Zuma’s Radical Economic Transformation: Be Ready To Be Like Zimbabwe And Venezuela-Malikane


Zuma’s radical economic transformation will not come easily, South Africans must prepare to be like Venezuela and Zimbabwe if transformation must happen.

These were the words of Professor Chris Malikane, Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba’s adviser.
According to him, SouthAfricans must “prepare for the worst” if they want radical economic transformation.

“It’s true that this country will plunge [into crisis] and become like Venezuela and Zimbabwe. India went through the same pain,” Malikane reportedly said at the Blacks in Dialogue event in Johannesburg this weekend.

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President Jacob Zuma’s radical economic transformation has been highly criticized by opposition parties and economic analyst who believe that the transformation is a mere imaginary than achievable.

Trade Union Cosatu said while it looks forwards to seeing a realistic radical economic transformation, it is aware that some people are using the phrase when they really mean the radical economic looting of state resources.

Zuma on his own part, who has been criticized of spreading his gospel of corruption, mass looting through his newly launched program,

Speaking at a commemoration for freedom fighters at the University of Zululand, Zuma told ANC members not to be discouraged when people criticize radical economic transformation because it is a policy that has meaning and will be implemented.

The president said the fact that radical economic transformation has not been implemented shows that there is an outside force trying to divide the party in order to govern South Africa.

Meanwhile, Malikane, who reiterated his call for a new economic policy and for an amendment to the Constitution to nationalize key sectors of the economy, said if Zuma’s radical economic transformation must take place, South Africans need to be really prepared ideologically and politically

“We need to organize and educate our people. Did you think to transform is going to be nice?” he asked.

“We need a two-thirds majority to change the Constitution. Otherwise, to achieve what we want to achieve, we need to go that route [take up arms]. Let’s try two-thirds. I don’t like war,” Malikane said, adding that that decision to take up arms would have to be discussed and not be a decision made by an individual.

Malikane, however, noted that there were black people who dedicate their time defending white monopoly capital.

These people are opportunists, who, at the sound of R1, will jump. There are classes within black people, he said.

“For example, there are those who own farms and aspire to be like white farmers. There are sectors within black society that have sold out,” he said.

Malikane also said it was time for the country to decide the way forward as there is no better route to the promise land. What we need is a broad, united front, land and private property had to be expropriated without compensation, he said.

Telkom chairman Jabu Mabuza, who seem not to totally agree with Malikane’s  prediction about the future of the economy via the radical economic change, warned that the expropriation of “white monopoly capitalist establishments”, land, and banks will lead to economic disaster.

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Mabuza said Malikane’s column was “an insult to our intelligence, disrespects our achievements, and threatens our plans for the future”.

Analysts also believe that Zuma’s economic transformation is another example of racism of the collectivist left. By treating “whites” as a collective, Zuma will (allegedly) address a general unfairness by being grossly unfair – and racist – to individuals, they said.