Holy Ten Biography: Age, Wife and Net Worth

Holy Ten is a 25 year-old musician, songwriter, and music producer born on November 18th, 1998. He has a net worth of over $500,000 (over R9.3 million) in 2024 and is married to Kimberley Richard – a model, video vixen, and singer.

In 2019, Holy Ten rose to fame following the release of his hit song, ‘Rosa’. Through his subsequent projects, he quickly rose to the top echelons of the music industry thanks to his unique musical style and thought-provoking lyrics. The young star serves as the owner of Samanyanga Sounds, and his contribution to the industry has been recognized with several awards, including the Changamire Hip-Hop Festival Awards.

Holy Ten’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Mukudzei Chitsama
  • Nickname: Holy Ten
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: November 18th, 1998
  • Holy Ten’s Age: 25 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: Zimbabwean
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Holy Ten’s Wife: Kimberley Richard
  • Holy Ten’s Children: 2 sons, Mufaro and Mukudzei Jr
  • Holy Ten’s Net worth: $500,000+ (R9.3 million+)
  • Famous for: Releasing hits songs like Rosa, Ndaremerwa, and Mututsva
  • Holy Ten’s Instagram: @holytenmujaya._
  • Twitter: @holytenmusic
  • Facebook: @HolyTen

How Old Is Holy Ten Today?

Holy Ten is 25 years old in 2024. He was born on November 18th, 1998, in Zimbabwe. He has lived most of his life in Harare, where he also had his high school education. At his young age, Holy Ten ranks as one of the most prominent hip-hop artists in Zimbabwe and has dubbed himself the best musician in the country.

What Is Holy Ten’s Real Name?

Holy Ten’s real name is Mukudzei Chitsama. He chose the stage name Holy Ten to always put himself in a mental state that reminds him of all the things he has to achieve. He went with the word ‘Holy’ as it signifies the highest state of righteousness. Then, the number ‘Ten’ best describes perfection according to him.

When Did Holy Ten Start Making Music?

At the age of 18, in 2016, Holy Ten started recording songs and kick-started his career professionally. While completing high school at Speciss College, he was influenced by his friends to start producing beats. At first, he didn’t know how to make beats but had to lie in order to join a group called the Fruits Loops.

Eventually, he failed to prove himself. Nevertheless, his friend JT mentored him on how to produce beats out of sympathy. Following the release of his single, ‘Rosa’ in 2019, Mukudzei rose to prominence. The song became an anthem for the youth in Zimbabwe as he sensationally showcased his ability to tackle social and political topics with its lyrics. Furthermore, Holy Ten released his first EP, ‘Suicide Notes’ in the same 2019.

He dropped another club banger titled ‘Ndaremerwa’ in 2021, and his popularity soared in Zimbabwe. Thus, he started to rub shoulders with the top artists in the country, including the likes of Voltz JT, Winky D, T Gonzi, and Brian Jeck. In the subsequent years, the talented rapper dropped several singles and albums that have gained repeated plays on Zimbabwean radio and TV stations.

How Many Albums Does Holy Ten Have?

Since beginning his career in 2016, Holy Ten has released four albums and two EPs. After releasing his Extended Play, ‘Suicide Notes’ in the year 2019, he dropped his debut studio album titled, ‘Risky Life’ in 2021. That same year, his second EP, ‘Juta Pipo’ was released. Then, in 2022, he dropped another album, ‘Energy’ and his third album, ‘The Book of Malachi’ was released the next year.

Additionally, Mukudzei Chitsama collaborated with Michael Maggz to release his fourth album titled, ‘The New Bhundu Boyz’ in May 2023. Well-known for his polemical nature, Holy Ten asserted that he decided to release the album as he was disappointed with the newly released albums by his fellow artists. Having been consistent with releasing albums every year since 2021, the acclaimed music producer dominated the 8th Edition of the Changamire Hip-Hop Festival Awards in April 2023.

He had the highest number of nominations at the award show―14, which was record-breaking. Amongst his nominations were the Best Album, Best Male, Song of The Year, and Hip Hop Personality categories. Holy Ten ended up going home with five awards from the nominations, including the Song of The Year and Best Male Awards.

Controversial Endorsement of President Mnangagwa 

Holy Ten aroused the anger of many Zimbabwean youths in August 2023 when he publicly endorsed President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the ruling party, ZANU-PF. After the president won the general election, which was held on August 23rd, 2023, Holy Ten was accused of contributing to the woeful economic challenges that have plagued the country.

