Mapaseka Mokwele Biography, Age and Facts About the Internet Personality

Mapaseka Mokwele is a 48-year-old South African radio host, internet personality, and coach born on April 12, 1976. She is well-known for hosting Kaya FM’s radio talk show.

The radio personality has several years of experience and is one of the top radio talk show hosts in South Africa. She is also a well-known online personality with a sizable following across all of her social media channels. Mokwele has tasted some controversial moments though, as a pal once accused her of assault.

Summary of Mapaseka Mokwele’s Biography

  • Full name: Mapaseka Mokwele
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: April 12, 1976
  • Mapaseka Mokwele’s Age: 48 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Mapaseka Mokwele’s Husband: Thabo “Tbose” Mokwele
  • Mapaseka Mokwele’s Children: 5
  • Mapaseka Mokwele’s Net worth: Ranges between $1 and $10 million
  • Famous for: Her role as a radio talk host on Kaya FM.
  • Mapaseka Mokwele’s Instagram: mapasekamokwele
  • Twitter: @mapasekamokwele
  • Facebook: Mapaseka Mokwele

Mapaseka Mokwele Hails from Soweto

Mapaseka was born on 12th April 1976 in Naledi, a small township in Soweto. She is currently 48 years old. The radio broadcaster was born and raised in Napeli, but she has made no mention of her upbringing, family history, or parents.

She continued her study at a higher institution after finishing her primary and high school education.

She Has Degrees in Mass Communication and Business Administration

Following her high school diploma, Mapaseka Mokwele enrolled at the University of the Witwatersrand to study journalism and communications. In 2016, she received a BA with honors.

Mapaseka Mokwele also has a master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing and related support services (business executive coaching). She began the program in 2017, and in 2019 she completed her Master’s degree.

The radio host accepted her Master’s degree on the stage in 2021 as her graduation was delayed due to Covid 19, and she missed out on the school’s initial virtual graduation. She expressed her happiness when she finally walked up to the stage as she has always wanted, thanks to her husband and mother’s encouragement.

A Look at the Radio Personality’s Career

Mapaseke started her professional life at the SABC as a news anchor. She spent nearly 15 years working for the media company. She began working with SABC in 1998 and left in August 2012.

She took up her next official job at Kaya FM 95.9, where she worked as a talk show host from September 2012 to April 2019. She also worked for one month, specifically between October 2021 and September 2021, as a Media and Communication Consultant at the Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment (CAPSI).

Mapaseke has been serving as a Relationship, Life, and Executive Coach at Bashumi Fixers (Pty) Ltd. since 2014. In September 2003, she started working as Bashumi Fixers’ managing director.

Currently, Mrs. Mokwele is working as a radio talk show host at Radio 2000. She took up the role in April 2022, and it’s been an amazing journey for her so far. Her show runs from 7-9 pm from Monday – Thursday.

Mokwele’s Friend Accused Her of Assault in September 2022

The Wits Business School (WBS) terminated Mokwe’s contract because of assault claims made by Thandi Makubele, her longtime friend. The incident happened in late September 2022 while the two were attending a fundraising conference in Cape Town. Thandi allegedly “elected to broadcast various personal and sensitive details” about Mapaseka, which had previously been shared in confidence, during the presentation.

According to rumors, Mokwele’s “social standing and influence” were disclosed by Thandi to a server who had recognized Mapaseka during the private dinner.

Mapaseka allegedly reminded her, as she did a number of times prior to the incident, not to reveal or boast about her “personal information” and “social standing” in response to the incident.

When Thandi allegedly ignored her request to stop, Mapaseka allegedly “gently nudged” her knee with her foot tucked beneath the table and promptly texted her to inform her of her displeasure with her behavior.

After the incident, a WBS employee working in human resources sent Mokwele an email to let her know Thandi had filed a complaint of assault against her. Additionally, Thandi included what she said were photographs of “bruises” she allegedly received on her right leg and claimed they were taken an hour after the assault.

As a result of Thandi’s failure to show up for the scheduled virtual and in-person sessions, Mapaseka was unable to present her case and call witnesses during a hearing, which made the situation worse.

Mokwele’s continued attendance at the conference was abruptly ended, and she subsequently received word that WBS would not be renewing her contract. The dispute between the two friends reached the High Court after unsuccessful attempts to settle it discreetly.

The radio host has since filed a lawsuit against Thandi for her “malicious and defamatory” claims, which damaged her reputation and resulted in losses of R250,000. The case has not yet received any updates.

Mapaseka Mokwele is Married to Kaya FM’s Thabo Mokwele

Thabo Mokwele, also known as Tbose in the business world, is the name of Mapaseka’s husband. He has 20 years of broadcasting experience and is currently serving as the director of Tbose Production. He has been in charge of the company’s operations since 1999.

He holds a Master’s degree in Management in Strategic Marketing/Marketing Management. He obtained the degree in 2017. Currently, he works at Kaya FM. Tbose is the author of the book Pause and is set to launch a Marketing/Brand Strategy Think Tank and Solutions Lab.

Mapaseke and Thabo got married in 2002 and called off their marital relationship in 2013. They got back together again in 2016 after Tbose married her for the second time. The couple got married for the third in 2021, and they celebrated their marriage in grand style.

The occasion was graced by numerous entertainment figures, including former TV presenter Zandi Nhlapho and former Metro FM station manager Happy Ngidi.

They Share Five Children Together 

Mapaseke and her husband have given birth to five children. One of them, Lefika Lebogang Mokwele, was born on October 12, 2010. The radio personality shared an Instagram post on October 12, 2020, to celebrate his birthday.

Mokwele is yet to disclose the exact year she had her other kids.


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