‘Resign Now To Save Your Life’, Zuma’s Brother Pleads


President Jacob Zuma’s brother and his wife made a public cry calling for his immediate resignation to save his life.

Zuma received the latest call for his resignation from his own brother who seemed concerned by the growing anger and hate against the president of recent.

According to media reports, Zuma’s brother Michael Zuma and his wife Thembekile MaXulu Zuma expressed their immense fear for the president’s life amid growing calls for him to step down.

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Speaking at his home in Nkandla, Zuma’s brother Michael pleaded he listen to people’s demand and step down for his life’s sake.

“My brother is having a very difficult time and I have never seen such difficulty. My brother has such difficulty in such a way that you fear that they are going to kill him,” said Michael.

Michael’s wife, Thembekile added that some members of the family thought that if Zuma resigned and returned home to Nkandla he would “be safe from these enemies”.

“We fear for his life. As a family we sometimes think that they are going to kill him. And in our humble view we tell ourselves that maybe if he comes back home he will be away from them.

“We’re scared because he is among them.

This call follows Zuma’s clinging to power despite numerous scandals that give rise to the unending calls for his resignation.

The president has survived countless accusations of corruption and even rape since his emergence as SA’s president. Though these accusations have tampered with people’s trust in him as the president, Zuma still shows no signs of leaving office before 2019. He has turned a deaf ear to calls even from members of his party who believe his immediate resignation would salvage his reputation and that of the party.

The president also refrained from discussing the matter with close friends or family

Presidential spokesman Bongani Ngqulunga said he could not comment on family matters, while State Security Minister David Mahlobo said he could not comment on Zuma’s safety. “We never discuss any security details of the president,” he said.

President Zuma’s brother, Michael Zuma and his wife said the Zuma families are still concerned about the way Zuma was being treated.

“We’re very concerned about the way they have mistreated him about his home and we feel like he has been robbed by being made to pay some money,” said MaXulu.

By this, he was referring to the R7.8-million Zuma refunded the treasury for work done on his private home.

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MaXulu questioned why Zuma was still being criticized after he had paid back the money. She said the public who are pestering the president has no right to know where he got the money which he used to pay back.

“If you had borrowed R100 from someone, why would they ask you where you got it from? Even this money that he has paid … maybe he paid it because he was avoiding the noise,” she said as she continued to stress that President Jacob Zuma is unfairly treated in his own country.

“Ubaba is being mistreated – and that we can say without any hesitation,” she added.