Archbishop Makgoba: 4 Reasons Why BLF Believes He’s Serving Satan

Archbishop Makgoba born on the 15th day of December 1960 as Thabo Cecil Makgoba is the South African Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town. He has severally kicked against the leadership of President Zuma and the poor state of affairs in the country.

He recently urged the new leadership of the country’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC) to get rid of Mr. Zuma as the President of the country. In his Christmas sermon, the Archbishop asked the new President of the ANC, Cyril Ramaphosa, to give the ruling party a new lease of life by cutting the umbilical cord which ties the party to the Zuma era.

Excerpts from the sermon said: “…Cyril Ramaphosa promised us that his party will be more responsive and more accountable to us…he told us that the ANC will act against corruption, collusion, and other economic crimes, whether they be in the private or public sector. Most importantly, he told us that the people of South Africa want action, not words.

“Whether he acknowledges it or not, he knows and we know that means he has to act in the matter of President Zuma. He knows and we know that President Zuma and his cohorts of corruption have been behaving as if they own the South African Treasury. But they don’t; the resources of the Treasury are the common property of all South Africans, to be deployed for the common good, not for the interests of a few. Shame on Mr Zuma for allowing people with dirty feet to walk through his mind and heart. And shame on his fellow leaders in the ANC for allowing him to get away with it until now…”

For this and other reasons, the Black First Land First (BLF) movement proclaimed Archbishop Makgoba Devil’s servant. The party described Makgoba as an evil man masquerading as a man of God. “The devil in pious robes is what defines the Archbishop of the colonial Anglican Church…(his) duplicity knows no boundaries…he is a servant of Satan himself,” stated the party.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why BLF announced the man of God a servant of Satan.

1. He’s Been Serving The Evil Agenda Of White Monopoly Capital 

You can’t get BLF to change its mind about this, the party is convinced that Archbishop Makgobo is the embodiment of the Pharisees who Jesus Christ sjamboked out of the holy temple. BLF believes Makgobo has sinned against the One True God and against the souls of the Marikana workers through his serving of the evil agenda of white monopoly capital.

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According to the party, the Archbishop is evil and has no shame about his efforts in preventing the alleviation of the pain of Marikana workers using the holy church. Apparently, the Archbishop has been abusing the pulpit in order to advance the evil agenda of white monopoly capital under the direction of the “Stellenbosch Mafia king, Johann Rupert.”

2. He Allowed White-owned Steinhoff Disappear With Pensions’ R17 Billion

The revolutionary socialist party wants South Africans to stop believing that the Archbishop is fighting against corruption. To the party, he isn’t. They believe that if he actually was fighting corruption, he wouldn’t have been silent on the biggest corruption of 2017 when the white-owned Steinhoff took away R17 billion from the pensions of our people?

“Where is the voice of Makgoba when Pravin Gordhan and his friends fleece R4.5 billion from Treasury? Where is the voice of the man of God on on-going mass evictions of the poor and landless from farms and cities?” Asked BLF.

3. He’s Chosen The Side Of Racist White Farmers

Here, Andile Mngxitama’s party stressed that Archbishop Makgoba is a friend and servant of white monopoly capital thus, they aren’t surprised that he has chosen the side of “the racist white farmers against the people.”

4. He’s Striving To Effect A Coup Against President Zuma

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In a manner corresponding with the foregoing, BLF explained that handlers of the Archbishop are impatient about getting rid of Jacob Zuma so that they can slaughter his radical economic transformation plans like the workers of Marikana.

Having said that, the party warned against the “evil attempt to effect a coup against President Zuma by agents of white monopoly capital” saying the pressing need of the people isn’t regime change. “Our people want land expropriation without compensation… (they) want to share in the mineral rights of our country. We want the implementation of the announced free education. We want the reserve bank nationalized. These are the pressing needs…”

Above all, the movement called on South Africans “to pray for Archbishop Makgoba to repent of his evil ways and to ask for the Lord’s mercy.”

“Our nation is tired of evil men masquerading as servants of God. The agenda of white monopoly capital is evil and must be rejected by all righteous people. We say no to a coup in South Africa,” charged the party.

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