Jack Parow: 10 Facts To Know About The Rapper

Jack Parow (born February 22, 1982) is a 42 year-old South African rapper known for hit tracks like Cooler as Ekke, Ode to You, and Dans Dans Dans. Regarded as one of the most successful music acts to come out of South Africa, Parow raps in Afrikaans and makes music that helps people escape the harsh realities of the world, and this has attracted millions of fans to him.

The Durbanville, Western Cape native is now a bona fide international star and has collaborated with several influential musicians. Beyond music, he has been featured in his own TV series titled Dis Hoe Ons Rol. He has also scored endorsement deals with brands such as Playstation and has a brandy company under his name. Parow is indeed committed to his craft and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Summary Of Jack Parow’s Biography

  • Full Name: Zander Tyler
  • Nickname: Jack Parow
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 22 February 1982
  • Jack Parow’s Age: 42 years old
  • Ethnicity: Afrikaans
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: Durbanville High School, City Varsity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Jack Parow’s Wife: Jenna Pietersen
  • Children: Ruby Tyler
  • Jack Parow’s Parents: Edwin and Ronel Tyler
  • Siblings: Tanya and Tasha
  • Jack Parow’s Net worth: $5 million
  • Famous for: His rapping career
  • Jack Parow’s Instagram: jackparow

Jack Parow’s Life and Career in 10 Facts

The following facts highlight everything you need to know about the Afrikaans singer, starting from his budding days to recent years.

Jack Parow Originally Hails From Cape Town

Before he became the world-famous rapper that we all know, Jack Parow was just a little boy who was born on the 22nd of February 1982 in Parow, a northern suburb of Cape Town. He grew up in the town of Bellville and had a wonderful childhood filled with music and friends. He also accumulated several unforgettable memories, thanks to locations such as Burger Fair, Durbanville Mall, Wildside Surf Shop, and Wonderland Games Arcade (Capetown magazine). For Parow, Cape Town had a special kind of energy and that is why he would always come back no matter wherever he performs in the world.

He is of Afrikaans Ethnic Heritage

With regards to his ancestral heritage, Jack Parow has Afrikaans ethnicity. He is now one of the major proponents of Afrikaans rap but it wasn’t always so. While growing up, Parow rapped mostly in English. It was until he had to assume the personality of an Afrikaans Boer and work on a track titled Hard Headed Hobo that he took to rapping in Afrikaans. He found it quite easy and nice and from then onward, he has been rapping in his mother tongue.

His Real Name is Zander Tyler

Jack Parow’s real name is actually Zander Tyler. He got his stage name from the Johnny Depp blockbuster film series Pirates of the Caribbean. As the story goes, Parow was watching the movie with some of his friends and they were quite drunk, he subsequently got up and declared that he was Jack Parow, Pirate of the Caravan Park. The Parow was a reference to his hometown and his friends started calling him Jack Parow. It became a running joke and the name eventually turned into his stage name when his career took off.

Jack Parow Began Rapping at the Age of 12

He was 12 when he started rapping and he was inspired to do so by legendary American rapper, Snoop Dogg. Parow had received a compilation album, Now Monsters Hits 4, from his mom as a Christmas gift and one of the songs on it was Snoop Dogg’s What’s My Name. The young boy was immediately hooked and began looking for other Snoop Dogg tracks. As such, he devoted much of his attention to rap music. As a teenager, Parow would often rap dirty lyrics to the hearing of his parents but he was lucky as they did not take offense.

His 2009 Collaboration With Die Heuwels Fantasies Marked his Career Breakthrough

From spewing the lyrics of other rappers, Jack Parow began writing his own stuff. During his college days, he joined forces with two friends named Anthony and Dennis to form his first rap crew known as Famly. The trio performed at any venue that would have them and their profile slowly rose. They later went their separate ways and Jack continued making music solo. He would eventually get his breakthrough after the electronic band, Die Heuwels Fantasies, featured him in their 2009 track titled Die Vraagstuk. The track proved quite popular with the fans and it made Parow a household name around the country.

Jack Parow Has Dropped Four Studio Albums With Hit Singles Like Cooler as Ekke and Dans Dans Dans

Jack Parow did not let the success of Die Vraagstuk distract him but rather focused on pushing out his own solo single, Cooler as Ekke, in 2009. His efforts paid off as the music video accumulated one million YouTube views within a short time, making it the first Afrikaans music video to achieve such a feat. The song would also go on to achieve other remarkable feats and since then, Parow’s career has been on an upward trajectory. He has released a total of five studio albums, including Eksie Ou, Nag Van Die Lang Pette, Dis Hoe Ons Rol, and Afrika 4 Beginners. He has also performed all over the world, including in Dubai, Europe, and Bahrain, opening for several notable acts like his idol, Snoop Dogg.

Some of Jack Parow’s Most Popular Songs

  • Cooler as Ekke
  • Ode to You
  • Dans Dans Dans
  • I Miss
  • P.A.R.T.Y
  • Bloubek
  • Tussen Stasies
  • Hosh Tokolosh
Jack Parow
A young Jack Parow with his family Image Source

The Rapper Has Two Sisters Named Tanya and Tasha

One factor that has been critical to Jack Parow’s career success is the loving and supportive family he has. The rapper hails from a family of five, comprising of him, his dad – Edwin, his mom – Ronel, and two sisters, Tanya and Tasha, and they have been there for him right from day one. Parow’s family supported his passion for rap music from an early stage and gave him all their support. He eventually became a superstar and they remain his biggest fans. Parow’s father, unfortunately, passed away before his son became famous but his mom, Ronel, is still alive and owns her own décor shop. She is super supportive of her son and tracks down whatever interviews he grants. Parow also remains quite close to his two sisters and describes them as the most amazing women.

He Holds a Degree in Multimedia Design From City Varsity

The lyrical content of Jack Parow’s music may have you concluding that he is some kind of bum but he is far from this. He worked several jobs to survive while pursuing his music but he also holds a degree in multimedia design from City Varsity, a private college in Cape Town. Prior to getting into college, Parow obtained his matric certificate from Durbanville Western Cape. He then applied to City Varsity but nearly missed out as a result of his poor portfolio. Parow had to rely on a friend to help him build a portfolio with which he was given admission. He went on to complete his degree and upon leaving school, worked as a graphic designer before his rap career took off.

Jack Parow Has His Own Spirits Brand Known as Parow Brandy

The rapper has never hidden his love for drinking brandy, a love that goes way back to his high school days, and in January 2017, he launched his own brandy company known as Parow Brandy. The hot drink is described as a 3-year pot stilled brandy with an alcohol content of 43%. It comes in 75cl bottles and is sold in selected bars across South Africa. Parow Brandy generated lots of positive responses on Twitter after its launch and it remains a favorite with many South Africans to date.

The Rapper is Married to Fashion Model, Jenna Pietersen

Parow may enjoy partying and drinking but when it comes to his love life, he is pretty tame. The rapper is married to his long-time girlfriend, Jenna Pietersen. Pietersen is an international model who has appeared in reputable magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and GQ. She is also the cousin of a popular South African rugby player, Joe Pietersen. Parow and Pietersen have been together for a long time now and their romance eventually morphed into marriage. Their union is now blessed with a daughter named Ruby Tyler.

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