his leg into a prosthetic limb. He admitted that it is a process and very expensive but that everything had already been put in place.

Is Israel Matseke Zulu Still Alive or Did He Pass Away?

South African actor, poet, dancer, and singer Israel Matseke Zulu is alive and healthy. He is fast recovering following the amputation of his left leg at the Rob Ferreira Hospital in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga.

He is quite ready and in high spirit to return to the filming set once he fully recovers. He has no plans of retiring as an actor yet, regardless of the setback in his career. The television series, Gomora, was the last project he took in before his leg was amputated.

It is said that the production crew opined that actors are welcomed back to the filing set when contacted. This could mean that there’s a chance that Matseke, who plays ruthless gang leader Don in the series, might make it to Gomora’s cast if he wishes to return to the show.

When the actor broke the news of his illness to his fans in November 2021, he also assured them not to ditch the show due to his absence. Zulu had his last media interview in February 2022. Since then, nothing has been heard or read about his health. However, we believe he is doing great and would definitely come back stronger.

The actor rose to immense popularity after he starred in the TV series Yozi Yozi. The show was his first gig in the industry, however, today, he has appeared in numerous projects in the industry, mostly as the villain or the leader of a bad group.

Before fame, he spent three years at Johannesburg Prison, precisely from 1996 to 1999, for car hijacking and housebreaking. It was in prison that he developed a passion for acting and also formed his acting group, Abaqobi Drama Group.

Israel Matseke Zulu is Not Married

A lot of people developed a sudden interest in Matseke’s family life after the news of his ill health went viral. However, we can establish the Yozi Yozi star has not gotten married to a woman both in the past and presently.

There’s also no detailed information about his past relationships with women. However, rumor has it that he dated South African controversial personality, socialite, and dancer, Zodwa Wabantu but the actor vehemently refuted the allegation.

Israel Matseke Zulu is the father of two children. Sadly, one of his kids, his son named Tebogo, was shot and killed in the year 2011. There is no further information about his other son, his whereabouts, and what he is currently up to.

Also, the actor is yet to open up about the woman (or women) who gave birth to his kids. He has never introduced them to his fans or shared photos of them on any of his social media pages.

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