University of Limpopo Status Check and Student Portal Login

The University of Limpopo status check provides a way to find out where a student’s application is in the application process. It is finding out if a student’s application has been rejected, accepted, or is being reviewed.

The University’s student portal is a login page from which students can easily access a platform to perform certain educational activities, get information about their school, access the school’s contacts, and more.

What is the University of Limpopo Application Status?

The University of Limpopo’s status is simply an indicator of where a prospective student’s application is within the application process. In order words, it tells whether such an application has been received, reviewed, selected, or declined.

It takes the University of Limpopo six to eight weeks to respond to applications after the closing date. If you applied for admission to the University, you could start tracking your application at most eight weeks after you submitted your application.

Tracking of application status is exclusively done online via the UL application status check portal on the University’s website. Nevertheless, it is not a difficult process. You can go on to contact the University via their numerous means of communication if you encounter any difficulty during the tracking process.

Below is a detailed procedure on how to check your application status.

How to Check the University of Limpopo Status After Application

Checking or tracking of students’ application status is done on the University of Limpopo website. This is how students find out if their applications are being reviewed, selected, rejected, or pending.

To check your application status:

  • Go to
  • Enter your Student Number
  • Enter your Student Pin (the five numeric digits)
  • Click the login button
  • At this point, you’ll be able to see your UL application status when you log into your student account.

For clarity purposes, here are important facts to know about the school’s application status. Here are some terms you might see when you check your status and what they mean.

  1. Canceled: This application status means your application for study admission at the University of Limpopo was rejected; hence, it is canceled.
  2. Required Action: This simply means there is missing information in your application. You need to make the necessary corrections by providing all missing information or documents to complete your application. Follow the procedure to get this sorted out.
  3. Cleared Provisional Admission: If you come across this, it means you have met all the faculty-specific requirements, and the University has confirmed your final admission to the faculty.
  4. Quota Filled: Quota-filled means admission to the program-specific is denied although you met the minimum requirements. Hence, there’s no space for you because your application was not competitive.
  5. Complete: If you track your UL application status and it shows complete on your dashboard, it simply means you have provided all the information and documents required in your application.
  6. Ineligible: If your UL application status shows ineligible, it means your application for the program you specified couldn’t pull through because you did not meet the minimum requirement for the program. At this point, you have to try again next time or apply to a different school.
  7. Pending Review: When you see your University of Limpopo application indicating pending review, it simply means the University has received your application and will review all the information you provided to make sure you meet the requirement.
  8. Provisional Admission: If your application status shows provisional admission, it means that there are requirements to submit all outstanding To-Do List items specific to the faculty to meet the admission requirements for the specific program you applied for.
  9. Admitted: When you see Admitted while checking your UL application status, this means you have been admitted into the University, and the institution is waiting for your acceptance. You are expected at this point to either accept or reject the University’s admission. Based on your decision, there are procedures to follow to start your registration at the University.

Note: You are expected to follow up on happenings regarding admission if you end up accepting the University’s admission. Ensure to visit their website from time to time for admission updates.

According to the institution, students who wish to accept their admission must complete the UL Acceptance Form 2022 and submit it to the institution before the closing date. UL does not accept late submission of the acceptance form.

How to Login to the University of Limpopo Student Portal

The University of Limpopo Student Portal is a login page through which students of the institution obtain help to perform certain academic actions such as academic calendar, checking their course registration, exam results, online admission application, fees payment, application status, acceptance fees payment, timetable, and more.

The portal is the gateway and the fastest path through which students can access the University’s educational programmes and more. You need an internet-friendly device as well as the internet to have access to the portal.

Students are allowed to log in using the student portal at any time. However, they are advised to have their usernames and passwords handy as they cannot access the portal without these vital data.

To access your student portal:

  • Go to the link
  • Enter your username and PIN/Password
  • You can perform any activity you want once you log in.

You can also visit the University’s official website to access the student portal.

This portal is for both new and returning students. Also, postgraduates and part-time students can access the student portal using their username and PIN.

Can I Reapply At UL?

Yes, you can reapply at the University of Limpopo. Since you have your student number, follow the steps below.

  • Log in on Enabler
  • Go to academic application
  • View application rules and click accept
  • Go to the school you attended
  • Select your school name and save
  • School Leaving Subject (If upgrading, click Yes/No)
  • Go to Disabilities, Click Nono/Select, and Click Save
  • Go to “submit application” and enter your Academic preference qualification; save and continue

How to upload/view documents

  • Go to academic application
  • Go to enter School Leaving Subject
  • Scroll down until you see load or view documents click, upload documents
  • Then click Browse and Save
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