Gorgeous Mbali Biography: Who Is the Influencer?

Gorgeous Mbali is a South African businesswoman and social media influencer who was born on the 1st of June. 

Though a household name now in the beauty industry, Mbali did not become one easily. She has an inspiring breakout story that is worth telling. She is a constant reminder that you can start anything and excel at it with persistence and hard work. In her few years in the industry, Gorgeous has seen tremendous success in her business, as it has gradually started paying off.

Summary of Gorgeous Mbali’s Biography

  • Full name: Mbali Sebapu
  • Nickname: Gorgeous Mbali
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: June 1
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Gorgeous Mbali’s Net worth: R10 million Rand
  • Famous for: Being the CEO of Hermosa Flor
  • Gorgeous Mbali’s Instagram: gorgeous_mbali
  • Facebook: Gorgeous Mbali

How Old Is Gorgeous Mbali?

Gorgeous Mbali was born on the first day of June in Soshanguve, Pretoria in Gauteng province, South Africa. She hasn’t publicly disclosed the exact year she was born, as well as information about her background and the identities of her family members.

The businesswoman spent most of her early life in Soshanguve. Upon completing her elementary and high school, she was admitted to Stellenbosch University to further her studies.

While studying at the university, she had degree modules like contract law, business law, leadership, employee wellness, ethics, and personnel psychology; all of which she put into practice in her business.

Her birth name is Mbali Sebapu. It’s not known how she got her nickname and when exactly she started using it.

She is a Social Media Influencer and Succesful Entrepreneur

Gorgeous Mbali is a social media influencer and accomplished businesswoman. Before becoming all of this, she worked with the SA Navy (SANDF) for 10 years. She started making decent earnings as a social media influence while serving.

When she finally realized that it was time to follow her passion for beauty and makeup, and that she was making a substantial income from promoting brands, she started saving up with the aim of leaving the force and establishing a business she could call her own.

The Soshanguave-born star eventually left the force in 2019 after saving up enough money and adding her pension fund towards the establishment of the business.

Mbali, who has always been passionate about makeup from a young age, was motivated to start her beauty business after a lot of people found her makeup and fashion sense interesting.

Following consultations, research, and the establishment of an online presence, she officially launched Hermosa Flor Cosmetics and her products range from lipstick to gloss, to eyeshadow palettes, a highlighter palette, and more.

Gorgeous has also launched a jewelry line called Angela and a lot of celebrities have been seen wearing her products. She hopes to work with more brands and open more walk-in centers for her products for the growth of her business.

Mbali’s cosmetic business has started paying off and has so far won two enviable awards. On 17 May 2022, her business won a prestigious award as the African-owned & most polished beauty & cosmetics brand in Eastern and Southern Africa at the Consumer Choice Awards Africa.

Hermosa Flor was also awarded the best beauty brand at the Youth Owned Brand Awards @top16yoba on June 16, 2022.

The businesswoman’s hard work and consistency have also opened more opportunities for her in the industry. On June 27th, 2023, she announced that she had joined Brand South Africa (the Official Custodian of South Africa’s Nation Brand) as a Play Your Part ambassador. Some of the products she has promoted include Lambent Glows.

Gorgeous Mbali’s Boyfriend

Right now, Gorgeous is involved in a discreet romantic relationship. Although she has made hints that she is seeing someone, she has not officially made her boyfriend’s identity public. She is also known to have had prior relationships, albeit not all of them are public knowledge.

Nsovo Mashaba, a business titan in the hospitality industry, was one of the men she has been linked to. The two were said to be engaged in 2022, but none of them has officially affirmed or refuted the rumor.

Nsovo, popularly called Sovo, was seen on several occasions with Mbali in late 2022 but the two haven’t been spotted together lately which has left a lot of people wondering if they are still together.

Not much is known about their relationship, including when and where they met and how long they’ve been together. On Mbali’s birthday, Nsovo penned a heartwarming birthday message to her, revealing that they started dating in their 20s and have been going strong even now they are in their early 30s.

The businessman is an alleged serial dater following his rumored involvements with so many high-class women in the country.

Gorgeous Mbali’s Net Worth

The Soshanguave-born businesswoman’s net worth is estimated at R10 million. Judging by the success and milestones she has achieved in her business lately, Mbali’s net worth could be higher than that. 

Gorgeous made a bigger part of her wealth from her beauty business as well as from promoting the goods and services of businesses on her Instagram page.

She recently acquired a luxury car – a Mercedes Benz V250 Bluetech. This is in addition to other exotic cars that she owns, including a fleet of BMW.

Did Gorgeous Mbali Have Surgery?

In 2020, Gorgeous underwent Pterygium surgery. She was in discomfort and had red eyes for a few days after the 2-hour procedure. After repeated medical examinations and medication prescribed by her doctor, she gradually made a full recovery.

The main cause of pterygium, a raised, fleshy, triangular growth on someone’s conjunctiva of the eye, is prolonged exposure to UV light.

It’s unclear if the businesswoman underwent plastic surgery as she hasn’t specifically stated it. Her supporters think she genuinely underwent surgery to get her ripped physique, though.

The majority of them have criticized Mbali and urged her on numerous occasions to reveal how she got her attractive curves. They are of the opinion that the businesswoman could not have acquired such a stunning physique by merely going to the gym.

These fans have urged her to be open about how she achieved her body, but she has not responded to the suggestion.

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