Mandla Mandela Says DA Stooped So Low By ‘Hijacking Madiba’s Voice’


Former President Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Zwelivelile Mandla Mandela, has requested the DA to drop an election advert featuring Madiba’s voice.

He condemned in the strongest terms the desperate lengths to which the DA stoops to dupe voters.

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He noted that the “hijacking of Mandela’s voice” was a “gross violation of the electoral code”.

“We are disgusted by the flagrant abuse of former President Nelson Mandela by the Democratic Alliance. Which is using his voice in an election advertisement broadcast on YouTube.

Madiba’s name can never be associated with betrayal of our struggle. The use of his voice in an attempt to lend credibility to a party that has made the preservation of white privilege its raison d’être is vile and untruthful.

It is a violation of the letter and spirit of South Africa’s electoral code for one party to abuse and defile the image of another. In this case, the association of Nkosi Dalibhunga’s name with the DA is an insult and affront to his history, his party of choice, his legacy and the values for which he stood,” Mandela said.

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Mandela’s name has been the buzzword for most political parties. In 2014, several parties accused each other of using his name to garner political points.

Remarkably, throughout his life, until his death – by profession, and in the hereafter, Madiba was a loyal and committed member of the ANC.

DA Replies Zwelivelile Mandla Mandela

However, DA spokesperson Refiloe Ntsekhe countered Mandla Mandela’s assertions. She said the former president belonged to everyone and not just ANC.

“When Tata Mandela became a president, he belonged to all of us, not just the ANC. As a president you allow yourself to become public figure and we have every right to use him.

“He preached non-racialism and tolerance. This is equally important to the DA and we have to be reminded of what he preached,” she maintained.

The DA advert which went live on Youtube over the weekend featured people voting for DA at the sound of Mandela’s voice.

Meanwhile, Mandela junior has urged the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) take to act against the DA.