Hence, he was unfollowed by some of his fans on social media. Also, some members of the public expressed their disapproval of his political stance by boycotting his music on various streaming platforms. The rapper also has faced criticisms from public figures, including journalist Hopewell Chin’ono. At the moment, the impact that his endorsement of the ruling party will have on his music career in the long run is still uncertain.

Holy Ten’s Discography


  • Suicide Note (2019)
  • Risky Life (2021)
  • Juto Pipo (2021)
  • Energy (2022)
  • The Book of Malachi (2023)
  • New Bhundu Boyz (2023)


  • Ndaremerwa
  • Amai
  • Taura Zvinokunetsa
  • Pressure
  • Violence
  • Bho Zvangu
  • Put It Down
  • Dai Zvaibvira
  • Ma Chills
  • Ghetto Redu
  • Do You Mind?
  • Bhundu Boyz
  • Kupikisana Nevakuru
  • Dzokorodzo
  • Tiri Two
  • Ucharamba Uchipisa
  • Sahwira
  • Fire Emoji
  • Delilah
  • Rosa
  • Mututsva
  • Horror
  • Usavasekerere

Holy Ten’s Net Worth

Holy Ten’s net worth is estimated at over $500,000 (over R9.3 million) in 2024. He is said to be among the highest-earning Zimbabwean hip-hop artists. In addition to being one of the highest-paid artists in the country, the 25-year-old has also been ranked among the most booked Zimbabwean hip-hop stars. He has performed in many shows and was the opening act at Rick Ross’s maiden performance in Zimbabwe.

He has also performed at events linked to ZANU-PF. Additionally, Holy Ten’s music is available on diverse music streaming platforms and has accumulated millions of streams. On YouTube, where he has over 200K subscribers, the rapper is reportedly earning at least $1,000 monthly and racks up yearly earnings of over $20,000 from views attained by the more than 100 music videos uploaded on his channel.

Furthermore, Holy Ten has accrued his total wealth by working as a music producer. He owns a record label called Samanyanga Sounds and has signed a number of artists in the past years, including Sainfloew. And by being in charge of his music production, he has been able to make more money than other up-and-coming artists.

Not only does Holy Ten produce his songs, he also designs the artwork, edits the music videos, and oversees the distribution of his songs. Little wonder, he has been in rivalry with Enzo Ishall over claims on who is the richest hip-hop artist in Zimbabwe.

Holy Ten’s Cars

Holy Ten owns more than five cars, reportedly. In late 2022, the ‘Pressure’ hitmaker purchased three cars. While he is known to have a special love for Mercedez Benz products, he switched to Range Rover Discovery worth R3 million in August 2023.

After news of his latest acquisition made rounds on social media, some fans claimed that he bought the car from the money given to him by ZANU-PF for endorsing the party. On the other hand, it was reported that Holy Ten and several other artists, including Kikky Badass and Ricky Fire, were gifted luxurious cars for using their social media pages and their music to campaign for the party.

Meanwhile, in July 2023, after his wife, Kimberley Richard, gave birth to their first child, Holy Ten surprised her with a brand new Volkswagen Polo as a token of appreciation. The rap artist is further rumored to have purchased three cars since endorsing President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

List of Holy Ten’s Cars

  • Mercedes-AMG C63 (over R1 million)
  • Range Rover Discovery (R3 million)
  • Volkswagen Polo (over R480,000)

When Was Holy Ten’s Car Accident and What Caused It?

Holy Ten and his crew were involved in a fatal car accident on September 2022, which took place 20km outside Gweru (along Harare Road) around 4 PM. It happened that the Mercedes Benz Holy Ten and others were traveling in lost control and overturned upon approaching the 310km peg along the road. Sadly, his backing vocalist, Nathan Tenda Marufu (aka Jay D), died a few days after the accident at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare.

Holy Ten was reportedly hospitalized after the accident, alongside his manager and another band member named Monrolve, who sustained minor injuries. The driver of the vehicle, Praise Tendai Muringa, survived the auto crash. Holy Ten paid a touching tribute to his friend on IG a few days after the accident. His baby mama, Chelsea, however, raised eyebrows in March 2023 when she insinuated that the rapper had a hand in Jay D’s death.

She threatened to release a recorded call between her and Holy Ten where he was telling her about JD’s issue. Consequently, Chelsea’s revelation stirred up mixed reactions from social media users.

