The Truth About Unathi Nkayi and Minnie Dlamini

Unathi Nkayi and Minnie Dlamini are South African multi-talented entertainers who started their careers some years ago, making names for themselves as top-notch TV hosts, actresses, and celebrity BFFs. Their enviable connection is the magic behind their enduring friendship.

Ever since they forged a close bond, the two have continued to keep up a strong friendship over the years that includes working together, hanging out, cheering each other,  and defending each other on the internet. Their friendship recently garnered massive attention from the public following Dlamini’s divorce from her husband.

Unathi Nkayi and Minnie Dlamini Have Been Friends For Years

Everyone knows Unathi Nkayi is Dlamini’s BFF. It’s just fact, but it’s not clear when their friendship started, and given this reason, we can’t tell how long it has lasted. It could be that they had been low-key friends before Dlamini’s lavish marriage in 2017, where the two shared a kiss, which some folks believe is more than a kiss.

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Since that year, the pair has been more vocal about their friendship and successfully maintained a close bond. When the two are together, they hardly end their conversations as they have built an enviable level of comfort with each other.

Unathi and Dlamini spend a lot of time together as besties and colleagues. Their fans usually get to know about their hangouts on their respective social media accounts.

They sometimes go on vacations as well. However, one of their recent vacations has been linked as the reason Dlamini’s marriage crashed, with allegations that her husband was displeased with the outing.

On 31st December 2021, Nkayi and Minnie shared a video on Instagram of them and some of their friends vacationing in Cape Town. They were captured doing the Nkoa Tempela dance challenge in bikinis and having fun.

Besides Instagram users body-shaming Minnie for losing her ‘beautiful body shape’ and being overthrown by Nkayi in the body game, many people condemned her decision to flaunt her body in the manner she did as a married woman.

Others pointed out that her husband won’t be happy seeing how she dressed in the video. A couple of days after the incident, the actress and her husband separately announced that they had filed for divorce.

The two also spent some time with the Nigerian-born American rapper and singer, Jidenna, during the vacation at Beach House, Cape Town.

Is Unathi Nkayi Responsible For Dlamini’s Divorce?

Minnie Dlamini’s best friend Unathi Nkayi was one of those who were publicly criticized after Dlamini publicized her divorce. She has been labeled a bad influence by some people, and her friendship is considered toxic to the South African actress’ marriage to Jones Quinton.

Again, it is said that Minnie’s husband hasn’t been happy about his wife’s closeness to Nkayi of late, which led to people believing she is part of the reason the couple went their separate ways.

Nkayi had been in the divorcee gang before Dlamini joined. She married sensational DJ Thomas Msengana (popularly known as Bad Boy T) in 2009. They sadly announced their divorce in 2017 after having two children (Sinako and Imbo Msengana.) together.

Ever since Unathi’s marriage hit the rock, her lifestyle has continued to be scrutinized by the public. In early 2022, news broke out that she was in a romantic affair with South African vocalist Kelello Segoana, aka Kaylow, after they shared a picture of themselves cuddling up like a couple in love.

However, it turned out it was a photo from Kaylow’s music video. Despite people’s opinions about Unathi’s relationship with Dlamini and how she is considered a bad influence, Nkayi has continued to maintain her incredible friendship with the actress.

The public criticism against Nkayi has never affected their friendship, even though the two have kept their friendship low-key for some time. While it is possible for the best friends to part ways, their fans believe it would be a pretty difficult task.

Unathi Nkayi and Her Best Friend Have Also Worked Together

Celebrity entertainers Unathi Nkayi and Minnie Dlamini have stayed friends for some years, citing each other as their best friends. Beyond posting cute photos of themselves and rooting for each other on the internet, they have also banded together in the industry.

The two are known to have made an on-camera appearance together on the South African TV series that focuses on connecting with close friends & family, Festive Get-Together In The Life Artois. 

Nkayi, who is a host of the show, had the pleasure of spending some time with her best friend, who appeared as a guest. It was difficult not to notice their chemistry while the show lasted. The two are yet to collectively host a show or feature in a film or TV project in the industry.

Both Friends Are Equally Successful In Their Rights

Unathi Nkayi and Dlamini have supported each other through each other’s happy and gloomy days. The talented stars have spoken about maintaining their friendship, how lucky they are to have met each other, and how their respective families have bonded and become closer due to their friendship.

Away from their friendship, these two women are quite forces to reckon with in the entertainment industry. They’ve stayed relevant since they broke out into mainstream success.

Minnie Dlamini

Minnie Dlamini is a 33-year-old TV host, on-air personality, actress, and model who is best known as the ex-wife of American former professional football player, cameraman, and producer Quinton Jones.

A former student at Northlands Girls’ High School and the University of Cape Town, Dlamini hails from KwaZulu-Natal province. She made her debut screen appearance while covering the “Youth Day” and “World Cup celebrations” shows.

Jone’s ex-wife has also co-hosted several local and international award ceremonies, including the South African Film and Television Awards, the 14th Metro FM Music Awards, the PSL Awards, and the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

As an actress, she has starred in Generations, The Wild, and Rockville. The celebrity TV host and her husband filed for divorce, wedded in 2017, and divorced in 2022 after it was rumored that Dlamini had an affair with businessman Edwin Sodi. They share a son named Netha together.

Unathi Nkayi

Born on 6th November 1978 in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa, Unathi is a singer, actress, and radio personality best known as a South African Idols judge. The 45-year-old multi-award winning entertainer launched her career in 2004. 

She co-hosted the television series, Popstars alongside the legendary Rowan Cloete and has the reputation as the longest-serving judge on Idols.

Unathi has also worked on YFM (2004 – 2020), Pop Stars, Metro FM (2014 – 2017), and Kaya FM (2020). The mother of two is a shareholder of Lucky Bean, the production company of various shows like Girl Eat World, MasterChef SA, and Survivor.

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