20 Stylish Xhosa Traditional Wear For Couples

Xhosa traditional attires can be rocked by couples for all kinds of events and not just for weddings. However, on your traditional wedding day, you want to look traditional and beautiful as well. Thankfully, the Xhosa pattern and prints can be made in different styles to give both a 100% traditional look or a modern traditional look.

Of course, your traditional wedding is not the only time you want to depict your culture with your partner, as you may want to rock your Xhosa traditional attire or a Xhosa-inspired look for any other event. There is a wide range of outfit ideas for couples who want to rock complementary outfits.

Fashionable Xhosa Traditional Attire For Couples Traditional Wedding

Here are some beautiful traditional wedding outfits for Xhosa couples that you can choose from.

1. White And Black Maxi Gown | White And Black Wrapper

A Xhosa couple that would like their traditional wedding outfits to look 100% traditional, without a touch of modern fashion, would absolutely look stunning in this outfit.

The maxi white gown is perfect for Xhosa ladies who are plumpy, as it has a way of bringing out the beauty of the figure of such ladies. The beads around her neck, legs, and hands also add a lot of beauty to the outfit, which makes it perfect for a traditional wedding. The man also looks very traditional, with the white and black wrapper around his waist and the beautiful beads around his neck and ankles. This outfit is also great for a photoshoot.

2. White Black and Yellow Two-Step Gown | White Top, Black and Yellow Wrapper

Maxi gowns do not only look stunning on chubby ladies, but they are also great for slim ladies, as it has a way of giving them a fuller look. To add some details to this maxi gown, it has two steps of which one is made of yellow Xhosa prints, with black lines at the bottom. The black headscarf on her hair and the beads around her neck and hands also add beauty to this look.

The groom also looks ‘Xhosafied’ with his white and black button top and the white and black wrapper, to match what his beautiful wife is wearing. He also has a yellow and black apron tied around his waist. Unlike the first traditional wedding dress idea for Xhosa couples which is 100% traditional, this one has a modern touch as a result of what the man is wearing.

3. White Gown With Cape | White Top, Black Trouser, And Cape

This outfit makes a beautiful modern Xhosa traditional wedding look. The fish-tail gown worn by the bride looks beautiful for slim, chubby, and curvy ladies. The gown which is fitted until it gets to the knee brings out the curves of a lady, and the flay from the knees gives her the freedom to move.

The carefully designed white and black apron tied around her waist also adds details to the dress. To give the dress a more traditional look, she has a white and black cape around her neck. While the lady is looking simple but elegant, her man also looks simple on his white top, black trousers, and white and black cape. If planned properly, this outfit can also be used for a photoshoot.

4. Flare Gown | Kaftan

This is another beautiful Xhosa traditional wedding look that is perfect for all body types. The fitted black part of the gown that separates her upper body from the lower part may look minute, but it adds a lot of details to the dress. And while this look is perfect for a traditional wedding, it may not look so nice if you wear it to a wedding where you are not the makoti.

The senator top worn by the groom is just perfect for a traditional wedding, Sunday service, and on a weekday when you want to look traditional.

5. Sleeveless Ball Gown | Wrapper

This is another great Xhosa traditional wedding dress for couples. The ball gown attracts a lot of attention to the lady, and with such an attractive dress, no wedding guest can steal the show. The groom also looks stunning with the Xhosa beads and wrapper.

If you want a traditional wedding looks where the bride looks like a modern Xhosa bride, while the groom is dressed in complete traditional attire, this one will be just perfect.

6. Sleeveless White Fish-tail Gown | White Top And Trousers

This white Xhosa traditional attire is beautiful for a traditional wedding, and without the veil on the lady’s head, she can use the gown to storm another wedding as a guest. This type of fish-tail gown is perfect for slim and curvy ladies, but may not look so good on plumpy ladies. This is a modern Xhosa look with a multi-colored Xhosa pattern.

The groom looks simple but stunning with his white top and trouser, carefully designed with Xhosa patterns. The attire of both the bride and groom is perfect for a photoshoot as well.

7. Black And Red Sleeveless Gown | Black and Red Top With Black Trousers

The outfit the bride is wearing is a very complex style and should be given to a dressmaker who is trusted if you want to have the same stunning look.

You can modify the dress by adding a second arm to the armless part or sewing it just as it is. Just like other grooms, this groom also looks good in his red top and cape, with black trousers. This look can also be good for a photoshoot.

8. Corset Gown | Xhosa-Inspired Suit

Most modern gowns are sewn in such a way that the top looks like a corset with the aim of bringing out the lady’s curves. With the help of a good tailor, this can be achieved – just as it is in the image. The traditional hat worn by the lady gives this outfit a modern traditional Xhosa look.

The groom is also looking dapper with his blue suit and Xhosa bead. The outfit is perfect for a photoshoot.

Classy Xhosa Traditional Attire For Couples Photoshoot

Couples who wish to wear Xhosa attires for their photoshoot, whether it is for pre-wedding photos or just a simple photoshoot, can also look breathtaking in some of these outfits:

9. White And Black Skirt With Black Top | Black Kaftan With Xhosa Colors

A Xhosa lady who loves to keep it simple but classy will absolutely look good in this white and black striped Xhosa skirt. The length of the skirt allows her beautiful legs to show and the beaded sleeveless top also adds a lot of beauty and details to this look.

The black kaftan the man is wearing also has the signature Xhosa white and black color, which makes it a perfect blend for the lady’s outfit. This Xhosa traditional attire for couples can be used for both indoor and outdoor photoshoots.

