Zuma’s Removal From Union Buildings Will Restore National Pride – Maimane


The leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) party, Mmusi Maimane urged South African to join the march against South Africa’s President on Wednesday at Mary Fitzgerald Square; affirming that President Zuma’s removal from Union Buildings will restore national pride.

Maimane made the remark while he was speaking at a press briefing in Johannesburg with leaders of the APC, AGANG SA, COPE, Freedom Movement, IFP, EFF, UDM, ACDP and SaveSA.

“As the Democratic Alliance,” started Maimane, “we stand side-by-side with all political formations, civil society organisations, the Religious Community, and the people of South Africa, who have all called for Jacob Zuma to be removed as President of our country.”

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The DA leader asked the ANC to support the upcoming Motion of No Confidence in Zuma.

“…This is not about opposition,” he said, “it is about the future of our nation. This Motion of No Confidence is about 55-million people who are being held hostage by one man and his ruling clique,” Maimane specified.

He informed the ruling party that its decision about the Motion of No Confidence in Zuma, has deep implications for all South Africans, especially the poor.

“The ANC must choose. Zuma or SA; because the two cannot co-exist,” Maimane proclaimed.

The DA leader asserted that the ANC under Zuma has radically neglected the Constitution and the people of South Africa.

“They no longer work to advance the country and its economy, they work to radically transform the material wealth of the Gupta family as well as other connected cronies close to Zuma.

“The country is fast running out of time under Zuma and the ANC, which has continued to promote and endorse Zuma’s sham presidency.

“This is a presidency that has been marked by rampant unemployment, crippling corruption and socio-economic decay.

“After 23 years, we should be working together as a people to advance our country and create opportunity for those left behind by Apartheid.”

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Maimane announced that a continued endorsement of Zuma is an endorsement of criminality, anarchy and joblessness.

“Zuma’s removal from the Union Buildings will ensure that we are able to begin the process of building a better South Africa where there is economic growth and job creation; constitutionalism and national pride.

“This is our new struggle for a better South Africa. If we do not fight today, we may not have a country to fight for tomorrow,” warned the DA leader.

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