Zuma’s Ugly Head Of Impunity Will Continue To Steal Jobs, Maimane Warns


The cancer of corruption that steals jobs and opportunities from South Africans will always be promoted by ‘Zuma’s ugly head of impunity’, says the Federal leader of the Democratic Alliance Party.

Maimane made the remark during a press briefing in Parliament where he disclosed that his party has decided to table another motion of no confidence in the President of the Republic before the end of the year.

According to the DA leader, Jacob Zuma’s personal project of state capture is thriving.

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“…Our institutions of state are flooded with Zuma’s ‘yes-men’. Private interests, like those of the Guptas, are now unofficial members of the Cabinet, shaping decisions that should be in the public interest. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has also become the newest weapon in Zuma’s defence arsenal which he uses to settle scores, and ultimately stay in power,” wailed Maimane.

He further proclaimed that Mr. Zuma is a constant thread that runs through every crisis.

“Indeed, the situation will not change while Jacob Zuma remains in the Union Buildings,” he said as he emphasized that ‘Zuma’s ugly head of impunity’ will continue to bedevil the nation.

“How could we forget that this is a man that began his presidency with 783 charges of fraud, corruption and racketeering hanging over his ‘ugly head of impunity. And he has continued to encourage and promote the cancer of corruption that steals jobs and opportunities from our people,” expressed the DA leader.

He buttressed on the motion of no confidence saying it’s all about the ANC as it will present the party with two very clear choices.

“Either, its Parliamentary Caucus could appreciate the current societal malaise, introspect, and vote with conscience in supporting the motion to remove Jacob Zuma from office.

“Or, the 246 member caucus, including Cabinet Ministers, can choose to come to this Parliament when we debate this motion, and defend the indefensible at all costs, ultimately telling all 53 million South Africans that the ANC has full confidence in President Jacob Zuma and his leadership.”

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Maimane warned that the present South Africa is at a “cross-roads”.

“On almost every front, and in almost every community,” he said, “our country faces unprecedented crises that threaten to undermine the progress our nation has made since 1994, and jeopardize our shared future.”

He called for the liberation of South Africa from Zuma’s death grip vowing that his party will do all it can to make it happen.

“…To save South Africa, Jacob Zuma must go and go now.” Zuma’s ugly head of impunity will completely destroy the country, Mr. Maimane warned.