Is British Military Really Helping Zuma Stay In Power?


A report by a digital media and broadcasting company Vice revealed that the British military has a secret report drawn up on how to keep the African National Congress in power during the next election.

According to the report, the military officers were required to “devise a medium term strategy‚ with concrete deliverables‚ for the party to retain power at the next general election.”

This revelation follows reports in that senior ANC leaders are planning for President Jacob Zuma to resign possibly after the municipal elections in August.

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Both the ANC and the president have been caught in the middle of several scandals like engaging in lavishing expenditure‚ letting a private relationship result in “state capture” and other accusations involving alleged corruption.

As a result of these problems surrounding the ruling party, there is a widespread fear that opposition parties will be able to use it against them at the polls.

It was also included in the report that Freedom of Information Requests revealed that South Africa was visited by a group of British military officers from Britain’s Royal College of Defence Studies last year.

They were said to be on a mission to “assess the political threats to continuing ANC rule in South Africa”‚ the report stated.

Meanwhile, the UK Ministry of Defence told Vice that the visit was “a purely academic exercise‚ strictly for internal college study purposes‚ designed to develop course members’ skills in strategic analysis and their ability to understand others’ perspectives”.

The ANC refused to comment on the matter.

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More light was thrown on foreign involvement in South African politics over the weekend when reports showed that a former CIA agent had revealed that the agency had played a ‘key role’ in the arrest of Nelson Mandela‚ which later evolved to a trial and imprisonment.

According to the agent‚ Donald Rickard‚ the reason why the CIA helped in tracking down Mandela was because he was “the world’s most dangerous communist”.