Andile Gaelesiwe Biography, Age and the Truth About Her Husband?

Andile Gaelesiwe is a 50-year-old South African television presenter, Kwaito singer/songwriter, and sexual rights campaigner born on September 13th, 1973. She is not married currently. 

Gaelesiwe started a music career in her early 20s before becoming widely renowned as the host of the SABC1 docu-reality series Khumbul’ekhaya. She has been a part of the show since 2006 and has had a great influence on people’s lives.

Summary of Andile Gaelesiwe’s Biography

  • Full name: Andile Gaelesiwe
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: September 13, 1973
  • Andile Gaelesiwe’s Age: 50 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Andile Gaelesiwe’s Ex-Husband: Udo Carlese
  • Andile Gaelesiwe’s Parents: Philemon Mofokeng (biological father), Dibetlela Gaelesiwe (step-father)
  • Siblings: 1
  • Andile Gaelesiwe’s Net worth: Ranges between $100,000 and $500,000
  • Famous for: Being the host of the SABC1 docu-reality series, Khumbul’ekhaya
  • Andile Gaelesiwe’s Instagram: andile1
  • Twitter: @andilegaelesiwe
  • Facebook: Andile Gaelesiwe

Andile Gaelesiwe Was Born on September 13, 1973

South African radio presenter Andile Gaelesiwe was born on the 13th of September 1973 in Soweto. She is currently 50 years old. She has only one sister but her identity and current whereabouts are not public knowledge.

Philip Mokofeng is the name of her biological father, while her mother’s name is not known. Her father is a quiet and churchy person who never drinks or smokes. He currently occupies a top position in his church.

Andile hasn’t mentioned the name of the schools she attended for her primary and secondary school education, and it’s not known if she went to college.

She Was Raised by her Mother and Step Father 

Andile and her sister were raised by their mother after her parents separated. Her biological father never married her mother despite the two giving birth to two kids. He dated several women and had so many children from his romantic relationships with women.

Mokofeng eventually left the home to be with another woman in the Joburg CBD. He was absent in his daughters’ lives starting from their childhood as he ended up marrying for the second time and abandoning the mother of his kids.

During the time the singer’s parents were together, Philip physically and emotionally abused her mother to the point she never wanted them close to him.

Gaelesiwe’s mother later remarried at some point to a man called Dibetlela Gaelesiwe, who was fondly called Dibe. He adopted her and her sister, and they became much like his own daughters.

In addition, the singer also took up her step-father’s name, ‘Gaelesiwe’, and became very close to him. She shared that Dibe was more than a step-father but also her handyman, driver, confidant, car mechanic, and so much more.

Sadly, Dibe passed away in January 2020, just a few days after he was diagnosed with cancer. In an emotional tribute on her Instagram post, Andile recounted how her step-father stood by her mother even when his own family kicked against him marrying her mother and adopting them.

It’s not clear if her mother and her second husband gave birth to kids.

Andile Gaelesiwe Was Raped by her Biological Father at Age 11

Andile Gaelesiwe didn’t set her eyes on her biological father for most of her life. The last time she saw or heard about him until recently was when she was 11 years old, which should be around 1984.

Her hatred towards her father started when he raped her at the age of 11 in his home in Johannesburg, CBD. In her tell-it-all book Remembering by Andile Gaelesiwe: The Violation of Rape, she narrated that the incident happened during the period she was estranged from her mother.

On that fateful day, Andile took a cab from her house in Meadowlands to her father’s apartment in Hilbrow. On arrival, she met her father at home alone as his second wife had given birth and traveled to see her family for ten days.

From asking her to come up to his bed and tickling her, Philip pinned down his daughter and forcefully had intercourse with her. She eventually spent the night in his bathroom and ran away the following morning.

She told her grandmother what had transpired and pleaded with her not to tell anyone. Andile could not tell her mother because of her strained relationship with her, which she also said partly led to her sexual abuse by her father.

Following the incident, she slipped into depression and almost took her own life at the age of 16. A couple of years back, Gaelesiwe was shocked to find out that her biological father was still ‘breathing’ after she came across his picture on social media.

Mokofeng’s picture found its way to the internet as he was trying to reunite with one of his children. Galelesiwe expressed disappointment that her father never cared about their fallout or reconciling with her. She then asked her followers to help her find her father.

Her Experience Inspired Her To Set Up the Open Disclosure Foundation

Andile Gaelesiwe is the driving force behind the Open Disclosure Foundation. After speaking out publicly about being sexually assaulted as a youngster and hearing many people relate their own abuse tales, she started the initiative, which is geared towards assisting survivors of sexual abuse.

Since the program’s inception, Andile has conferred with industry experts and scheduled meetings with a huge number of people. She has also been made an Amnesty International antisexual violence ambassador.

Andile Gaelesiwe Was a Kwaito Singer in The 1990s

Gaelesiwe began singing in her early 20s. After the rape incident, she turned to songwriting as a means of expressing her emotions and pain. The singer thereafter began her music career, however, she only had a brief stint in the business.

Andile made her stage debut with the album Abuti in the 1990s. Folks in that era liked the song for having a profound, thought-provoking message because it was essentially an ode.

She not only released music recordings but also gave performances at clubs and street parties.

Andile Gaelesiwe’s songs

  • Andile-Abuti
  • Ungishiyeleni (Joe Nina & Andile Gaelesiwe)

She is Now a Radio and TV Personality 

Andile decided to begin a career in radio after realizing how much the world needs to hear her voice. She received her training at Johannesburg’s Yfm radio station.

She became interested in the non-profit sector while working at YFM, and this sparked her idea for the creation of the YCARES department. She has established numerous relationships in South Africa in the fields of entrepreneurship, education, sexual assault, and HIV/Aids due to her role as CSR director.

Gaelesiwe currently hosts a docu-reality program called Khumbul’ekhaya on SABC1. She was regarded as the best candidate for the job because the goal of the program is to give viewers the confidence and fortitude they need to deal with family issues.

Additionally, she was the host of the reality program Before I Do on Mzansi Magic, which was developed to assist couples in overcoming obstacles.

Andile Gaelesiwe’s TV Shows

  • I Am – Season 1
  • The South African Music Awards – Season 20 as Presenter
  • My Perfect Family – Season 3 as a presenter
  • Ses’Top La – Season 4 as Khumbulekhaya Agent
  • Khumbul’ekhaya – Season 1 – 12 as Presenter

Andile Was Previously Married to Udo Carelse

Singer Andile Gaelesiwe is currently unmarried. However, the radio personality from Soweto has had two failed romances. Udo Carelse, a well-known sports anchor in South Africa, was her previous husband, but the two divorced soon after they tied the knot.

It is difficult to determine when exactly the couple got married and divorced, as well as the reason for their split because information about the couple’s failed marriage was kept from the public while they were still together. However, the former lovers are still friendly and on good terms despite their divorce.

Andile also dated Lesley Musina, a voice-over artist, boxing analyst, actor, MC, and television personality. They ended their relationship in 2016 for unpublicized reasons.

Presently, the Khumbulekhaya host is not involved in a romantic connection with a man, at least not one that the general public is aware of.


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