Find Out Killer Kau’s Real Name, Age and Who His Girlfriend Is

When the universe decides to smile on you, “impossible” becomes non-existent. South African musical talent Sakhile Hlatshwayo, popularly known as Killer Kau, received such a smile in 2017 as his music career skyrocketed. As a schoolboy and with no good record label to back up his debut song “Tholukuthi Hey!”, the track went viral across the whole of South Africa, so much so that a lot of people enjoyed the song without knowing the singer’s real name.

Away from his career as a musician, the 23-year-old hitmaker has also been lucky in his relationship. The success of his song made him a basic point of interest for a lot of girls. However, it seems the young man is taken by a lady who he does not seem to be leaving anytime soon.

Profile Summary of Killer Kau

  • Real Name: Sakhile Hlatshwayo
  • Stage Name: Killer Kau
  • Age: 23
  • Year of Birth: 1998
  • Place of Birth: Soweto, South Africa
  • Nationality: South African
  • Relationship Status: Dating
  • Occupation: Singer, Dancer, and Record Producer
  • Record Label: Feel Good Music

Killer Kau’s Real Name is Sakhile Hlatshwayo

Killer Kau, whose real name is Sakhile Hlatshwayo, was born in 1998 in Soweto. His exact date of birth is not yet known even though that may soon change given how popular he is becoming. It may come as a surprise to some but the “Tholukuthi Hey!” hitmaker grew up in church and was a member of a choir where he sang Baritone. He may have become popular for singing secular music but he was also a member of the African Heavenly Soul Singers male choir.

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Kau’s rise to fame was totally not expected. It is true that he has been interested in music but he didn’t have to struggle so hard to become as famous as he is now. His success story is totally a result of grace.

As a Grade 11 student at Lavela Secondary School in Zola who had a natural flair for music, he made a silly video of himself and his friends playing around with one of his songs and uploaded it on his WhatsApp status. His contacts watched the video, loved it, and requested it so they could repost it. Just like that, the video went viral and caught the attention of top South African disc jockey, DJ Euphonik.

In less than 24 hours after his video went viral, DJ Euphonik linked with Sakhile Hlatshwayo and Mbali Sikwane and they produced the song that came to be known as “Tholukuti Hey!” which became a major hit and brought Killer Kau to fame.

The exact way Sakhile got his stage name of Killer Kau is not really known, but he made his first appearance with the name at the 17th annual Spring Jump Off Festival in 2017. Killer Kau’s success is proof that social media has made it much easier for a lot of people to become famous.

Killer Kau is in A Relationship with an Older Lady

As of 2017, when Killer Kau got famous as a high school boy, his girlfriend was already in her final year at the university. Although her exact age is not known, it can be estimated that she is older than him by more than five years.

Despite the age difference, Killer Kau feels loyal to his girlfriend and has always made it known that he is in a relationship with someone who is older than him. They have been in a relationship for about nine years now, and he tries to keep her identity as well as information about his relationship private, for reasons best known to himself. According to Killer Kau, he loves his girlfriend and he trusts her so much as he believes the feeling is mutual between them. He is determined not to let his fame get in the way of his relationship and so far, we can agree that he is doing just that.

The Success of His First Song Made A Lot Of Girls Develop Interest In Him

The fact that Killer Kau got famous while he was still in high school did not stop him from experiencing what most male celebrities experience. His overnight success suddenly sparked off interest for him in the heart of so many young ladies, some of which were his schoolmates.

According to the young star, they started flooding his DM with a lot of messages hoping that he would give in to their advances. This should not have been a surprise to him because everyone wants to associate with some level of success. Unfortunately for them, he is not interested because someone had already captured his heart even before he became famous.

He is open to his girlfriend about all the ladies who make advances at him and allows her to read their messages, so she is totally aware of everything. Hopefully, with time he will make his relationship more open, and officially introduce his girlfriend to fans who are waiting patiently for that.

At The Age Of 23, His Career is Still Bubbling

Killer Kau is undeniably a very lucky man as he has experienced all-around success since his rise to fame. With just 26.1k subscribers on YouTube, some of his videos have gotten over 500k views and the official video of his song “Kataliya” has hit 1.2 million views in just 11 months of uploading it.

Some of Killer Kau’s songs that you should absolutely check out include:

  • Kataliya
  • Tholukuthi Hey!
  • Lebanta
  • Aba Gwi
  • Banda Mpo
  • Kude
  • Koba
  • Heineken
  • Sandton
  • Smea

He has also been nominated for Record of the Year at the South African Music Awards (SAMA). Hopefully, in his next nomination, he will be an award winner.

Killer Kau Has Not Let Fame Get In The Way of His Education

Just like he didn’t let his fame get in the way of his relationship, Killer Kau also did not let it disrupt his academics. After he got famous, a lot of people thought it was going to affect his academics. He, however, proved all of such people wrong when he successfully completed high school and earned a bachelor’s certificate pass in matric. This made him very happy because he knew that a lot of people were expecting him to fail.

Killer Kau

According to him, people thought that the only thing he does is to attend parties and concerts. This gave him no option but to pass since he knew that a lot of people are interested in knowing his results.

Being someone who had to juggle both career and academics at the same time, he took extra steps to remain at the top of his game academically. He tried to study ahead of the class and attended classes as much as possible.

When it was time for his final exams, Killer Kau stopped everything about music and focused on his academics until he finished. And fortunately for him, his hard work paid off. He does not take his academics for granted as he desires to study law at a South African University.

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