Zuma’s True Legacy Is Worse Than Bantu Education


DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane called on South Africans to stop President Zuma from using class of ’76 as his ‘good story’ but remind him of his true legacy which is arguably, worse than Bantu Education.

Maimane said the true legacy of Jacob Zuma’s ANC is their failure to provide the present generation the education they can use.

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Speaking at the Hector Pieterson Memorial in Orlando West in honor of the 40th anniversary of the 1976 Soweto youth uprising, Maimane pointed out that the reality for most children in South African failed education system is bleak.

That he said, is the true legacy of Jacob Zuma’s  ANC.

“Not Nkandla. Not the Guptas. Not the billions pocketed from the Arms Deal, the Nuclear Deal and whatever other deal they have lined up.

The true legacy of Jacob Zuma’s ANC will be their failure to provide this generation with an education they can use.

I’m sure our president is out there right now speaking about what 1976 means, and how we must never forget. But he’s forgotten a long time ago.

The education his government provides to millions of black children is no better than the Bantu Education of 40 years ago. In fact, many believe it is worse,” Maimane remarked.

Adding that Zuma has no intention of bettering the education system, the DA leader requested of South Africans to disregard whatever the President is going to say.

“Don’t let him tell you this ANC government has a plan for the youth. Don’t let him tell you this ANC government cares about young black lives.

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Don’t let him use the class of ’76 as his ‘good story’. Tell him you can see right through these lies and broken promises…the best way to tell him is by replacing his failed government with one that will look after our country’s biggest asset: its youth,” Maimane counseled.

To him, the present ANC government is the very thing the students were rising against 40 years ago.

He referred to ANC as the “protector of the status quo”, and “the denier of opportunity” as he insinuated that they are preserving Bantu Education to suppress a new generation of black South Africans and keep them in their place.

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