What is Patrick Mahomes’ Sexuality? Is He Gay or Straight

Patrick Mahomes’ sexuality is straight; he is not Gay. The Kansas City Chiefs star is married to Brittany Mathews, his high school sweetheart. 

Rumors about Mahomes’ sexuality made the rounds despite his being in an obvious relationship with Mathews even before they got married. The quarterback would not be the first to be met with rumors of being gay despite having not recorded antecedents that point to such. 

How Did the Rumors About Patrick Mahomes Sexuality Start?

No traceable record shows how the rumors about Mahomes’ sexuality started, but the rumors had been there long before he married Brittany Mathews. Some have attributed the rumors to the fact that his brother Jackson Mahomes has had these rumors spread about him for some time. 

The rumors about Jackson being gay started first because he looks and sounds a lot more feminine than many expect of a man. The fact that he makes very flamboyant videos on his youtube did not help the rumors in any way. When Jackson tried to refute the rumors, he made a video stating that he was neither gay nor attracted to girls.

The video made matters worse as it only convinced fans that he was still in denial and in the closet. Many advised him to own up to his true identity and come out. Others reacted by trolling him and making the butt of many dirty and gay jokes.

Unfortunately, the trolling and anti-gay slurs were also extended to his brother Patrick who, from every indication, is straight. At first, Patrick did not pay heed to the rumors, and when he did respond to them, he joked about it, saying “Yes I do take it up the butt sometimes, especially from teammates”.

Patrick Mahomes Is Married to Brittany Mathews

Patrick Mahomes is married and has been since 2020. One would think this would have been all the proof needed for fans not to troll him regarding whether or not he was gay. The Quarterback has been married only once to his current wife. 


Even Patrick Mahomes caught media attention long before he graduated college; not many knew he had a woman in his life because the two attended different colleges and had done their best to make things work long distance.

Mahomes and Mathew Met and Started Dating as Teenagers

The timeline of Mahomes’ relationship with Mathews started as far back as when they were teenagers in high school. Mahomes often remembers going to Mathews’ parents’ house for dinner and feeling awkward. They attended prom together in 2013 when he was 18.

Mathews graduated first and moved on to the University of Texas at Tyler, while Mahomes graduated a year later and enrolled at Texas Tech University. The distance notwithstanding, they remained committed to each other and the relationship.

Their long-distance hurdle was helped by the fact that they were both athletes. This gave them a lot of things in common and helped them build understanding and tolerance for each other’s demanding collegiate athletic schedules. Mathews played Soccer in college and signed to play with Afturelding/Fram, the Icelandic professional soccer team in the same year that the Kansas City Chiefs drafted Mahomes.

The Couple Got Engaged in 2020

After many years of dating, Mahomes proposed to Brittany Mathews on September 2, 2020, after the Super Bowl ring ceremony. The proposal took place in a VIP box at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, decorated with a floral wall. Neon lights on the wall read “Will you marry me.”

After their engagement, the pair took their time before sealing the deal officially. It would take them almost two years to eventually make it to the altar. Patrick Mahomes married his childhood sweetheart Brittany Mathews on March 12, 2022. This was exactly ten years after they started dating.

They chose a small private ceremony in Maui, Hawaii with their closest friends and family. They honeymooned at St. Barts and did well to share all the beautiful details with their fans.

Patrick Mahomes and his Wife Brittany Mathews Have Two Kids Together

A few weeks after Patrick proposed to Mahomes in 2020, the couple announced they were expecting their first child. The very next month in October, they had a gender reveal party on zoom and announced that they were expecting a daughter.

On February 20, 2021, the couple announced the birth of their daughter Sterling Skye Mahomes. They refrained from sharing her photos but eventually did so two months later. Sterling Skye is currently 2 years old. 

Over a year after the birth of their daughter, the couple announced on May 29, 2022, that they were expecting their second child. They shared a round two photoshoot with fans on their social media handles. On June 29, they announced that the addition to their family was a son. 

Patrick and Brittany’s son Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III was born on November 28, 2022. He was named after the Quarterback.

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