Revelations About Busiswa’s Child, Baby Daddy and Physical Abuse Scandal

In 2019, Busiswa Gqulu, and her baby daddy, Katlego Mlangeni, were in the news but not for a good reason. There were stories about assault and abuse – physical and emotional – on Busiswa by Katlego being circulated. This came as a surprise to many because, like so many other celebrity relationships, they probably started her career on a ‘wow’ note, and like many others before them, theirs also didn’t end well.

The singer, who has endeared herself to her fans with her sensational voice, has been in a couple of abusive relationships. As fans look forward in anticipation of a new single, they get news of physical abuse instead. The sensational singer, Busiswa, seems to have moved on with her life despite all of her sad experiences. Her career is still booming, and in 2020, she was featured in an album with the award-winning American songstress Beyonce.

Busiswa Gqulu Became A Mother In 2018

In November 2017, Busiswa shared pictures of herself on her Instagram account, showing off her baby bump and letting fans know that she would be a mother. 37 weeks into her pregnancy on 14th December 2017, she shared a picture of herself with a caption that suggested she was surprised at the miracle that was happening inside her body; by this time, she was already in her last trimester and was expecting her child soon.

By January 2018, she finally gave birth to her child, a baby boy, who she named ‘Lakhanya Gqulu.’ Before November 2017, Busiswa had kept her pregnancy private. Surprisingly, before then, she was still active on social media, posting pictures without anyone suspecting that she was pregnant; she didn’t allow anyone even to suspect that.

The exact reason she kept her pregnancy away from the media is not known, but she must have had a good reason, and when she was ready, she let the cat out of the bag. On 7th February 2018, she finally revealed the face of her son. Becoming a mother was a big achievement for Busiswa. In an interview with Sowetanlive in March 2021, she revealed how she struggled with procrastination, losing the baby weight, and trying to control what she eats.

She Revealed The Identity Of Her Baby Daddy In March 2018

Busiswa is a very private person. Scrolling through her social media pages, you will observe that she mostly post things relating to her career in keeping up with the idea that she is a private person. Busiswa did not reveal the identity of her baby daddy throughout the period of her pregnancy.

Even when she uploaded a picture in December 2018, revealing her baby bump, she still did not reveal who she was in a relationship with or the child’s father’s name. Since the father’s identity was not revealed during pregnancy, one would have expected the information to come when she revealed her baby’s face, but she still didn’t.

Finally, on 11 March 2018, she posted a picture of her son on IG and tagged DJ Kaygee, who turned out to be her baby daddy, and at that time, they were in a private relationship.  DJ Kaygee, whose real name is Katlego Mlangeni, is a disc jockey, the CEO of Heat Productions SA, the founder of The Vibe Music Academy, and the Block Party founder.

At the time of the birth of Lakhanya – Busiswa and DJ Kaygee’s son – they were in a relationship. Although they kept it private, the relationship started getting rough at some point. The duo did not come out to social media to talk about their relationship challenges, at least not until things got out of hand.

Busiswa And Her Baby Daddy Had a Messy Physical Abuse Scandal

Busiswa and her baby daddy, Katlego Mlangeni

In 2019, when entire South Africa was strongly kicking against gender-based abuse due to the rape and murder of Uyinene Mrwetyana, who was only 19 years old by a post office employee in Cape Town, Busisiwa was abused by her baby daddy, which went viral.

At the time of this abuse, Busiswa and Katlego had ended their relationship. As the story goes, Busiswa was not the only person DJ Kaygee abused on the said day; he also assaulted (or beat up) Themba Kubheka, aka Marc, who is a rapper and a friend of Busiswa. According to Kubheka, he visited his friend, Busi, at her place. She started opening up to him about the challenges she was facing in her relationship with her baby daddy, Katlego Mlangeni.

In the course of the conversion, she broke down and started crying – all of these were happening inside her bedroom. He went on to say that DJ Kaygee came around and somehow gained access into the room forcefully and attacked him. And while he was being beaten, Busiswa started shouting for help, which turned Katlego’s attention to her, and he started beating her and even issued death threats.

Themba Kubheka aka Marc

Themba Kubheka went ahead to accuse DJ Kaygee of using a fire extinguisher to destroy his car. Unfortunately, another friend was inside the car and got caught in the attack. He also said DJ Kaygee threatened Busiswa, warning her not to speak out or else he would expose sensitive information about her.

DJ Kaygee Had A Slightly Different Side To The Story

The revelation from Themba Kubheka and Busiswa’s baby daddy as to what happened that day was slightly the same, only that DJ Kaygee had something extra to say that Themba didn’t add. While Themba claimed that Busiswa and DJ Kaygee were not living together, the latter claimed that he came into his room only to find his girlfriend and Themba having sex.

According to a statement DJ Kaygee made to defend himself, he said he came home and found a car parked at the same spot where he usually parked his car, and when he got inside his room, he found Busiswa cheating on him, which made him attack Themba. However, he denied ever assaulting his baby mama, Busiswa.

Left: DJ Kaygee Statement; Right: His chat with Busiswa Gqulu

Themba countered the statement, claiming Katlego’s depiction of what happened that day was false and that Busiswa and Kaygee were no longer in a romantic relationship at the time. Nothing was heard from Busiswa, who should have corroborated either party’s story while it was all happening.

Themba Kubheka, who was assaulted and accused of having sex with Busiswa, opened an assault case against DJ Kaygee at the Midrand Police Station. The exact way the case ended is unknown, but no one would attack anyone without reason, come to think of it.

Busiswa Is Currently Single, Taking Care Of Her Child Singlehandedly

While everyone was waiting to hear Busiswa’s part of the story, she finally broke the silence a week after the assault allegation. On 14 September 2018, she made a tweet saying she had not been in a relationship for months. From this, we can deduce that she and her baby daddy were not in a relationship at the time of the assault, contrary to DJ Kaygee’s claims.

While some fans saw this post as a way of trying to explain why she could be involved with Themba, others indicated that they cared less about that as her private life was her business. She did not owe anyone an excuse or explanation for whatever she does.

In 2020, Busiswa finally opened up about her abusive relationships. She said she had been in two abusive relationships; the first was with Sfiso Mazibuko and then Katlego Mlangeni. According to her, the latter abused her physically, emotionally, and financially. Even after their relationship, he assaulted her after he saw her with another man – referring to the incident with Themba.

After the whole incident, Busiswa has moved on with her life and career, she is raising her son as a single mother, and being the private person she is, no one knows whether or not she is in a relationship at the moment, as she has not been linked with anyone.

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