Murdah Bongz’s House and Cars

Murda Bongz and his wife, DJ Zinhle, jointly own their house. He also has a multimillion collection of exotic cars, including a Porsche Taycan, a Shelby Cobra 427, and a Royce Rolls Ghost.

Robert Bongani Mohosana, better known by his stage name Bongz, is a successful South African musician with a sizable fortune. He has a long history of being photographed driving high-end vehicles, dating back to his early days in the entertainment business. It is hard to estimate how many vehicles he individually owns.

Where is Murdah Bongz House Located?

Murdah Bongz’s home’s precise location is currently unknown to the media. Being a successful artist, it is expected that his home would be in one of the most prestigious areas in the nation.

Bongz and his wife jointly own the mansion. DJ Zinhle stated that she and her husband have been saving money together since they did not want to take out a loan in order to fully develop the property.

She revealed that one of the steps Murdah took to make sure they had enough money for the flat was to reduce his travel expenses. The spectacular performer has not been touring with his group.

The fact that the couple hasn’t legally declared their home finished suggests that the building project is still in progress.

The House Pictures DJ Zinhle Recently Shared Online Could Possibly be the Couple’s New House

DJ Zinhle uploaded several images and videos of a recently constructed flat on her Instagram story sometime in May 2023, which piqued the interest of her followers.

Although she never revealed that the elegant structure was the home she and her husband were building, many people were certain it was because of what they could see in the pictures.

Her children were seen playing in one of the videos, which also showed a section of the house being painted.

It is currently impossible to estimate the property’s value because the celebrity power couple owners haven’t made public comments about it.

DJ Zinhle and her husband’s house is opulent and elegant, as can be seen in the videos the former shared online. Evidently, the luxurious flat speaks volumes about what makes it unique from ordinary people’s residences.

The sophisticated ultramodern residence contains several rooms and opulent architectural designs, but the majority of its amenities have not yet been made available to the public.

Murdah Bongz Cars

Although it is difficult to determine the precise number of vehicles owned by Murdah Bongz, one aspect of his collection that stands out is the sheer amount of German vehicles. Here are the known brands of cars in his garage.

1. Porsche Taycan 

Porsche is a German electric automobile with shooting brakes. Bongz’s Porsche Taycan is worth R3.2 million. It is one of his favorite cars.

The vehicle has two AC synchronous electric motors, with the front 8.05:1 for a 1-speed direct drive gearbox and the back 16:1 and 8.05:1 for a 2-speed automatic gearbox. Its 79.2 kWh battery is 71.0 kWh useable. Lithium-ion batteries that are cooled by liquid.

2. Cobra Shelby Convertible

The South African performer recently added a Cobra 427 S/C Convertible to his impressive car collection. The vehicle is a fantastic example of a Shelby sports car. It has two doors, a front-mounted engine, and rear wheels that get power from the engine. The worth of the car and when exactly he purchased it is not public knowledge.

3. Rolls Royce Ghost

DJ Zinhle’s husband also has a Rolls Royce Ghost worth over R2 million. This exotic car The automobile has the same 6.7-litre V-12 engine as the Cullinan SUV, which produces 563 horsepower.

4. 1932 Ford Deuce Coupe

Murdah once shared a picture of himself and this red exotic car. The 1932 Ford Deuce Coupe is a historical relic that has attained fame, longevity, and international recognition. He’s hardly seen in the car.

Image Source

5. Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender was one of the cars Bongz used to drive many years ago. He has been in the car for a long time now.

Murdah Bongz’s House and Cars
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6. Mercedes G Wagon

Murdah owns a Mercedes G Wagon, which he claims belongs to him after a lot of people insinuated that he borrowed the car from someone. This came after he was caught overspeeding in the vehicle in 2021 with his daughter in it.

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People insinuated that he drove recklessly, probably because he was not the one who bought the car. But he quickly defended himself and the fact that he has what it takes to acquire such a luxury car.

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