Who Is Chris Excel and What Is His Real Name?

Chris Excel is a South African man who became well-known for harassing people and making derogatory posts on his social media pages. Chris Excel’s real name is Azola Christopher Tabane, however, it’s unknown how old he actually is.

The online influencer is well-known for his provocative and divisive online persona. He harasses and cyberbullies people, especially women, and celebrities. With over 1 million followers across his social media platforms, Excel has a sizable audience for his tweets and a lot of social influence.

Summary of Chris Excel’s Bio

  • FULL NAME: Azola Christopher Tabane
  • RESIDENCE: Port Elizabeth

Who Is Chris Excel, and Where Does He Live?

The real name of Chris Excel is reported to be Azola Christopher Tabane. His full name was publicly revealed by the lady that he uses her picture as his profile picture on his social media accounts.

The lady, whose name is Bianca Coster, also disclosed that the cyberbully lives at 41 Peace Street, Missianvale, Port Elizabeth. It is not clear, however,  if he was born and raised in Port Elizabeth.

Also, further information about his life is not available for public consumption. Excel’s actual age, the names of his parents and family members, family background, his upbringing, the schools he attended, and his life before fame is not public knowledge.

While his name on social media is somehow close to his middle name, “Christopher”, it is not clear why he decided to adopt his second name, “Excel” on social media. “Chris” is a shortened form of the name “Christopher”.

“Chris” is a name usually borne by males, and so a lot of people believe his motive was to confuse people when he decided to use a male name with a lady’s picture on social media. 

Unknown to Most People, Chris Excel is a Male

Chris Excel has never hidden the fact that he is a male. He has always insisted that he is a cyberbully who uses a female picture for trolling. Although he sees himself as an online brand, most people think otherwise.

One of the reasons people feel he is not a brand (despite his millions of followers) is because he uses a female picture as his profile picture on his social media accounts.

It is said that he started using Bianca’s picture as his profile picture before the former joined Twitter. On realizing the harm Chris had already caused using her image, Coster reported his account.

She claimed to have severally reported his page, but all her effort to achieve a positive result proved abortive. In April 2023, after keeping silent for many years, Bianca Coster decided to open up publicly about the emotional and mental damages the fake account had caused her and her family.

The young lady revealed that it resulted in her booking for therapy and constantly defending her name and innocence publicly. Her family members were also not left.

In response, the fake account maintained that it has never posted that Chris Excel is a female and that it is just a parody account that stands with black men and brothers.

Chris’ supporters were also quick to point out that Coster should have been grateful to the online influence for giving her visibility on social media. They claimed the young lady would have been wallowing in obscurity if not for Chris Excel.

He Gained Fame Through Cyberbullying

Chris Excel rose to fame in 2020 when he started posting mean and hurtful comments, memes, and pictures about people on social media. A lot of people initially criticized his page and approach, but as time progressed, he subtly began to warm his way to the hearts of some people.

Currently, his Twitter account is followed by over 1 million people, including his loyal supporters who enjoy his content and see no wrong in whatever he does. The South African troll claimed in one of his tweets that his accounts have been standing despite the fact that they have been reported severally.

Excel reportedly works at Faltex Foam and Automotive Productions (PTY) LTD. Bianca Coster also revealed this publicly. However, the South African cyberbully hasn’t responded to her findings about his residence and place of work.

Some People He has Had Major Issues With

Chris Excel has been involved in various online feuds and controversies, thereby making several enemies for himself. Here are some of the people he has had major issues with over the years. 

American Preacher T.D Jakes

In February 2022, T.D. Jakes, an American pastor, barred Chris Excel on Twitter after the latter made a derogatory isiZulu remark about a new profile photo of himself he posted. Excel wrote, “Please let us lick you chiskop,” in the comment section.

He later informed his followers that he had been blocked after that. He experienced the consequences of his own actions as other internet users began to troll him for his hurtful remarks.

Model Nomagugu Samke

South African model, online influencer, and Only Fans model Nomagugu Samke has also had a major Twitter fight with Chris Excel. It all started after she was tagged in one of his posts.

She angrily decided to bully him back by digging into his life. She later came up with some hidden facts about the online trolls. According to her, Chris Excel lacks money, only completed elementary school, and shares a remote suburb with an HIV prostitute (we are yet to confirm this).

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Samke also posted a picture of the outlying residence and his girlfriend. She was showered with praise by many online users for standing up against the celebrity cyberbully, a step they said many people were scared of taking.

Chris Excel is one of the South African cyberbullies accused of being responsible for the deaths of Patrick Shai and Riky Rick, who are believed to have committed suicide as a result of internet abuse.

Over the years, he has received a lot of support and has attracted a lot of attention. They believe that people who cannot take the harsh realities should stop using the social media app.

Notable Facts about Chris Excel

  • As can be observed from his account profile, he calls himself a legal catfish.
  • He was voted the unofficial President of Black Twitter in 2021 by SA Twitter users.
  • The troll’s account, @ChrisExcel102, has over 1 million Twitter followers and 10,000 Instagram followers.
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