Siv Ngesi Has An Alter Ego Named Sivanna But Will Not Say If He Is Gay

Siv Ngesi has always been known to be a multi-talented man since he started acting in 1997. His exceptional acting, comedy, and rugby skills have made him famous and endeared him to the heart of so many South Africans, but as someone who likes stepping ahead of the status quo, he surprised everyone when he introduced his alter ego-personality.

Although he has received a lot of backlash from people, he has made it clear to everyone that his alter ego has come to stay, so we all have to get used to him appearing like two people. Having an alter ego personality has also made people think he is not being truthful about his sexuality. Here’s what we know.

Siv Ngesi’s Alter Ego Personality Is A Drag Queen Called Sivanna

It is now a common sight to see gay men dress up and act like women, but when a man we always thought is heterosexual does this, it sparks off a lot of controversies. Although Siv Ngesi has said he is not an attention seeker rather someone who just wants to live his truth, coming up with an alter ego personality of a drag queen is a great way to attract a lot of attention.

On the 21st of January 2021, Ngesi uploaded a video on his Instagram account to introduce us to his alter ego-personality, a drag queen who was created and dressed by one of South Africa’s famous drag queens, Manila Von Teez. In the video, Siv Ngesi said he has always wanted to be a drag queen, but having beards was a huge restriction, but now he’s ready to give up his beards to realize that dream.

One thing was lacking in Siv Ngesi’s post, and that was the fact that his drag queen alter ego personality was yet to have a name. So, in the caption of the post, he asked people to suggest a name for her. Some of his fans heeded his call and made attempts to suggest a name and of all the suggested names, he chose ‘Sivanna’. Siv Ngesi later introduced his drag queen personality to the world as Sivanna in an Instagram post later that day.

According to the social media personality, Manila Von Teez takes the credit for being the one who designs Sivanna’s clothes, does her make-up, directs her postures, and gives her voice training. The fact that she has someone who has been living the drag queen life for over 11 years in the person of Manila Von Teez as her coach totally accounts for why Sivanna looks like a perfect woman. She is hot and absolutely sexy.

Sivanna Is Already Bagging Major Endorsement Deals

With the revelation of his alter ego, Sivanna was not totally accepted by everyone. While some people were loving his new vibes and accepting Sivanna, others did not appreciate this new personality at all. Irrespective of what anyone had to say, Siv Ngesi has made it clear to everyone that Sivanna has come to stay.

Although a lot of people backlashed Siv Ngesi for being an attention seeker and a homosexual who does not want to come out with the truth, a fact Siv Ngesi denies, the LGBTQI+ community only reacted when Sivanna closed a deal with #IcyPark – Beyoncé’s latest Adidas x Ivy Park collection – barely two months after her introduction.

The LGBTQI+ community feels it is unfair for a straight man who is pretending to be a drag queen to close such a deal while there are so many real drag queens in the country who deserve it. In response to the backlash, he told TshisaLIVE that he understands the reason why people are backslashing him. According to him, it was because the whole picture was not communicated, but he wants people to appreciate the drag queen lifestyle as an art in South Africa.

He Insists Siv Ngesi And Sivanna Are Two Different People

Siv Ngesi knows that it may be easy to get confused with both personalities, so he warns that people shouldn’t get twisted. Despite the fact that they are used to seeing him as a man, whenever he wears heels and make-up, they need to understand that he was no longer Siv Ngesi but the drag queen, Sivanna.

On his Instagram handle, he has been able to strike a good balance between Siv Ngesi and Sivanna, unlike most drag queens who, after introducing their other side, never show you pictures of themselves dressed as a man. Siv Ngesi still uploads pictures of himself, the only difference now is that he had to pay the price of losing his beards. So, he still acts in movies and does comedies as a man, while he seals deals as a woman and sometimes a man too.


The fact that he has been able to balance both personalities is really a good thing. The only problem is that the balance is not enough to convince people about his sexuality.

Siv Ngesi Has Set The Record Straight About His Sexuality

Most drag queens are usually gay and as a result, it is hard for people to believe that any drag queen can be straight. This has made it difficult for people to accept that Siv Ngesi is still the heterosexual they have ways believed him to be. On his part, the actor finds it offensive that people want to know if he is homosexual or bisexual. He says nobody really cares when a person is straight, but when he or she becomes homosexual, everyone expects them to come out open to make an announcement.

Thankfully, as offensive as the question was to him, in an interview, he was calm enough to set the records straight. When asked about his sexual orientation, after saying it was his business, he went on to disclose that he is not gay.

He believes that the fact that he is a heterosexual drag queen attracts a lot of attention to him. He thanks those who think they are putting him down by tongue-lashing Sivanna because they have also become her (Sivanna) greatest source of publicity.

Instagram Fans Suspect Siv Ngesi and Nompakamiso Are An Item

Siv Ngesi has never really opened up about who his girlfriend is and this is part of the reason many people believe that he may be gay or bisexual. But on Instagram, he has been posting pictures of himself and a lady known as Nompakamiso with heart-warming captions.

On the 16th of April 2021, he uploaded a picture of both of them having a good time on a boat ride in Cape Town, and in an earlier post, he referred to her as “the bestest in the world.” Although neither of them has confirmed whether or not they are in a romantic relationship, Siv’s Instagram followers already go as far as calling them couple goals and urging them to just get married already.

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