We Must Save SA From Zuma’s Death Grip – Maimane


Thus saith the Federal leader of the Democratic Alliance Party – “we need to release South Africa from Zuma’s death grip as soon as we possibly can.”

Mmusi Maimane warned that the country is fast approaching the tipping point, and that the ANC must choose between rallying behind Mr. Zuma and saving South Africa.

At a press briefing in Parliament, the DA leader expressed that South Africans must be honest and ask: “how long we are prepared to wait.

“How long can we continue to allow Jacob Zuma to break our economy, and ruin the future of millions of South Africans?”

The DA leader said there are less than 1000 days until the national elections and that the nation can’t wait until then to do away with President Zuma.

“…We need to release South Africa from Zuma’s death grip as soon as we possibly can. We are fast approaching the tipping point,” he said.

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Maimane pointed out that the sentiment that Jacob Zuma must is now, significantly and broadly shared within the ANC and government.

“While the ANC mother body has diligently protected Jacob Zuma collectively over his 7 year term, it appears patience has run out. The party is seemingly done with witnessing the damage Zuma continues to inflict.

“Many senior ANC members, both inside and outside the party, have publicly taken a stand against Jacob Zuma and his project of State Capture.

“Prominent figures such as Trevor Manuel, Ahmed Kathrada, Sipho Pityana, Mathews Phosa, and Denis Goldberg, have all spoken out against Zuma, calling for his resignation. Within Zuma’s own cabinet, ministers have begun to speak out in this regard,” said the DA leader.

With the foregoing, Maimane shared that the DA, as the official opposition is concerned about the well-being of South Africa.

Thus, he disclosed that the DA, after much consideration, made a decision to table another motion of no confidence in the President of the Republic before the end of the year.

“I want to state categorically that we did not come to this decision easily. We know that there is skepticism when a minority party tables a motion that requires majority support.

“But we simply can’t sit by and do nothing because of the risk of the motion not being passed. We cannot allow the role of Parliament and the constitutional provisions involved to be rendered useless. If we did that, we may as well not recognize Parliament at all,” argued the DA leader.

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Maimane added that the motion is all about the ANC as it will present the party with two very clear choices.

“Either, its Parliamentary Caucus could appreciate the current societal malaise, introspect, and vote with conscience in supporting the motion to remove Jacob Zuma from office.

“Or, the 246 member caucus, including Cabinet Ministers, can choose to come to this Parliament when we debate this motion, and defend the indefensible at all costs, ultimately telling all 53 million South Africans that the ANC has full confidence in President Jacob Zuma and his leadership.”

He stressed that it’s a golden opportunity for the ANC to stop playing ‘hot potato’ politics and save South Africa from Zuma’s death grip.

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