Zuma’s R6 Million Statue: Mr President Thinks It’s A Cool Way To Record History


South Africa’s Democratic Alliance (DA) party is pissed with the justification of Jacob Zuma’s R6 million statue as a means to record history.

According to the party, Mr President has defended the building of the multi-million rand six-metre statue of himself, in the North West.

Lamenting that it’s outrageous for the President to defend “his monument to corruption,” the DA related that Daddy Zuma on a community radio broadcast, okay-ed the R6 million statue saying it would record history.

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Reacting to that, the DA North West leader, Joe McGluwa upheld that the Zuma statue is a monument to corruption and unemployment. To McGluwa, that’s the only history Zuma’s R6 million statue will record for South Africa.

“Our country has been deeply disturbed by Zuma’s Presidency; a regime that has left 9 million people unemployed, has let corruption flourish, has allowed the state to be captured by cronies and pals and has broken parliament while violating the constitution – this is the history which a statue of Jacob Zuma will record,” stated the DA leader.

McGluwa added that the President Jacob Zuma’s justification of the millions of rand to be spent on a statue of himself, shows that the ANC priority is not to deliver to the people, but to deliver to themselves.

“We reject Jacob Zuma’s defence and explanation for building an enormous statue to himself; a statue will not improve the lives of our people, who are desperate for jobs, services and a better future. The people of the North West demand services, not statues,” charged the DA.

Meanwhile, the provincial government shared Zuma’s sentiment. They contended that the statue will not only record history for SA by reflecting the arrest of Mr Zuma by the apartheid government at Groot Marico.

It will also, preserve the country’s heritage and serve as cool tourist destination which will in-turn, create employment opportunities for South Africans.

Yesterday, COPE’s (Congress of the People) Dennis Bloem proclaimed the Zuma statue project an insult to poor South Africans from North West.

Calling on the government of the Province to channel the money towards youth empowerment projects that will create jobs, Bloem said:

“Zuma already built his own statue the day he looted money for Nkandla and we are saying this is enough. We cannot allow this government to continue wasting tax payers’ money. It must come to an end.”

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Responding to Bloem’s remarks, Brian Setswambung the spokesperson of North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo offered that COPE’s opinion of the Zuma statue project is misguided.

Setswambung said: “the noise about R6m is mind-boggling as the advert has not set any amount. We advise the Cope to revisit the advert and get their facts right.”

The spokesperson also accused the DA of always agitating against any move to honor the contributions of Daddy Zuma towards the fight against apartheid.

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