EFF Unites With DA To Boot Out Zuma’s Friend Dudu Myeni As SAA Board Chair


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has expressed willingness to help perturbed and worried departments and South Africans as a whole to oust Zuma’s Dudu Myeni as the chairperson of South African Airline (SAA) board.

Since last week, the re-appointment of President Zuma’s buddy Myeni as the chairperson of the airline has been a hot potato – having kept many people uncomfortable and helpless.

More so, her re-appointment was considered a “massive compromise” on the part of the National Treasury, which had criticized the incompetent boss.

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Speaking to reporters on Monday, Malema affirmed that the SAA has been bedeviled by many controversies and cold war; promising that the EFF will propose a motion in Parliament to discuss the plight of the state enterprise and “rescue” SAA from the influence of Zuma’s Dudu Myeni.

The defiant opposition leader insisted that Myeni’s failure to vent the SAA financial statement is a sign of failed leadership and incompetency.

He asked rhetorically: “She failed for such a long time to present financials. That was supposed to be evidence enough to demonstrate that there is a crisis. Who is going to give you R16bn if you don’t present financials?”

The EFF is not in the battle alone as the DA had already stated its readiness to rope the unsuitable lady to court; after it went off its rocker on learning that the cabinet re-appointed her on a one-year contract despite wide-spread criticism of her handling of the struggling carrier.

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The opposition party argued that Myeni’s reappointment militates against the principle of picking the brightest and the best to serve the state and its public entities.

The DA’s Mabine Seabe insisted: “……we can’t have the situation where people who are close to the president are appointed to the position merely because of their position to the president. During her tenure as board chairperson previously, she has turned SAA into nothing more than a money sucking leech.”

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