Lucky Gumbi Biography: Who Is He and How Did He Get Rich?

Lucky Gumbi (born 1982) is a 42 years old South African businessman best known for appearing in the polygamy-themed lifestyle reality TV show, The Gumbis. He is a serial entrepreneur with business interests in mining, coal transportation, and construction. 

Gumbi is a polygamist with two beautiful wives and four children. His family was thrust into the public eye for the first time in 2020 when their reality show hit the screens. Ever since then, their lives have become subjects of interest among the public.

Summary of Lucky Gumbi’s Biography

  • Full Name: Lucky Gumbi
  • Gender: Male
  • Year of Birth: 1982
  • Lucky Gumbi’s Age: 42 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South Africa
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Lucky Gumbi’s Wives: Bayede Cebekhulu Gumbi and Nombuso Malinga Gumbi
  • Lucky Gumbi’s Children: 4
  • Lucky Gumbi’s Net Worth: $5 million
  • Famous for: The Reality Show – The Gumbis
  • Lucky Gumbi’s Instagram: thesomk_zn

What is Lucky Gumbi’s Age?

Lucky Gumbi is 42 years old. He was born in 1982 in Jozini, KwaZulu-Natal province, into a lower-class family. He was, however, raised in a town on the north coast of the province called Mtubatuba. The businessman lost his father at a young age, which resulted in his mother struggling to cater to him and his siblings.

His early life was not characterized by riches. Their condition was so bad that they went to bed some days on empty stomachs. Lucky swore to change his family’s condition while growing up, and today his dream has finally come to a realization.

The successful businessman had his elementary and high school studies in KwaZulu-Natal. However, it’s unclear if he went to college.

Lucky Gumbi’s Net Worth

The Jozini-born serial entrepreneur has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He is currently one of the richest men in his region. Lucky has flourishing businesses that have contributed immensely to the growth of his brand and empire.

The entirely self-made businessman’s success in the business world can be attributed to perseverance in his journey to greatness. He is a major inspiration to the younger generation, especially those with a keen interest in the business sector.

How Did Lucky Gumbi Get Rich?

Lucky Gumbi is a typical example of a black success story, having risen from a humble beginning to one of the most powerful forces to reckon with in the business world. While there is no clear historical account of how Gumbi made his wealth, we can establish that his journey to greatness was not all rosy.

The story goes that he had trials and tribulations that gave him the confidence and perspective that helped him build his empire.

Lucky Gumbi’s Businesses

Lucky Gumbi is a mining magnate, constructor, coal transporter, and recently a reality TV star. Further information about the father of four’s thriving businesses may be off the radar of the media, but his latest business venture (reality TV show) is not.

The businessman launched his family’s reality show in 2020 during the lockdown. Giving producers the green light to produce the show was initially difficult for Lucky since he is a private individual.

However, he later gave in in order to inspire people and prove that one can actually achieve so much success with little or nothing. Producers started chasing Lucky for his signature to start a reality TV after the business trended for spending a whooping R26,000 on his second wife’s bridal shower.

His popularity even soared after it emerged that he spent R4 million on a lavish wedding with his second wife. The polygamist eventually gave SABC permission to film the show.

Mr. Gumbi makes millions from the polygamy-themed reality show, but the exact amount is not public knowledge. The show pulls in over a million viewers each day it airs.

Lucky Gumbi’s House

Lucky Gumbi has properties scattered across the country, but only two of his houses are known publicly. The businessman owns mansions in two towns in KwaZulu-Natal province – Ballito and Richards Bay.

The exact amount and periods he acquired the properties are not available for public consumption. The wives of the businessman also live in separate houses. He revealed this while emphasizing that he didn’t start his reality show to flaunt his wealth or intimidate people.

Lucky Gumbi’s Cars

It is difficult to tell the exact number of exotic cars in Lucky Gumbi’s garage. However, one could tell that he has more than five luxury cars, as seen from the intro song of his reality show.

We are not sure if all the cars are registered in his name. His two wives also move around in flashy cars, although the brands of cars they respective drive are not public knowledge.

Lucky Gumbi reportedly has about two Mercedes Benz G-class, a BMW i8, a Bentley, one of the latest Range Rover SUVs, a BMW lumma, and a Volkswagen SUV latest golf.

How Many Wives Does Lucky Gumbi Have?

The mining mogul is married to two beautiful women named Bayede Cebekhulu Gumbi and Nombuso Malinga Gumbi. Bayede is his first wife, while Nombuso is his latest wife. Gumbi is 8 years older than the former and 14 years older than the former.

The South African contractor shares four grownup kids with Bayede. He got married to Nombuso in 2018 in a lavish wedding that was graced by prominent people in the country. His latest wife has not given birth to her own children.

In the reality show, the business disclosed that he is currently happy with his union with his wives but would likely marry more women in the future. This decision, he claimed, was made known to his two wives before marriage.

Lucky further stated that his decision to marry another wife was not for the sake of children because he is comfortable with the number of kids he has. He revealed that the real reason he entered into a second marriage was that he needed another woman who would help manage his business empire.

The Gumbis follows the businessman and his two wives in their bid to maintain their unique family values, first-class status, six-figure bank balances, and personal identity.

Viewers of the reality series viewers are treated to lovely scenes from the rural to the urban area, first-world to the developing world, and more.

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