Serge Cabonge Biography: Everything About the International Blesser

Serge Cabonge is a 53-year-old retired blesser and businessman born on April 24th, 1971. He owns an entertainment company called Real Sgubhu International, and he repented from being a blesser in 2021.

Cabonge was thrust into the limelight after his appearance in the eNCA investigative series Checkpoint. He was featured in an episode about ‘blessers’ and was seen splashing dollars on women. Thus, his moniker, ‘International Blesser,’ came about. He used to date about 10 ladies at a time and denied requesting sexual benefits in return for his financial blessings. Serge Cabonge, however, announced calling it quits with the blesser lifestyle in early 2021.

Serge Cabonge’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Serge Cabonge
  • Nickname: International Blesser
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: April 24th, 1971
  • Serge Cabonge’s Age: 53 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: Angolan
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Serge Cabonge’s Ex-wife: Zimasa Dangwana
  • Serge Cabonge’s Children: 1 daughter
  • Serge Cabonge’s Net worth: $1 million – $5 million
  • Famous for: Being a blesser and businessman
  • Serge Cabonge’s Instagram: @thereal_sergecabonge
  • Twitter: @SCabonge
  • Facebook: @SergeCabonge

Where is Serge Cabonge from?

Serge Cabonge is an Angolan citizen. He was born in the country on April 24th, 1971, and is 53 years old. He also grew up in Angola before relocating to South Africa, where he had been based for over a decade. The retired blesser was born into a wealthy family and got accustomed to a lavish lifestyle from a young age.

His father is an Angolan, while his late mother was Congolese. Serge Cabonge lost his mother in the late 2010s. According to his LinkedIn profile, he attended IAE FRANCE – Écoles Universitaires de Management and holds a Master’s in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management.

Serge Cabonge’s Net Worth

Serge Cabonge is said to be worth between $1 million and $5 million. Though he was born into a wealthy family, he has worked hard to sustain his opulent lifestyle. He is a businessman who owns two entertainment companies. He has also hosted many shows across South Africa. In 2017, he co-hosted the International Blesser vs Moreki Party with King Monada at Polokwane Shisa Nyama in Limpopo.

The event, which was reportedly emceed by Khanyi Mbau, had performances by several artists, including Kwela Tebza, DJ Sumbody, King Bash, Jahbza, and Ali. Over the years, Serge Cabonge has shown off his wealth through extravagant spending on women and the finer things in life. In August 2018, he was interviewed on SABC’s Morning Live Show and he gifted the crew approximately $1,000 (R14,000).

Later in May 2023, after he was acquitted of reckless and negligent driving, fraud and bribery charges leveled against him by the police, the 53-year-old celebrated his court case victory by spending about R60,000 on alcohol at Room 130 Bar in Sandton. Together with his female friend, he ordered Champagne, which accrued R59,790 in total cost. He also gave his friend, Kenny Kunene, a bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne sold for over R2,000 during his surprise birthday in October 2017.

As a blesser, Serge Cabonge has taken young women on extravagant trips to Dubai in addition to buying expensive gifts and renting apartments for them. He asserted that he didn’t choose to be a blesser, but God appointed him and blessed him to be a blesser.

Serge Cabonge’s Company

Serge Cabonge is the owner of Real Sgubhu International and The After-Party Company. His media companies are into artist management, booking, and TV show production, to mention a few. In February 2016, he traveled to the United States to seal deals for his companies. As a renowned artist and talent scout in Mzansi, Serge Cabonge has done business with big names in the American music industry.

He also has invited some of the artists to perform in South Africa. He attended the 2016 Grammy Awards and had business meetings with Snoop Dogg, Boy II Men, comedian Antony Anderson, and actress Phylicia Rashad. Cabonge was hosted in Beverley Hills by Max Gousse, then-chief executive of Artistry Worldwide – a talent management company that has worked with Beyonce.

Through his company, Real Sgubhu International, he has sponsored reality shows mainly overseas and equally sponsored events across SA. In June 2017, Cabonge revealed that he was shooting his own reality show that would focus on his life as a blesser. Although he intended to correct the misconceptions about his kind of lifestyle as a blesser, the project didn’t come to life before he repented from the lifestyle.

Besides featuring in eNCA’s Checkpoint as a blesser, Serge Cabonge appeared in the TV documentary MTV Shuga: In Real Life. Following his exploits in the entertainment scene, the businessman was invited to host the annual Sixth Nollywood and African Film Critics Awards at Glendale in the United States on November 19, 2016.

Why Serge Cabonge Retired from Being a Blesser

On Podcast and Chill with MacG, Serge Cbonge revealed to MacGyver Mukwevho that he had decided to call it quits with his blesser lifestyle because he was tired of the game, which he started to entertain the public. Before he announced his retirement in February 2021, Serge was one of the most high-profile blessers in South Africa.

Among the reasons he decided to quit the lifestyle was to have a positive influence on his daughter. He said he doesn’t want to introduce her to different women and would love to be a good example to her. His newly developed respect for women also motivated his change of ways. Consequently, the Angolan South African-based businessman has discarded his moniker, ‘The International Blesser’ and wants to be called only by his birthnames.

He also revealed on the podcast that he had once been jailed for seven years on charges of money laundering. Having made staggering wealth, Serge didn’t like keeping his money in the bank. Hence, he had a safe at home where he stored his cash. However, after he broke up with one of the girls he was dating, she gave the information to the police and he was arrested for money laundering.

Does Serge Cabonge Have a Wife?

Serge Cabonge was reportedly married to Zimasa Dangwana. The two stayed together for nine years before they separated in 2019 based on allegations of cheating. Serge Cabonge alleged that City of Johannesburg official Ruskin Nkondo had an affair with his wife after he contacted him to help get her a job.

Zimasa, on the other hand, claimed she never cheated on anyone, rather their relationship got strained after Serge stayed in the US with a slay queen for more than one month. Following the accusation, Serge Cabonge moved out of their matrimonial home.

In early 2021, he disclosed that he was looking for a soulmate who would love him unconditionally and also help him raise his daughter. Later in November 2021, he was reported to have found love in the arms of Enhle Mbali Mathebula, a celebrity fitness trainer.

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