12 Famous (Afro Asian) Blasian Celebrities You Never Knew


Afro-Asians are people of mixed Asian, particularly Southern or East Asian ancestry and Black. It’s a term that also refers to modern descendants of aboriginal, mostly uncontacted, Asian ethnic groups with direct genetic ties to ancient first-wave migrants coming out of continental African. Historically, Afro-Asians have been marginalized due to social conflict and human migration. Much hasn’t really changed for several years till this day, we have lots of celebrities proud to be Afro-Asians such as the ones mentioned below, take a look at 12 Famous Blasian (Afro Asian) Celebrities you probably didn’t know they were Afro Asians:

Famous (Afro Asian) Blasian Celebrities You Never Knew


Tiger-Woods - Afro Asian - Blasian

Tiger woods is a World class expert golfer. He is one-quarter Thai, one-quarter Chinese, a quarter African-American, one eighth Dutch and one eighth Native American. The golf star, Tiger Woods Edrick was born in USA in California. His father, Earl Woods who was of mixed ethnicity specifically a quarter Chinese, a quarter American Indian and half African-American. His mother Kultida is of mixed ethnicity as well, she is a quarter Chinese, a quarter Dutch and a half Thai. Woods is a practicing Buddhist. Tiger Woods achievement today ranks him among the most successful golfers of all time. He is currently the World No. 1, he has been one of the highest-paid athletes in the world for several years according to Forbes.

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