Zuma’s No Confidence Vote: Why ANC Thinks The Secret Ballot Will Fail


South Africa’s ruling party thinks the approval of a secret ballot for Zuma’s no confidence vote wouldn’t offer a different outcome.

It won’t stop the failure of the move to impeach President Zuma like the other motions of no confidence brought against the President, expressed the African National Congress (ANC).

In a media statement, the ruling party acknowledged the Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete’s decision to allow a secret ballot for Zuma’s no confidence vote.

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ANC said that it will respect its promise to accept and abide by any decision the Speaker made regarding the way Zuma’s no confidence vote will be conducted.

But then, the party asserted that the secret ballot no confidence vote wouldn’t see the removal of Mr Zuma as South Africa’s President.

“The ANC reiterates its stance that we have full confidence in the ANC Caucus and individual members of Parliament deployed by the African National Congress. 

We do not nor have we ever doubted their loyalty and discipline in relation to the decisions of the movement. 

Accordingly, we have no doubt that this frivolous motion, which has been hyped up by opposition parties as some sort of Damascus moment, will fail like many before it.”

Nevertheless, ANC sarcastically specified that it is grateful for the kind of opposition the party is getting.

“We appreciate that the opposition in South Africa exists for no other reason except to oppose the leadership, policies and programmes of the ANC which have been proven through independent research to have advanced the cause of the black majority and are progressively working to create a better life for all our people.

“The ANC welcomes the opportunity to once again use the occasion of the debate on the motion of no confidence to speak to these successes which are daily lived reality for many of our people,” stated the party.

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ANC also promised that it will continue to engage and work with South Africans to resolve the challenges with the leadership of the ANC.

“Our primary focus remains on advancing the gains of our democracy and driving radical socio-economic transformation to the benefit of all in South Africa,” added the ruling party.