Len Cloete Update: The Latest in His Condition Since the Muldersdrift Shooting

Len Cloete’s health has significantly improved compared to before. He has returned home and can sit now with assistance. Sadly, he still uses a tube to feed, however, he can identify his close relatives and has a pretty simple method of responding to them.

Cloete’s recovery will take a lot of time, according to reports. The investigation into his shooting has been kept pending because he is still unable to talk and provide his account of what happened.

Len Cloete Was Shot by a Cop in November 2021

Len Cloete was shot in the head at close range on November 13, 2021, at the Misty Hill country hotel in Muldersdrift. He was on vacation with his family when a heated argument broke out between him and the policemen.

The police were invited by the owners of the lodge after Len refused to leave the property as demanded by the owners.

In the shooting video, which went viral after the incident, Len was seen in underwear exchanging words with policemen, cocking his handgun, and waving it in the air. He later disarmed a female officer and took her gun.

He could also be heard shouting “Shoot me” severally at one of the cops. One of the cops eventually shot him in the head after he forcefully took away the gun of the female cop.

He Lives in Pretoria with his Family

Len Cloete and his family currently live in Pretoria. It’s not clear if he is from the town. He and his wife Chantal gave birth to seven kids, but their identities and ages are not public knowledge.

The two got married in October 2016, as revealed by his wife in a heartfelt message to him in October 2022 on their sixth wedding anniversary.

The couple seems to have wedded years after they had some of their children, as their youngest child was about two years old at the time of his shooting, and the oldest is about 18 years, as recounted by some witnesses.

There is also no available information about Cloete’s occupation.

What is Len Cloete’s Present Health Condition?

It’s been over a year since Len was shot by a policeman. In comparison to before, Len Cloete has greatly improved. He has made it back home and can now sit with help. Sadly, he still feeds through a tube, but he can recognize his immediate family and can react to them rather easily.

Len was in a coma following the shooting and then moved to a rehabilitation center for further special care. He needed surgery to have bullet fragments removed from his head subsequently.

The Pretoria man sustained a brain injury from the shooting, which prevented him from speaking. Before going home in February 2022, he had spent a lot of time in and out of intensive care.

Since then, he has been receiving specialized care in a special room that has been set up just for him. He has also been getting physical therapy, although his movement has been restricted.

Is Len Cloete Still Alive?

Len Cloete is still alive and recovering slowly. Concerned authorities said that the police officer involved in the matter is yet to be charged because Len is still unable to give an account of his own story.

Thus, an investigation into the matter has been postponed, and the policeman has not been interviewed. The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) has since confirmed that a case of attempted murder had been opened.

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Cloete’s lead investigator, Luke Enslin, stated that they are not sure about the court case or if it will even get to court. However, Len is currently receiving all the care and love he needs from his family, especially his wife of many years, Chantal.

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