#ZumaMustFall Campaign Spreading Like Wildfire Through South Africa


South Africans have been very patient with Zuma for a long time, but it looks like the last straw that broke the camel’s back is his act of firing finance minister Nene and replacing him with someone who South Africans don’t think is as good or as well known. When the people’s complaints did not seem to be making any difference or moving Zuma to offer any real or believable explanations about his actions, that is when south Africans decided that they have had all they can take with the Zuma administration.

Now, south Africans have taken to their various social media outlets to show their displeasure to the President and his brutal removal of the finance minister and the devaluing of the rand. The hashtag #ZumaMustFallsocial has been on the rampage and was so successful that a peaceful protest and march has already been organized to show the president that people are serious about what they want and how they want the country to be run. The

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Other than just sharing the hashtag and saying your mind, a Facebook page and event were equally created on Thursday by Sir-Mosimanekago Mokae, to announce a peaceful march to the Union Buildings in Pretoria on December 16 at 10:00, and to enable easy communications for those who would want to participate in the march. The creation was a genius idea because within the short time it was created, over 4,000 people have turned up and another 7,000 Facebook users have indicated interest.

The event description on Facebook reads;

With the recent revelations in South Africa. The President is just running his own show this is a march all South African’s who are concerned with the way SA is going are going to Stand Up and Say Enough With Nkandla, SABC, SAA President #ZumaMustFall [sic]

People’s general comment and ambiance to the event has been encouraging and positive so far. However, some other people have reservations about the march, stating that a march like that had been organized before but did no achieve anything and did nit bring Zuma down either. But more people are joining the march and most people are hopeful that a lot will be achieved especially concerning the removal of the finance minister.

Zuma made the shock announcement late on Wednesday after removing Nene as finance minister and replacing him with the relatively unknown David van Rooyen. The rand subsequently dropped to a record low. Analysts and political commentators have described the move as Zuma’s riskiest with foreign and domestic investors rethinking the South African market.

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