10. Xhosa-Inspired White Gown | Xhosa-Inspired Suit

This outfit is amazing for a Xhosa-inspired pre-wedding photoshoot and for just any special photoshoot a couple wants to have.

This modern Xhosa look is perfect for both young and old couples and the outfit of both the man and the woman is perfect for people of different body sizes. The lady’s gown will look more beautiful on slim and curvy women.

11. Sleeveless Two-Step Gown | Black Suit And Xhosa Wrapper

The lady’s attire is everything from sexy to classy. If you fall into the category of ladies, who do not mind showing off some part of their body, then this gown will be a great idea for a photoshoot with your husband or boo. This particular gown is best for ladies who are slim, however, with a good tailor and with the right body carriage, it can also look great on ladies with other body types.

To complement the classy look of the lady, the man is also looking very fashionable with his black suit and Xhosa wrapper. Couples who are not into going the extra mile when it comes to fashion may not be able to rock or recreate this look. Aside from a photoshoot, this outfit is also great for attending events.

12. Sleeveless Armless Gown | White Top With Black Stripes and Black Trouser

This Xhosa traditional outfit for couples is great for both a traditional wedding or photoshoot. The gown is best worn by a slim or curvy lady, and when it is properly fitted, it brings out all of the curves. And the black stripes in the man’s white top gives it that modern Xhosa look.

This outfit can be rocked by couples for a photoshoot, their traditional wedding, and as wedding guests. For the Christians, this couple’s attire is also great for attending church services. It can also be worn to attend classy events that require such a look. For a photoshoot, this outfit will be great for both indoor and outdoor sessions.

13. Sleeveless Maxi Gown | Fitted Top and Trouser

Young couples who want to have a photoshoot wearing Xhosa ideas can rock this outfit. The sleeveless gown that shows off the lady’s shoulders and arms tells a lot about her youthfulness.

The man is also looking youthful but very much mature in his simple gold top and trouser. This outfit and the photoshoot concept is very simple, cultural, and classic for a Xhosa couple, and are best for an outdoor shoot.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Attire For Xhosa Couples

Just before it’s 9 months and time to deliver the baby, most couples like to have a picture of the baby bump, and for couples who are traditionally inclined, having a picture of your baby bump with a Xhosa outfit will be absolutely amazing.

14. Just Xhosa Wrappers

For couples who wouldn’t mind showing off their baby bump, this outfit will be amazing, seeing that the woman looks absolutely comfortable and free, and this is the desire of most modern pregnant brides.

The man’s outfit that shows his muscles and a bit of his chest depicts his masculinity and signifies how capable he is to protect his wife and their unborn child.

15. Maxi Gown | White Kaftan and Black Trouser

For couples who are not comfortable with showing off the baby bump with a form of cloth covering it, this outfit will be a great idea. It is comfortable on the lady and also makes her feel free while showing the shape of the baby bump.

Classy Xhosa Traditional Outfit For Couples – For An Outing

While going on an outing, there are also Xhosa traditional attires that a couple can wear without looking too traditional for the events.

16. Ankle Length White Gown | White Xhosa-Themed Top And Black Jeans

This outfit is perfect for both simple and classy events – it just depends on the shoes used to rock it. For the lady, when the white ankle-length gown is worn with high heeled shoes, it makes an elegant look for a classy event like a friend’s wedding anniversary or a church service and when you wear it with simple low shoes, it is just ok for a simple get together and also a church service. The outfit is suitable for ladies who are slim and curvy and may not look so good on plumpy ladies.

The white top designed with Xhosa prints and black jean trousers worn by the man is also perfect for church services, get-togethers, and other big events. Together, their outfit is also perfect for a photoshoot, whether indoors or outdoors.

17. Sleeveless Ankle Length Pencil Gown | White Top And Black Trouser

Slender ladies will absolutely look classy, sexy, and beautiful in this one-side armless, sleeveless pencil gown, seeing that it brings out all the hidden details and curves in their bodies. This couple’s outfit is great for church services and events.

It can also be worn for classy couples’ evening dates when the couple wants to look modern, but with a touch of Xhosa-Inspired tradition. The shoes worn with this outfit will also determine the type of event it is best for, especially for the lady.

18. Short Flare Gown | Green Kaftan Top And Black Trouser

A Xhosa-inspired look does not always have to be black and white, as long as it has a touch of black and the signature Xhosa lines. This outfit is great for gracing a wedding event as a couple and is great for a church service.

This is also a great Xhosa traditional outfit for couples when going to pay a visit to friends on a Sunday afternoon, as it is a modern Xhosa traditional look. It can also be worn for get-togethers.

19. Above Ankle Ball Gown | White Top And Blue Trousers

This outfit is great for a traditional wedding, photoshoot, and outing. It is what you may call a multi-purpose Xhosa traditional outfit for couples. Just like some of the outfits on this list, what determines the perfect event for this outfit is the shoes used to rock it.

The man can also adorn his white shirt with blue jeans and sneakers. It is perfect for events like parties. With elegant high-heeled shoes, the lady’s ball gown is great for a wedding, a photoshoot, or for gracing a wedding as a guest. Her outfit is great for almost all body types, all you need is a great dressmaker.

20. Long Armless Mermaid Gown | Blue Top And White Trouser

This outfit is what you can call a multipurpose Xhosa traditional outfit for couples because it is perfect for traditional weddings and a wide array of other events. Like most outfits like it, the shoes used to rock it will determine the event you should wear them for.

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