Holy Ten Married His Girlfriend in March 2023

Holy Ten met his girlfriend-turned-wife, Kimberley Richard, when he had a gig at the University of Zimbabwe, and she was Miss UZ’s First Princess. The two dated for a while, during which their relationship courted several controversies. However, he ended up marrying Kimberley in March 2023. He reportedly paid a lobola of $15,000 for her in her hometown of Bulawayo.

Though he intended to keep his marriage low-key, somehow, pictures of his traditional wedding found their way online and spurred mixed reactions from his fans. The union was mostly criticized as many people believed that the young rapper made a mistake by marrying an ‘IT’ girl. Shortly after, pictures of Kimberley with other guys she had dated in the past went viral.

In one of the pictures, she was seen taking a shower with a guy, and another picture showed she was kissed by Holy Ten’s rival, Voltz JT. Consequently, many people expressed doubts about the longevity of Holy Ten and Kimberley’s marriage. Despite allegations that Kimberley Richard had cheated on him, Holy Ten stood by the side of his partner. He even took to social media to encourage his sweetheart and also promised her that things would be fine.

Amazingly, the young couple have maintained their sparks since getting married. In response to the constant criticisms, his relationship and marriage have faced, Holy Ten has released songs such as ‘Horror’, ‘Put It Down’, and ‘Usavasekerere’ for his critics.

Who Is Holy Ten’s Wife, Kimberley Richard?

Holy Ten’s significant other, Kimberley Richard, is a Zimbabwean model, video vixen, and singer. She was born on September 21st, 2001, and is 22 years old. She is the only daughter in a family of six, and her father’s name is Richard Chigubu. Kimberley attended the University of Zimbabwe (UZ), where she studied Political Science and Diplomacy.

She started modeling in 2020 when she enrolled at UZ. Besides getting voted as the Most Influential Personality, she was also crowned Miss UZ’s First Princess. Later in July 2021, she debuted as a video vixen in Jah Prayzah‘s music video for ‘Boi Boi’. She then made her singing debut in Holy Ten’s song, ‘Too Scared’. She also appeared as a video vixen in the song’s music video, which had positive reviews.

How Many Children Does Holy Ten Have?

Holy Ten is a father of two children. He had his first son named Mufaro in November 2022, and his baby mama is Tariro Chelsea Hlomayi. Shortly after hinting that he wanted to build a family with Kimberley Richard in the post he shared on her 21st birthday in September 2022, his girlfriend was rumored to be pregnant.

Later, on July 15th, 2023, Holy Ten and his wife welcomed their first child together. He took to Instagram to share a video of his little one and revealed he was named Mukudzei Jr. He thanked his wife and everyone who prayed for them. In the same week, Holy Ten bought a new car: a Volkswagen Polo for his better half as an appreciation gift.

Holy Ten’s Baby Mama Scandal

Holy Ten dominated news headlines in March 2023 after his baby mama, Chelsea Hlomayi, revealed that she had a four-month-old son with him. She decided to reveal the identity of her baby daddy after hearing that Holy Ten paid the lobola of his girlfriend. She exposed Holy Ten by sharing photos of her conversations with him and also a video of their son.

She also spoke to controversial influencer Queen Tatelicious, describing the 25-year-old musician as a deadbeat father who has been absent in the life of his son. Chelsea disclosed that Holy Ten only showed up when she was eight months pregnant to register the birth of his child. After his son’s birth, he refused to pay for child support until he was taken to court.

He offered to pay $150, citing low income, instead of the $350 his baby mama asked him to pay monthly. As a result, when he gifted his wife a brand new car in July 2023, Holy Ten elicited the anger of many social media users who criticized him for neglecting his first son. Meanwhile, in the wake of his baby mama drama in March 2023, Holy Ten’s mother, who allegedly works in the medical field, asked for a DNA test to prove that her son is the father of Chelsea Hlomayi’s child.

Mukudzei Chitsama’s baby mama complied with the DNA request, and the result came out positive. She then lashed out at her baby daddy for spending $250 on a DNA test while he offered to pay only $150 in child support. She further expressed her rage in a post she shared in June 2023, stating that she had been bitter because of the stigma she was facing for getting impregnated by someone who lied to her and made her a laughing stock.

She also disclosed that Holy Ten’s family had never checked up on her child, and the abandonment hurts her every day.

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