R4 Billion Is Equivalent To 16 Nkandlas! Maimane Wants Zuma To Forsake The New Jet He Ordered


DA leader, Mmusi Maimane at a Freedom Day event in Zandspruit, Gauteng severely scolded the President. Among other things, Maimane disclosed that the President has ordered himself a new R4 billion jet and demanded of President Zuma to abandon the R4 billion jet he ordered.

He related that on “22 April, Armscor published the tender for the lease of a new luxury jet following their Request for Information (RFI) last year.”

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According to him, “while the exact specifications for the new tender are not publicly available, the RFI stipulated a luxurious aircraft with an interior that meets VVIP standards.”

“R4 billion is equivalent to 16 Nkandlas!” Maimane wailed. “That’s not his own money. It is public money – your money. Our president can order a R4 billion new jet for himself, but communities like Zandspruit do not have a reliable electricity connection.”

That’s “how corruption robs us of freedom and opportunity,” he added.

The DA leader said he’s sure President Zuma will say he didn’t ask for the jet, just like he says he didn’t ask for Nkandla.

Zuma “will say he wasn’t involved in the decision, just like he says he wasn’t involved in Nkandla. Then he will try every trick in the book to try and hide the truth from the public.

Now, we know about the jet order before it’s actually happened. So we can stop it, and we must stop it. We will not let the ANC spend R4 billion on a private jet for the President, while communities like this have no electricity.

President Zuma cannot claim ignorance now – he must come out and publicly instruct the government to stop this order immediately. It is wasteful, unnecessary, corrupt and totally inappropriate in the middle of all of the struggles our people are facing,” Maimane pointed out.

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Addressing the notion that the jet is not for Zuma, but for South Africa’s Presidents, the opposition party argued that the needs of ordinary South Africans, such as the improvement of service delivery and job creation, should be the priority of government – and not wasteful expenditure on President Zuma and his entourage.

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