‘Zuma’s Son Dundunzane Has Every Right To Have Business Ties With The Guptas’ – ANC


The controversial Gupta/Zuma socio-political relationship has for some time now been receiving huge criticism by south Africans who believe its used to sabotage the country’s political and economic freedom worst still is the president’s son Dundunzane’s business relationship with the family.

The secretary to the ruling African National Congress Gwede Mantashe, has announced that the business pact between the president’s son Dundunzane and the Gupta family has nothing to do with the party except if it impacts the ANC,

Speaking to journalists on Sunday, Mantashe said that Zuma’s son like every other South African citizen, has a right to do business with the Gupta family. He said the fact that he is a son to the president does not take away his right to make personal decisions and pursue his business and professional interests.

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Dundunzane who has had several business relationships with the Gupta family has been severely accused of corrupt conducts by President Zuma’s family. and Mantashe said that the notion that families of politicians are proxies of politically-connected individuals… is dangerous.

Mantashe explained to  reporters in Pretoria after the ANC’s three-day national executive committee (NEC) meeting, that;

” If you are a politician and you have children, you send them to school and they become professionals, they must not work until you stop being active in politics. It can’t work that way,

Once I have a child who is a professional and an adult, that adult child must take his decisions. If [President] Jacob Zuma’s son is in business with [the] Guptas, that is something else. What will concern us is only when that relationship has impacts on the ANC. Who relates with who, who does business with who is not what we should be preoccupied with in the ANC.”

The party would continue to safeguard itself if it confirmed that the relationship between the two was impacting the party. Mantashe pointed out further “you don’t just come to a determination because people say so. It doesn’t work like that in real life.”

“The ANC would not allow “a situation where leaders are converted into agents of business interests.Once you have done that there is a danger of [state] capture. That danger of capture will destroy the state. Everybody is alive to that issue but we have started the debate,” said Mantashe as he assured reporters that the alleged relationship between the president and the influential family is still being investigated.

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