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Linda's technical expertise, quick thinking, and critical evaluations ensure everyone is on the same page. You'll often find her labouring over publishing the most grammatically correct version of a piece of article. To unwind, She enjoys reading a book, scribbling something creative or just getting a beauty sleep. Outside all of that, you'll find her glued to a food channel


What is Patrick Mahomes’ Ethnicity? Is He White or Black?

Patrick Mahomes' ethnicity is mixed; he has caucasian roots on his mother's side and African American roots on his father's side.  Since his rise to fame and considering his success as a player, Patrick Mahomes' ethnicity has come into question, with many of his fans wondering whether he is black or white. Even though his coloring leans more toward his...

What is Patrick Mahomes’ Sexuality? Is He Gay or Straight

Patrick Mahomes' sexuality is straight; he is not Gay. The Kansas City Chiefs star is married to Brittany Mathews, his high school sweetheart.  Rumors about Mahomes' sexuality made the rounds despite his being in an obvious relationship with Mathews even before they got married. The quarterback would not be the first to be met with rumors of being gay despite...

Meet Patrick Mahomes II’s Sister Mia Randall

Mia Randall (born July 12, 2011) is the half-sister of Patrick Mahomes, the talented Kansas City Chiefs quarterback. Even though she is still very young, she receives a lot of attention for her relationship with Patrick, and unlike other kids, she quickly leveraged said attention to show off her skills as an athlete. The teenager is currently a very active...
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