How Bob Mabena’s Wife Eucharist Hadebe Is Faring Since His Demise

It is difficult to fathom what it must be like for Eucharist Hadebe to grieve her beloved husband’s death, considering that they both were deeply in love and fond of each other before the painful and shocking demise of Bob Mabena.

Bob, in his days, meant a lot to the people as he was one of the country’s most beloved DJs and TV personalities. Losing the man Eucharist pledged her life to have been the most devastating experience she has ever experienced. Right now, she is gradually healing from the tragic blow, and all the credit goes to the overwhelming love and support she has received from her loved ones.

Eucharist Hadebe’s Relationship With Bob Mabena Brought Her Into the Limelight

When it comes to fame, some couples share the same level of success. For Eucharist Hadebe and her late husband, the former became well-known in the public space after she was seen hanging out with Bob.

Though Eucharist was doing well in business before her relationship with Bob became public knowledge, she became more successful and prominent through her relationship with him. At the time of their marriage, Bob was already enjoying a nice amount of fame, which contributed to Hadebe’s overnight popularity.

Eucharist’s career saw a significant positive turn after her connection with her man as he was a huge inspiration and support to her and everyone in the family.

She Is An Established Businesswoman

Eucharist Hadebe was born to South African parents whose identities are yet to be divulged. There is no available information about her birth details, early life, and life before fame, and it appears she is not ready to talk about these aspects of her personal life publicly.

Besides being known as the wife of the late Bob Mabena, she is also known to some people as a successful businesswoman with years of experience in the beauty and cosmetics line. Hadebe is the founder and director of Hai Cosmetics (Pty)Ltd. Also, she is currently the HR & Office Manager at MRC Management Services. She has been with the company for years, but it is unknown if she worked there by the time her path first crossed with Bob’s.

Nothing about Eucharist’s business has changed since her husband’s demise, at least from what the media knows. She hasn’t left her beauty and cosmetics business for another business line, and there are no signs she plans to do so anytime soon.

Furthermore, it is unknown if Bob’s widow has other income sources through which she makes her money. Being someone who cherishes her privacy, she prefers keeping every detail about her occupation under the wraps and away from the curious public.

Bob’s Shocking Demise Cut Eucharist Hadebe’s Marriage Short

Eucharist and Bob fell in love after the late DJ’s failed marriage to his ex-wife Zandile Nzalo. The two eventually got married in a grand wedding ceremony that took place in South Africa in 2015. Their short-lived marriage was wonderful in all ramifications while it lasted. The two were long-term friends before they eventually decided to take their relationship to the next level.

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Eucharist had a son for her late husband before his demise. The younger Mabena was born in 2016, a year after they got married. Like most parents would do, Hadebe is very protective of her son and family at large. She doesn’t talk about her son in public, neither does she share his pictures regularly.

Bob Mabena Died In 2020 At The Age Of 51

It all started on Friday 7, 2020, when Bob fell ill and was told the next day by his doctor to go to the hospital for treatments. The legendary DJ obliged and later spent that day and the next day in hospital receiving treatment. True to the doctors’ words, Bob Mabena was discharged on Monday morning, being on August 10, 2020.

Sadly, things took a turn for the worse after leaving the hospital premises and was on his way home. It was reported that the legendary DJ stopped breathing while his wife Eucharist was driving him home from the hospital. Upon noticing the ugly development, she made some calls, and she was told to take him back to the hospital immediately.

How Bob Mabena’s Wife Eucharist Hadebe Is Faring Since His Demise
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She immediately took him back to the hospital, and the doctors spent the next two hours trying to resuscitate him. Unfortunately, it was confirmed by the doctors that Bob Mabena had passed from cardiac arrest. According to reports, the Pretoria-born star was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness at the age of 48. The illness had required him to maintain a healthy diet and also exercise a lot.

Where Is Eucharist Hadebe Now?

Losing a loved one is one of the most devastating experiences anyone can go through. In the case of Eucharist Hadebe, the story is the same. Bob’s death left her feeling her whole world has crumbled before her very own eyes, and we totally understand why.

The two were very close to each other and shared priceless moments while their short-lived marriage lasted. The businesswoman is gradually coming to terms with her husband’s passing, even though life without her man beside her has never been the same since the day he drew his last breath.

Mabena’s widow hasn’t spoken much nor made much public appearance since he was laid to rest. She is taking her time to mourn her beloved husband while believing that she would come out stronger than she was. Though her loss is so painful, many people believe her grief can also inspire courage, hope, and a light at the end of the tunnel, not just to her but to everyone who loved Bob and everything he represented.

As mentioned earlier, Eucharist is still healing. When the time is right, she would address certain issues and also put some records straight. It is also expected that she continues from where her husband stops, especially carrying his vision and mandate along.

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