Bhuti Omdala Biography, Age and Wife

Bhuti Omdala is a 18-year-old digital creator and social media influencer born on December 10th, 2005. Bhuti, whose real name is Nhlanhla, is well-known for his TikTok videos and is not yet married.

Omdala is a social media content creator who is sometimes taken for the character of Mondli Makhoba in The Wife – Nkosana Zulu aka Bhut’ Omdala. He followed in the footsteps of his elder brother, professionally known as Shoden, to become a social media personality. Bhuti Omdala is gradually building a brand in the entertainment industry as he now works as an influencer and music artist.

Bhuti Omdala’s Biography Summary

  • Real name: Nhlanhla
  • Nickname: Bhuti Omdala
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: December 10th, 2005
  • Bhuti Omdala’s Age: 18 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Bhuti Omdala’s Parents: Oledi (late mother)
  • Siblings: Two brothers
  • Bhuti Omdala’s Net worth: R100,000+
  • Famous for: His creative content on TikTok and YouTube
  • Bhuti Omdala’s Instagram: @bhuti.omdala
  • Facebook: @BhutiOmdala(Shorty)
  • TikTok: @bhutiomdala
  • YouTube: @bhutiomdala

How Old Is Bhuti Omdala?

Bhuti Omdala is 18 years old. He was born in Pretoria, South Africa on December 10th, 2005. His Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. The young star got his fans shocked when he disclosed his age during an interview on Khaya FM Breakfast Show on December 9th, 2022.

He revealed on the show that he would be celebrating his 17th birthday the next day and the presenters, Sammy T and Sol Phenduka, were stunned upon hearing Bhuti Omdala’s real age. Taking to the comment section of the YouTube broadcast, many South Africans were in disbelief of Omdala’s real age as they thought he was only a kid.

What is Bhuti Omdala’s Real Name?

Bhuti Omdala’s real name is Nhlanhla. While interviewed on Khaya FM, the eminent digital creator was asked about his real name which he disclosed, alongside his age. He also talked about his future plans to act and play soccer if the opportunity comes his way. Since April 2022, Bhuti Omdala has been dominating the online space as his videos have gone viral.

Bhuti Omdala’s Family Members

Bhuti Omdala has two brothers. His elder brother, Shoden, is a content creator and also works as a music artist, songwriter, and dancer. He has played a pivotal role in his younger brother’s success in digital content creation. On Mother’s Day in May 2023, the two paid tribute to their late mother, Oledi, who passed away 10 years or 12 years ago.

The brothers released a track titled ‘MAMA’ featuring Ndalo The Vocalist & Kay Silva. The song was about them telling their late mother how life has been for them and equally, their desire to prosper and be successful someday. In some of his YouTube videos, Bhuti can be seen with his other family members.

Which School Does Bhuti Omdala Attend?

TikTok star, Bhuti Omdala, attends Khanya Lesedi High School. He is currently in Grade 11 and was promoted to the new class in December 2022. He previously went to MEL International School. Oftentimes, he can be spotted in his videos rocking his school uniform and sometimes making videos within the school premises.

In November 2022, a video of Bhuti showing off incredible dance moves wearing his school uniform circulated online and gained more than 3.7 million views. He decided to entertain his fans with his upbeat personality before heading to school and his charismatic trait was spot on in the video.

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Bhuti Omdala Began His Career as a Digital Creator in April 2022

Nhlanhla’s talent was discovered by his elder brother when he featured him in a video in April 2022. He then coached him on how to create entertaining content on social media and has been part of his journey since then. While Bhuti Omdala is widely known for the content he posts on TikTok, he is also very much active on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

His TikTok account (@bhutiomdala) boasts more than 613K followers and he has shared over 210 videos on the platform that have garnered over 74 million views. The internet sensation joined YouTube on November 15th, 2022 and now his channel has more than 7.73K subscribers. Interestingly, his over 20 videos have attained more than 349K views.

Then on Instagram, Bhuti Omdala’s account (@bhuti.omdala) has over 490K followers although he has only shared 31 posts. On the other hand, his Facebook page (@BhutiOmdala(Shorty)), which he created in October 2022, has attracted more than 4.4K followers. It’s undeniable that Omdala has a special love for amapiano music which gets him dancing to amapiano songs in most of his videos.

And his amazing dance routines have helped him attract many followers on social media platforms. Though the 18-year-old has a few brands he works with as an influencer, he still faces the challenge of getting underrated by top brands who think that someone as young as he is cannot be of a good marketing value to them.

Bhuti Omdala’s Social Media Handles

  • Instagram: @bhuti.omdala
  • Facebook: @BhutiOmdala(Shorty)
  • YouTube: @bhutiomdala
  • TikTok: @bhutiomdala

Bhuti Omdala’s Music Career

In addition to showing off his dancing skills, Bhuti Omdala is very popular for his singing talent. He sings Amapiano music in some of his videos. However, he decided to expand his horizon by embarking on a musical journey. He collaborated with Killorbeezbeatz to release his first single, ‘Ah Bhuti Omdala’ in November 2022.

Later in May 2023, he worked together with Shoden to drop a song titled ‘MAMA’ featuring Kay Silva and Ndalo The Vocalist. The young star hopes to release more tracks in the future.

Who Is Bhuti Omdala’s Wife?

Bhuti Omdala is not married. He is still a high school student who is focused on exploring his artistic talents. Nevertheless, the youngster might have a girlfriend as he shared a video on YouTube in June 2023 with the title, ‘Took Her Out On a Date. It’s Our 10th Year Since We’ve Been Friends’. In the video, he was spotted with his high school friend whom he had a date with.

Bhuti Omdala’s Condition

In Kaya FM’s interview with Bhuti Omdala, his manager revealed that he was born with a genetic disorder called Achondroplasia. The condition is the most common form of short-limbed dwarfism. Hence, all the people with achondroplasia have short stature. Sadly, there is no cure for the genetic disorder.

Due to his stature, Bhuti Omdala often faces bullying in school and his environment. However, he has picked up motivation from his Russian colleague, Hasbulla who also has the same genetic condition. The popular TikToker is Omdala’s major career influence and he showed him love by calling him his twin, sharing a photo of them both on Twitter in March 2023. Hasbulla also said that he would love to give Bhuti Omdala his officially licensed merchandise.

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