“Zuptas Must Fall And Guptas Must Get Out Of South Africa” Malema Orders


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has moved that the Guptas family leave south Africa as they weary of their corrupt practices in the country.

Speaking behalf of his party, Julius Malema said in a media briefing after President Jacob Zuma’s announcement that he would pay back an amount of money spent on his Nkandla home; that it was time the Zuma supporters shutdown their activities in South Africa and move away.

“The country cannot be colonized by a family, we demand that the Guptas must leave the country with immediate effect. We’re tired of talking about the Guptas,” Malema said

Speaking further, Malema issued a public threat saying:

“We’ll do to the Guptas what we did to the colonizers. We’ll engage them directly.

“Our brothers and sisters working for the Guptas‚ this is not about you. Move out of the way. We’re going for the enemy.

“We can’t guarantee the safety of those working for the Guptas.”

Malema added that his party will not allow the president to corrupt South Africa and turn the country into another failed African state and that the red berets cannot allow a situation where South Africa is colonized by the Gupta family.

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Malema called on the African National Congress leaders who disagree with Jacob Zuma’s regime to join them in the February 9 march in Johannesburg. The EFF further denounced the president’s close relationship with the influential Gupta family and moved for “The Zuptas must fall”.

“The ANC in Mangaung said that when there are serious allegations against its members‚ they will take action. Nothing happens… Zuma has done far worse than (former president Thabo) Mbeki. Why is he not recalled?‚”

“Let ANC in their colours who always condemn the Guptas‚ to come on the 9th and say‚ ‘not in our name’.”

“Stop tweeting from your bed. Come tweet from the picket line. Let’s all go to the streets. Let’s show we’re tired of corruption.” Malema Charged.

The planned march corresponds with the EFF’s Constitutional Court bid to compel the president to abide by the Public Protector’s ruling on Nkandla. The party said it would continue to fight to make sure Zuma pays back taxpayers for improving his private home in KwaZulu-Natal.

Further more, Malema said he would not sit back and watch the country fall as the “Whites” expected. He blames the ANC for not taking stringent acts against all Zuma’s political and economic acts. His statement reads:

“White supremacists are happy that the country is falling apart at hands of black people. We won’t allow Zuma to do that…

“This a man is collapsing the country. We’re not scared of being beaten up. We’re prepared to die for protection of the Constitution…

“Cowards say it is not the ANC but an individual. What did the ANC do about it?”

Malema said his party would not easily enter into a coalition with other political parties‚ notably the Democratic Alliance led by Mmusi Maimane.

“We will never join the DA in court. The DA will join us. We will never be led by Maimane. We will lead Maimane.

“I can’t be led by someone from church straight into politics.

“Even if we’re going to have a coalition with the DA and others‚ we’ll do it on our own terms.”

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